Thursday, August 31, 2006

NO IVF for you...

This news item has my stomach in knots. In fact, they were discussing it on the radio yesterday afternoon and I phoned in, I was brought to tears. I was to voice my opinion on how I felt if publicly funded IVF should or should not be offered or even an option to wannabe mothers who are overweight.

Who the fuck are they do judge?

I respect that the medical professionals can advise the potential woman who wants nothing but to be a mother and so far Maother Nature isn't working...about the possible risks she may have during pregnancy. OK with that. But then is it not ulimately her decision?

Her decision.

They will gladly accept all other kinds (and I am NOT judging here) such as smokers, drinkers, single parents, which are all fine...but then why the hell must they want to ostracize someone based on their weight or BMI.


I was in tears on the radio, using my real name, stating that those of us who are fertilely challenged go through enough turmoil emotionally, physically, mentally, (the list goes on) then how does that halp one's state of mind when a doctor looks you in the eye and says, "Well yes, of course we could help you get pregnant, but you are too fat." I am brought to tears once again just putting myself in that poor woman's shoes.

What makes this different, than if I were to go to my GP and mention that "my husband and I are thinking of starting a family, trying to get pregnant" just as so many woman do prior to emabrking on one of life's biggest challenges....and have him/her look at me and say "Well, you can't, cause you are too overweight." Er, um, D-UH. If a woman can get pregnant on her own (God willing) being overweight or not, it is her decision.

Her decision.

That doctor should counsel on the woman on ALL risks involved with pregnancy, including if you are overweight, underweight, have diabetes or perhaps something as simple as hypothyroidism (like me). They ALL need special attention when pregnant. It doesn't matter.

I am pissed off about this, can you tell?

I also saw that Jenn has put a poll on her blog, go vote...and check out her blog, she jsut had twin boys (hurrah!) and they are all doing great. Thanx to IVF. Now, I don't know Jen, I don't know her height, weight or shoe size, but I am so completely thrilled for her and her husband that IVF was an option to them and they are now doubly blessed.

I could go on and on and on...and you don't want me to. Someone might get hurt.

Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Odds ' n ' Ends

Of the last 27 Google Serch hits I have received, 24 of them are for the now famous 2007 Ikea Catalogue Dog penis shot. Come on folks, it isn't porn, it's the Ikea catalogue, granted there is a penis in the front cover, but really...relax.

How sad am I that while shopping today (with the boys) that I realized we are officially now required to shop in the 'big boy' sections of the stores, and can no longer get by with the 0-5T sizes. That made me really sad. REALLY sad. Now I have to deal with scary looking camouflage fabrics, and scary skull and dragon graphics on everything. I am fortunate so far that my boys are not yet the boy-diva-fashionistas with all that much preference, I still have have that influence final say over them. But oh, how I will miss the bright colour stripes and cute little turtle and monkey graphics.

I just saw this on
It's A Pug's Life and I loved it so much, I just had to share :

Isn't it just too groovy??

Oh fuck the cat just puked all over the carpet, great, just great.

Monday, August 28, 2006

Confessions From a Motherless Grown Up Daughter

  • I don't make the beds every day.
  • I don't keep the bathrooms as clean as I should.
  • I use swear words.
  • I don't eat all my fruits and veggies every day.
  • I drink too much wine (but only sometimes).
  • Yes, way too much.
  • I have gotten away with a white lie or two (cause you aren't here to catch me like you always did)
  • You always did.
  • I don't like all of the recipes you handed down to me.
  • But I love most of them.
  • I am a really bad procrastinator.
  • Sometimes I am not as smart with my money, as you tried to teach me.
  • But usually I am.
  • I have worn your diamond engagement & wedding rings since the day you died. I took them off your hand, placed them on my right hand.
  • I have not missed a day.
  • Your diamond is bigger than mine.
  • I have the world's worst filing system.
  • I am a packrat (you taught me well there).
  • I am still a terrible singer, you also granted me that lack of talent.
  • I want my children to explore, discover, experience, and believe in everything, just as I did as a child. I am not convinced I am doing as good a job as you did, but I am doing my best.
  • I bought fridge magnets that say that.
  • Blogger won't let me upload that picture right now. Blogger sucks.
  • I don't exercise as much as I should.
  • I should be healthier.
  • I should volunteer more.
  • I don't wear short pants. Did I ever tell you I think all of your pants were too short?
  • I whine and complain too much, even though I have more than I could ever dream of.
  • You NEVER complained. Never.
  • I think I am a better dancer than you.
  • I pay my bills on time.
  • I have overdue library books.
  • I have a crush on a 16 year old lifeguard...
  • ...and Anderson Cooper. Is he gay? Not that there is anything wrong with that.
  • I still cannot watch a movie without eating or nibbling on something. Neither could you.
  • I stay up waaaay too late at night.
  • I want to spoil my children.
  • You taught me not to, and how not to. I hope I am doing a good job.
  • I still talk too much, often putting my foot in my mouth. You were never afraid to tell me to shut up.
  • I think of you as much as I would if you were still alive.
  • Maybe more.
  • I want to give you more grandchildren, even though you will never meet them, in person.
  • I still talk to you. Out loud.
  • I still ask for guidance.
  • I ask you to look over my family and other special friends who need it.
  • I believe you do.
  • I miss you that it hurts physically. Not just a saying, it really does.
  • I love you. Not loved, as in past tense, but love you.
  • More.

