Monday, June 26, 2006

Lank you really much

That's how we hear 'thank you' in our house.

Thank you to all my caring friends with all of your overly kind comments. I don't wanna come thru as a whiny spoiled bitch who wants more more more. I just kinda vented. I am not wallowing around in self-pity, in fact we are all doing very very well.

You know what? Life IS beautiful!

The house is in complete disarray and renovation chaos, untidy, messy, and do I do anything about it? Not a chance. We spend the morning at the pool for lessons and funtime Junior Junior Swim Team (how brilliantly adorable is that!) then come home for lunch, play some games, go do some errands, treat ourselves to a feast of yogurt covered raisins, get treated to dinner by my Godparents, etc etc etc.

So, the house is a disaster and I have GUESTS coming tomorrow!!! And I am forcing her to love me anyway, she has no choice. I don't mean to sound too greedy at this point, and apologies to all you 'special' ladies out there (you know who you are) but I am admitting to being so bloody happy to having Dani all to myself for an entire day and then some. BWAH! HA! HA! HURRAY for me me me!!!

Anyway, enough about me (ya, right) and back to you. Again, thank you SO very much for caring. You are the best. Oh, and also thanx for making my site counter go past 10 000 ! Most exciting for me - oops, there I go again, me me me. It must be the LEO coming to my house that is making me do that.

Happy days everyone, cause there really is always at least a little bit of happy in every single day.


Blogger Silver Creek Mom said...

DAni all to yourself...WOW what's that like? Seems like I never see her.


Have a great time, and even she won't mind the mess.


7:28 AM EDT  
Anonymous peefer said...

The good ol' "L", eh?

Our boys like to do things "loaf," as in "self." Problem is we're all saying it now. I'm going to end up getting a very strange look when I eventually use it at work.

12:47 PM EDT  
Blogger BeachMama said...

Oh how awesome that you get Dani all to yourself for an entire day or more. I hope you guys have the best day ever!! I actually saw her walking yesterday and was going to yell out the window, but realized I was in my sister's van and she would have been wondering what freak was yelling at her while driving down Woodroffe!

And, I may be your way soon, but I will wait long enough after Dani's visit that you will need another visitor ;).

9:02 PM EDT  

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