Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Who knew?

That having a husband on holidays from work for 2 weeks actually means yours truly has WAY LESS TIME for herself to do the 4314 tasks she had planned to do while said hubby was on vacation.

I was gonna organize & file 3 years worth of bills and bank statements (shut up snack mommy!); sort through thousands (yes, literally) of photos, order prints and possibly put in albums and a few faves in frames for display; tidy, purge, etc. I was gonna blog, email, clean up my inbox of 562 messages. Also, sort, prepare and distribute used clothing, accordingly. YOU see where I am going with this. I was SO looking forward to a complete self-help-re-org type of break.

Done nothing of the sorts. Got drunk.

We did go camping (HUGE success! photos to come, promise), done tons of socializing (translation: drinking); shopping; playing, swimming, more playing, more swimming and of course, doing all that while being constantly drunk certainly puts a hamper into self-actualization week. Oh ya, I played cards, and went shopping. And don't get excited, the shopping is for house stuff to complete the "While You Pay the Contractor for 5 Months" in-house reality renovation show. Oh, and in my haze, I seem to recall doing some laundry, cause I am certain I am wearing clean undies.

I bought Spanx. Holy shit...yes, it has come to this. Thanx muchly to US shopping, I think.

How can an extra, more than capable parent in the house provide me with LESS time on the internet? I miss your blogs, your emails, and heck - eBay stock may very well have gone down without me.

When a four year old boy walks up to you and says, "Mommy, smell this." Don't.

So my beloved, diligent and patient reader(s) (she says plural grasping at all straws in hopes that the entire dozen of you haven't abandoned me in retaliation of my unannounced summer hiatus)...hang tight!! Next week I send the hubby back to work, give my liver a break and get back to you, my dear, dear sweet internet. And we just learned the outlaws arrive tomorrow for the weekend and it's off to the liquor store we go. Ay yi yi.

Your drunkenly in the most high of vacation modes ever,


P.S. BOTH boys have learned to swim, and have since graduated to the diving board, the BIG diving board. I need another not ready for that shit. (the 4 year olds on the diving boards, am most definitely ready for the booze).

P.P.S. Are you sensing the same problem I am with this rambling?


Blogger twinmomplusone said...

glad to hear you are having a swell time

leave teh tidying up to those long dreadful grey winter days

and yes, one definitely can get less done with a hubby underfoot

and glad your twins are like mine: swimmer and divers extraordinaire, hoorah for tehm!

11:34 PM EDT  
Blogger BeachMama said...

Oh it sounds like the perfect holiday with Hubby!! Leave all the other crappy stuff for the times when Hubby is away and you don't get to see him. Take this time to be together, drunk or sober, at least you are together having vacation fun.

Can't believe your kiddies are jumping off the big board!!! You need a pool like mine for swimming fun in your own backyard.

8:13 AM EDT  
Blogger DaniGirl said...

I'm laughing because Tuesday I came home from my first day back at work to a house far, far cleaner than I had managed to keep it while we were both home. How did he do what I couldn't manage when we were both home? No idea.

I too had a list as long as my arm of things I was going to do while on vacation, and achieved sweet fuck all of them. Oh well. One day they boys will be grown and the garden will be tended and the house clean and I'll be bored to tears and pining for these days - I keep telling myself.

Sounds like an AWESOME vacation nonetheless, and I'm glad you guys had such a great time!

12:47 PM EDT  
Blogger Silver Creek Mom said...

It took you this long to realize that when Hubby is home NOTHING You want to do ever gets done? Girl we should talk.

I've had alot to drink too....Been Drunk...Doing some more of that tonight and maybe even tomorrow. ON our trip Only had ONE bottle of expensive wine and we were in the Wine region of Canada. Damn I would like to stop but We only have the kids with us for alittle while.

Maybe I should go and blog?

4:07 PM EDT  

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