Thursday, August 31, 2006

NO IVF for you...

This news item has my stomach in knots. In fact, they were discussing it on the radio yesterday afternoon and I phoned in, I was brought to tears. I was to voice my opinion on how I felt if publicly funded IVF should or should not be offered or even an option to wannabe mothers who are overweight.

Who the fuck are they do judge?

I respect that the medical professionals can advise the potential woman who wants nothing but to be a mother and so far Maother Nature isn't working...about the possible risks she may have during pregnancy. OK with that. But then is it not ulimately her decision?

Her decision.

They will gladly accept all other kinds (and I am NOT judging here) such as smokers, drinkers, single parents, which are all fine...but then why the hell must they want to ostracize someone based on their weight or BMI.


I was in tears on the radio, using my real name, stating that those of us who are fertilely challenged go through enough turmoil emotionally, physically, mentally, (the list goes on) then how does that halp one's state of mind when a doctor looks you in the eye and says, "Well yes, of course we could help you get pregnant, but you are too fat." I am brought to tears once again just putting myself in that poor woman's shoes.

What makes this different, than if I were to go to my GP and mention that "my husband and I are thinking of starting a family, trying to get pregnant" just as so many woman do prior to emabrking on one of life's biggest challenges....and have him/her look at me and say "Well, you can't, cause you are too overweight." Er, um, D-UH. If a woman can get pregnant on her own (God willing) being overweight or not, it is her decision.

Her decision.

That doctor should counsel on the woman on ALL risks involved with pregnancy, including if you are overweight, underweight, have diabetes or perhaps something as simple as hypothyroidism (like me). They ALL need special attention when pregnant. It doesn't matter.

I am pissed off about this, can you tell?

I also saw that Jenn has put a poll on her blog, go vote...and check out her blog, she jsut had twin boys (hurrah!) and they are all doing great. Thanx to IVF. Now, I don't know Jen, I don't know her height, weight or shoe size, but I am so completely thrilled for her and her husband that IVF was an option to them and they are now doubly blessed.

I could go on and on and on...and you don't want me to. Someone might get hurt.


Anonymous Jenn said...

I'm 5'6", 199 pounds, and wear a size 8W shoe. I wouldn't qualify under those guidelines.

9:39 AM EDT  
Anonymous Beanie Baby said...

IMO, it's bigotry, plain and simple.

Did you see that study a few weeks back that said that there are some viruses that cause obesity? Little bugs that live in the gut and increase the number of calories you are able to extract from any given piece of food. Sounds like a real boon in a famine, but maybe not in Canada.

How exactly is a woman supposed to "address her weight" before getting pregnant if she has health problems which are adding to her weight, or is taking medications that increase weight, or has one of these bugs? It's not like there are any cures for them.

The risks of a type 1 diabetic getting pregnant are substantially heavier than for an overweight woman, but I can't imagine any of them telling me I don't deserve IVF.

10:26 AM EDT  
Blogger Marni said...

That is totally outrageous! I'm sputtering here just trying to get something out...

People need to leave people alone. It is a PERSONAL decision!

I'm done... can't say any more.

11:11 AM EDT  
Blogger Silver Creek Mom said...

I was one that one dr. at OUR clinc told was overweight and should loose a few pounds. I was 168 lbs at the time and 5'4'. I looked at him and said..if that's the way you run this clinic maybe I should find another. He backed off and apologised and I then seen another Re. I had forgotten about it till now.

I got PG 3 times there and it resulted in NATHAN. MY problem was not my weight like they thought.

That is wrong. KUDOS to you Nancy for standing up to thoes assholes. It's an honour to know you.

Secondary Infertily

12:18 PM EDT  
Blogger twinmomplusone said...

I'm proud of you for calling in and stating your thoughts. Great thoughts too!

1:32 PM EDT  
Blogger Mark (Lord of the Idiots) said...

I support you 100%!

9:42 PM EDT  
Blogger Marla said...

I am always astounded when I get a glimpse into the sad, great, hard and fascinating world of IVF. Thanks, Nancy.

9:06 PM EDT  
Blogger Chantal said...

"Her decision."

Always and in all ways. You're so right. As a doula some of the healthiest pregnancies I witnessed were in "overweight" women. Yes, they were at higher risk, but they were that much more diligent. No one goes into IVF with their eyes closed!

9:43 PM EDT  
Blogger Northern Mom said...

I guess then I never would have had a chance at cycling....You and I both "know" an overweight woman who had 3 successful IVF's and her weight had nothing to do with the outcome of the first two....
Bullshit is what it is....

10:38 PM EDT  
Anonymous Zeenat said...

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3:45 AM EST  

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