Thursday, August 24, 2006

Mystery piece

Question for those of you with the IKEA 2007 catalogue.

Open the front cover page flap, which shows a family and their dogs lounging around. Check out the dog's knee. What is that?

Now come on, really, what the HELL is that?


Blogger Silver Creek Mom said...

Don't get Ikea catalogues..>But let me know I'm curious!

8:36 PM EDT  
Blogger gnightgirl said...

Ok. Is it inside the front cover or the back cover? Cuz I am flipping through the online catalog, one electronic page flip at a time, and I don't see no stinkin dog-knee! There are 365 pages in this e-catalog! What are they selling on that page?! I MUST see!

8:58 PM EDT  
Blogger nancy said...

Can't see it on the online catalogue, you need to find the print version.

8:59 PM EDT  
Blogger twinmomplusone said...

don't have the catalogue yet but am guessing what it is from an answer dani got on her blog ;)

so, can you really see it nancy? is it big?

10:26 PM EDT  
Blogger Northern Mom said...

Would somebody scan it???
There are those of us who live too far to even consider a catolog!

11:02 PM EDT  
Anonymous andrea from the fishbowl said...

My MIL had to use her magnifying glass. But she says it's there. :)

11:15 PM EDT  
Blogger nancy said...

magnifying glass!! LMFAO!!!

I shoed Dh last night. He saw it right away (after I directed him to the dog)

8:23 AM EDT  
Anonymous Jebber said...


That's sick.


9:03 AM EDT  
Anonymous Snack Mommy said...

My mum picked me up a copy of the US version this week, I'm hoping to see the um, weiner dog today!

10:11 AM EDT  
Blogger DaniGirl said...

I'll get a copy from my folks and scan it tomorrow.

8:03 PM EDT  
Blogger Jon said...

Funny how you run across other people's blogs when searching for "ikea catalog cover dog blog" while I should be working...

Have a great day!

12:50 PM EDT  

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