Friday, August 25, 2006

It's My Blog and I'll Cry If I want To

It sort of is my birthday, well, not really, but it is. One year ago was my first blog entry. In fact, it was only one year ago that I even started my blog. I managed to accost Dani online for some late night coaching and then stayed up really really really late to play around and feel confident enough to actually hit that orange publish button.

But, in all honestly, today is a real birthday. It's my
Mom's birthday. She would've been 75 years old today. But three years ago, she died (August 28, 2003).

I choose to celebrate her perhaps a wee bit more than I do every day, and not to mourn any extra on the anniversary of her death. She deserves happiness, not sadness.

Am I any less sad that she is no longer with us? Not a chance. Do I still miss her so much every day it hurts from the ends of hair to my toenails? Absolutely. Is it fair? No. But life isn't, and I can deal with that.

What hurts the most? That she isn't here to physically relish in every waking moment of her grandsons. She had 15 months with them. I am most grateful and thankful that she did, but maybe that hurts a little more knowing that she knew, instead of her never knowing what she is missing. Her precious grandsons, my miracle boys, Trevor & Ben, do something every single day that makes me sad cry that she doesn't get to see it, touch it, hear it, or at least my being able to tell her (for real, cause I still tell her everything).

I talk about her all the time. They know she is dead. I think they kinda sorta almost understand a little bit. I tell them she is an angel, a star in the sky watching us and doing everything with us. Ben says most knowingly, "Mommy, angels aren't real." and I do smile, cause he is right. Then he gets pissed off when I tell him neither are dragons. So there. I have to believe that she is here, somewhere, even in the most untouchable of ways.

On the boys' 4th birthday, it was a gorgeous, sunny warm day late in May. We all went out to the back porch to open their gifts. There was almost 20 of us in total. Just as we sat down to watch the carnage start, a cardinal started singing out as loud as he could be heard. He was close, damn close, likely in the tree right above us. My mother's most favourite bird was the cardinal. (is the cardinal, is...why is it so hard for me to write was?). Anyway, my father, brother and I immediately looked at one another, "There's Mom." We ALL thought and said the exact same thing. You can't make that stuff up. (right Brenda?)

Birthdays in my world are important. Everyone deserves their special day to be unique, enjoyable, and memorable, as simple or as extravagant as they wish. I want my blog's birthday to be fun and remember the most inspirational woman in my life. I do feel a little awkward posting this right after the one about a penis in the Ikea catalogue, but I will tell you that my mother would've surely had a good giggle about that one.

Happy Birthday!

Thursday, August 24, 2006

Mystery piece

Question for those of you with the IKEA 2007 catalogue.

Open the front cover page flap, which shows a family and their dogs lounging around. Check out the dog's knee. What is that?

Now come on, really, what the HELL is that?

Wednesday, August 23, 2006

The one about, er, um, ahem...

We went to McDonald's for lunch today. We don't go often, but when we do, the highlight is definitely the freebie Happy Meal toy cause the lunch they get is the same as if we were at home (grilled cheese, milk, apples). we enter and they charge to the display case to see what the treat of the month is. It's a car. A plastic car, resembling a Hummer. In fact, it's supposed be just that.

You DO see where this is going, I'll give you that.

Another boy comes running in, same routine to check out the toy display case. He is truly excited, practically yells "Hooray! It's still the Hummers!! I want a blue one..." yadda yadda on he goes.

My boys follow suit.

B (not too loud, but not quiet either) - Mommy! I wanna Hummer too!!

A (much louder, as good as a yell) - Mommeeee!!! I want a BIG Hummer!!

Needless to say, both the other mother, myself and a few other customers enjoyed a good giggle.

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

It works??????

