Sunday, June 04, 2006

ta-tas and tawurls

Today was a special day, a birthday celebration for my aunt. It called for a mini-road trip 105 minutes west to Ottawa. Hear are some hi-lites:

I chose to wear a skirt. I rarely never wear skirts. It is a flowy one I bought last year for our trip to Barbados. That was pre-blog, and a story I should post one day. The skirt never made it to Barbados. Anyway, I did wear it once last year on a date with my hubby. Today, was the 2nd time being worn. We are mega-late, running around like banshees, I get ready and practically jump in the van while it is in reverse out the driveway. Anyway, long story short, my two little men say the following:

B - Oooh Mummy! I like your, your, your new...clothes. I like your pants.
Me - Thanx sweetheart, it is called a skirt.
B - You look like Cinderella!
Me - (gushing and eating it ALL up) THANK YOU (kiss kiss kiss), that is such a nice thing to say A - No! You look like a girl Mommy! A girl called Cinderella!
Me - (gushing and eating it ALL up) THANK YOU (kiss kiss kiss), that is such a nice thing to say B - does wearing that make you like to do tawurls??

So, I got to be a girl for the day. It is a very comfortable skirt.

The sad sad sad part of it all? What an unfriendly reminder it is feeling your thighs touching. All. The. Time.

The other fun thing? I wore a new shirt! I grabbed it off a sale rack, didn't bother to try it on, loved it and wore it. It has sparkles and glitter and shit and I felt so fun in it!

The sad sad sad part of it all? Seeing the pics and noticing that (a) the shirt is in fact a little small cause your (b) weight gain in your boobs causes those gathers which means your shirt is too tight. Horrifying.

Another interesting part of my day was being sent to the 'back of the bus'. My dad was traveling with us, so it is the husband/father and father/grandfather in the front, the two sons/grandsons in the middle and the wife/mother/daughter in the back bench. It was great! The boys traveled really well (but I won't get into the opposing version on the return journey) and I actually got to read the latest issue of my
wish magazine and figured, heck, let's try to play creative and take some pics.

And now for unknown reasons, Blogger won't let me add anymore pics. Erg. Maybe I got in trouble for posting a pic of my ta-tas.

BUT it all doesn't seem to matter to me now, I know I should get on that 'trying to reduce the stress I am putting on my clothes' philosophy (refuse to use that four letter D word that ends in T and a bunch of fewer calories in between) but you know what? My boys called me Cinderella this morning. Need I say more?


Blogger BeachMama said...

Love, love the skirt and t-shirt!!! You know if you don't stretch back so much you won't get those lines ;). I can hardly even fatham that you might need so go on a d**t, you always look so great. And if your kids are calling you Cinderella, perhaps it is time to pull out some sundresses this summer :)

6:14 AM EDT  
Blogger Silver Creek Mom said...

Looks good there Nancy...You are Cinderalla to them until they notice Girls and then your just Mom again. Nathan loves to see me in a skirt. and then he goes OH I love the way it twirls do it again mommy.

You got some specila boys there Nancy enjoy it!

8:26 AM EDT  
Anonymous Beanie Baby said...

My shirts always have those lines in them--cross a certain size in the lingerie department, and it's either lines or baggy shirts that don't fit right.

Love the outfit, it's lovely.

2:22 PM EDT  
Blogger DaniGirl said...

Ooo,sexy skirt!! Love it!! And I love the boys loving their mama even more.... what little sweethearts!

And I will simply nod and scowl knowingly and in sympathy about the unsightly bulges. Rest assured your boys love every inch of you!

8:48 PM EDT  
Blogger gnightgirl said...

The skirt looks great. I have a few skirts and dresses that have everyone fooled; they think I look great, while I'm running around feeling like I'm in pajamas. Of course, odds that I'll have to scale a fence or a jungle gym have greatly reduced; I'm safe in a skirt, from all but lecherous men and windy days.

4:13 PM EDT  

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