Tuesday, June 27, 2006

There's sweet...and then there is sweeeeet

Dani came to play today! Actually, Tristan and Simon came to play. We had a fanfuckingtastic time tagging along. It took the boys less than a millisecond to hit it off and run away together. *poof* They were in love and long gone. Boys will be boys...

How adorable was Tristan on my doorstep all geared up head to toe in Thomas the Tank...hat, shirt, shorts, suitcase full of what else, trains. And that not-so-little Simon is a heartbreaker. You know what? He really does say "No way" (not that I never believed it) but to actually hear it over & over is hilariously adorable (I really need another word for adorable). He says it often many times in a row, but not rudely, just as part of conversation

Dani "Simon, please put those down before going down the stairs"

Simon (on each step going down) "no way no way no way no way..."

We chit chatted, had a coffee, baked some muffins, ate them, chatted some more, made lunch...

Then it stopped raining, we played outside, blew bubbles, swingset, monkeys on the monkey bars, sand box, you name it.

Have I mentioned how delicious Simon is? He is truly edible. It took so much of me not to grab him and squish him all day long. Not playing favourites, all the boys were spectacular today, getting along famously well (of course there was the usual tantrum and tears and whining, but so not that bad!). Do you think Simon would marry me?

And then....we went to their hotel to go swimming in the pool. What a hoot getting four VERY rambunctious and excited nekkid boys in their swimming trunks. Just picture typical hotel room, 2 double beds, four preschoolers jacked up on whatever it is that fuels these kids to the MAX jumping and bouncing and running and squealing everywhere the place. Insanity! But truly at its best in the happiest of all preschooler insanities.

We interrupt this program for a very special bulletin (a.k.a. proud mommy moment): My boys can swim! They can really really swim. On their own, in their little glorified doggy paddles, B with his head underwater, or on his back. We still aren't sure how it happened, but somehow my ambitious little B swam past BOTH Dani & myself in mere seconds and there he was, swimming away in the DEEP end, smiling ear to ear about 5 metres (15 feet) away from me. Holy shit! Anyway, it was all good, but I am damn proud and they were both just swimming all around having a ball. My boys can swim! Now back to your regularly scheduled programming.

After a glorious 45 minutes in the pool, we get changed and head back to chez moi for supper. Both the Daddies decided to join us, both of them rolling their eyes at us mothers sipping our Coronas. You know, cause we do S.F.A. all day long but paint our nails, lounge and drink.

We had a fun supper, topped off with ice cream cones and then it was time to go. The day went so quickly, too quickly, truly one of my best days ever.

You know that saying, "yadda yadda yadda with a cherry on top"? Here was mine:

Candy Swap 2006 BABY!!!!! Dani brought the goods. The update confession: MIA are two Mojos, 1/8 of the Mack toffee and that longer than a foot long Charleston Chew wrapper is indeed, empty. That may very well be one of my top chocolate treats from now on...delicious. You really should meet Simon, talk about delicious. Oh, but wait, you need to HEAR that little sweetheart say "Dee-LIS-SHUSS!" Yes, he is sweet enough to eat.


Blogger SRH said...

OH, God! The Trains, The trains, Make them go away. I can't even read a blog without having to see Thomas. I am going to go curl up in the fetal position somewhere.

7:33 AM EDT  
Blogger BeachMama said...

Oh how awesome that you guys had the bestest day ever!! And your guys can swim!! I am a little jealous. Delicious treats, I want to try that Charleston Chew. And Fun Dip is one of my faves.

7:39 AM EDT  
Blogger Silver Creek Mom said...


Candy and Dani's boys and Cornona all in one day...Are you sure you weren't at a spa?

Glad you gals had a blast and WOW Congrats on the swimming. Nathan still won't take the life jacket off to try. BUT ALL IN GOOD TIME.


8:13 AM EDT  
Blogger twinmomplusone said...

That just sounds like a perfetly fun fun and totally memorable day! Sweet boys and hotel rooms and hotel pools and candy and Coronas. Perfect :)

Congrats on the boys swimming. That is always so cool when they finally GET it. You'll have to head over here so we can have a friendly race down the pool's length;) with ice cream or popsicles as prizes for all participants ;)


8:46 AM EDT  
Blogger Marla said...

I am green. Just GREEN with envy. All four boys have been pre-approved as future husbands for Josephine. (I am screening the mother-in-law very carefully for her) - but now I think I might have to nudge her toward Simon.

And you talked about me, didn't you?

And when did you two put on your baby doll pajamas and have a tickle fight? You forgot to tell us about that.

9:20 AM EDT  
Blogger Farm Mommy Kirsten said...

Wow Nancy! Sounds like an amazing day! It's such a great feeling when unpredictable kids get together and actually get along, instead of someone getting hit in the head with a sharp edged plastic toys. Bliss.

11:02 AM EDT  
Blogger nancy said...

Oh Marla, get over yourself.

But fof course, yes! we did. Whether it was the tickle fights or talk about you, you decide. heh heh heh...

And I will physically push ourselves to the head of the "I get to marry Josephine" line cause I have always loved the name 'Jo(e)' either for male or female but DH didn't feel the same, so I really need a Joe in my life.

3:09 PM EDT  
Blogger DaniGirl said...

Ahhh, I knew if I waited long enough, you`d blog the whole thing for me!!

We had the BESTEST time ever ever ever!! You are the most amazing hostess, and your boys were so good and so sweet and so much fun that my boys keep asking when we will go back and see them again.

Gotta go, in the hotel `business centre` with two preschoolers and probably close to getting evited!!

xo Dani, sticking tongue out at Marla (and others, but especially Marla)

3:14 PM EDT  
Anonymous carolann said...

I remember a time when you used to say "No Way" !!!
We all did - remember ???? Seems soooo far away and at the same time like yesterday!!!

1:29 PM EDT  

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