It appears that my constant asking, reminding (I am trying to avoid using the term 'nagging) to the boys to please ASK before touching, using, eating ANYTHING that isn't theirs prior to doing so, is working? And for this, on this Tuesday morning, I am most truly thankful. I did indeed explain to him that the tube of Canesten on the counter in Mommy's bathroom is NOT toothpaste. Phew.

Monday, August 21, 2006


Von. Trapp. Oh, how I covet thee.

Thanx so much to Ann, for the article about The Sound of Music. Actually, more thanx (again) for single-handedly upping my sitemeter stats from your link to me, you are too kind.

Why do I like Maria so much? Who wouldn't want a great singing voice, beautiful flawless skin, energy, creativity, emotions (yes, even wanna-be-nuns have hormones) and a ton of kids in love with you? I would! (note: working on the hubs for that last one).

And, the romance. Aaaah. That. Romance. Aaaaaaaaah. The flirting, the tension, that sense of sureness exuded by the Captain. Mmmmmmm, the Captain. Not so much his looks, but just his aura...ay yi yi, enough to make anyone all giddy, let alone a nanny-nun!

And of course there is the music. The beautiful music. Every single song in the show is meaningful, fun, memorable, and I know almost every word and can play a handful of them on the piano.

And of course, the romance, did I mention that? The excitement we all feel when Liesl has her crush on Rolfe, and they share those innocent moments of teenage like.

Hey - didja know that the actor who played Rolfe,
Daniel Truhitte, that coincidentally, his first wife's parents' names were Rolf and Liesl. Too funny!

More trivia: the REAL
Maria von Trapp played an uncredited role as an extra in the real 1965 Sound of Music film.

Oh, I could go on...OK, one more, that
Nicholas Hammond, who played Friedrich, then went on to be Spiderman?

Anyway, I have always had a 'thing' for the Sound of Music, in so many ways (don't forget the romance) Now, if I could only solve all my problems with a song... (humming: Raindrops on roses and whispkers on kittens....)

What's your favourite all time film? (make it an oldie like The Sting and none of this Snakes on Planes crap) What about your favourite song? Singing in the Rain? Over the Rainbow??


Friday, August 18, 2006

Feast One Hundred & Seven

So, I've been tagged of sorts....

What color is your car?
Gold (like an Olympic medal!)

If you could wake up tomorrow with full training in another occupation and a job in that field, what would it be?
Teacher - elementary school, nothing older

How many times in your life have you had the flu (or something similar)?
I was very sick when I was 10 with both scarlet fever and red measles at the same time and missed 4 weeks of grade 4.
I had bronchitis in grade 8 (ish?) missed almost 2 weeks of school
Stomach flu - summer 2005, after both kids had it and were done (thank God not at same time, but a day in between) it was an awful 10 days for the family as we each had it for 3 days.

Main Course
What is something that has happened to you this week that you didn't expect?

How old were you when you had your first kiss?
A boy kissed me on the lips in kindergarten, but I don't count that one
Another boy (on who I had the biggest crush!) kissed me when I was 12, I still remember the feeling
But real, real kiss? I was 15.

Blogger woes

So, can someone set either me or Blogger straight?

(1) How can I set the template so that when I (we in honour of others who have same issues) upload photos bigger than a size of a bottle cap, we don't lose our entire sidebar? When I put up a pic in normal size (like a 3X5) so that y'all can enjoy the photo, and not in pipsqueak minixule mode size, the entire sidebar relocates to the bottom of all the current (or in my case, not so current) posts. W.T.F.?

(2) I am so not capable of my own hosting or design, but what are my options??

Help, oh wise interweb, please help.

Wednesday, August 16, 2006


As I was making lunch, the chillens were playing in the basement. Our brand spanking new basement in 90% intended to serve as their playroom. It is their domain, BUT, with some rules and respect that are expected to be followed.

I am really really really really really trying to work on teaching them to clean up one mess before making another. If one dumps both (yes, we are now up to two) bins of Rescue Heroes, then before dumping the lego bin (only one, but it's big-ass), then we should clean up all the Rescue Heroes. Easy peasy, right? Right? RIGHT?

So, I am prepping the gourmet meal (sammiches), and I hear the dumpage of bins. More than one. I have yet to hear any tidying of prior dumpage. So, I call down,

"You're tidying up first, right?"

from the bowels: "Pardon?"

I repeat, "Your tidying up first, right?"




More silence.

(I am now snickering to myself imagining them standing in the middle of an exponential mess, looking at each other, dumbfounded, mouthing the words "busted" to each other)

Still silent.


"Great. Just great"

I nearly peed my panties laughing so hard.

Monday, August 14, 2006

When was your first?

Our mini-camping/family road trip (FINALLY....ya ya I know, I know, shaddup!) was overflowing with 'firsts' for my little men, I can't stop thinking about them. In no particular order:

First camping trip. Period. It was just so bloody fantastic I can hardly wait till next time.

We actually stayed in a 'Kamping Kabin' which is like a glorified tent, still no amenities except bed frames, a roof and a door. It is almost too brilliant for camping with preschoolers. It also came with bonus first ever porch swing.
kamping kabin

First bunk beds - YA!!! I was a nervous wreck, and it went so well.

First time eating breakfast from those very fun (and overpriced) mini-cereal boxes.

First Jiffy Pop!!! (not recommended for anywhere but camping)

Save leftovers to use the next day to for first time ever to feed the ducks

Which could very well be their first law breakage
no ducks
(we really truly honestly swear on their lives did NOT see the bloody sign till we were on our way OUT of the park)

First bobsled ride

First mini-golf

First monarch butterfly

First swim in mountain pond. It. Was. Glorious.

First real live fire. It was a bonafide campfire, but first real fire ever. And to go along, of course, my favourite memory, is first ever roasted marshmallows.

We just packed it in to every moment, but not in a stressful "OMG I just gotta do it" mode, but in a most enjoyable, "Heck, let's do it cuz we want to and can!" mode. We did hay rides, self-propelled go-carts, swimming, played games (learned Old Maid now commonly referred to as the "Old Lady game"), went for walks, met nice people, caught frogs and crickets and junebugs (holy shit those suckers are HUGE!) in our dollar store bug catchers, oh man...I could go on. The bestest part? Just being together, the four of us. Nobody else. Not being at home meant there was no running around, no chores, no neighbours, no phone, no was just so great. Then we came home for two weeks of that running around shit. Next time, we stay longer.

Oh, and er, um, ahem....this last pic, definitely not my first (or last)
not first

Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Who knew?

That having a husband on holidays from work for 2 weeks actually means yours truly has WAY LESS TIME for herself to do the 4314 tasks she had planned to do while said hubby was on vacation.

I was gonna organize & file 3 years worth of bills and bank statements (shut up snack mommy!); sort through thousands (yes, literally) of photos, order prints and possibly put in albums and a few faves in frames for display; tidy, purge, etc. I was gonna blog, email, clean up my inbox of 562 messages. Also, sort, prepare and distribute used clothing, accordingly. YOU see where I am going with this. I was SO looking forward to a complete self-help-re-org type of break.

Done nothing of the sorts. Got drunk.

We did go camping (HUGE success! photos to come, promise), done tons of socializing (translation: drinking); shopping; playing, swimming, more playing, more swimming and of course, doing all that while being constantly drunk certainly puts a hamper into self-actualization week. Oh ya, I played cards, and went shopping. And don't get excited, the shopping is for house stuff to complete the "While You Pay the Contractor for 5 Months" in-house reality renovation show. Oh, and in my haze, I seem to recall doing some laundry, cause I am certain I am wearing clean undies.

I bought Spanx. Holy shit...yes, it has come to this. Thanx muchly to US shopping, I think.

How can an extra, more than capable parent in the house provide me with LESS time on the internet? I miss your blogs, your emails, and heck - eBay stock may very well have gone down without me.

When a four year old boy walks up to you and says, "Mommy, smell this." Don't.

So my beloved, diligent and patient reader(s) (she says plural grasping at all straws in hopes that the entire dozen of you haven't abandoned me in retaliation of my unannounced summer hiatus)...hang tight!! Next week I send the hubby back to work, give my liver a break and get back to you, my dear, dear sweet internet. And we just learned the outlaws arrive tomorrow for the weekend and it's off to the liquor store we go. Ay yi yi.

Your drunkenly in the most high of vacation modes ever,


P.S. BOTH boys have learned to swim, and have since graduated to the diving board, the BIG diving board. I need another not ready for that shit. (the 4 year olds on the diving boards, am most definitely ready for the booze).

P.P.S. Are you sensing the same problem I am with this rambling?

Thursday, August 03, 2006



BIG-ASS storm.

Tons of lightning, quite spectacular.

Thunder louder than I've ever heard.

Water/rain like I have NEVER seen.

Trees down all over neighbourhood.

Power still out in area, literally houses down the street. We had a family (friends) over for supper tonight, just trying to help as much as we can.

Cable (translation : internet) just back, keyboard was fried, hubby fixed it.

Will REALLY try to get some holiday photos up soon, getting tired of the harassment. I only had 306.