Thursday, March 30, 2006

Sure Signs

Lunch outside



A wimpy husky/collie mix who will finally stay outside longer than 30 seconds.


More about the dog (Dani's favourite)

Canadian Cancer Society Daffodils

...and winding yourself up and spinning yourself around on the swing over & over & over till you puke. Serious. So serious I considered getting the camera until I realized the dog wanted to eat it so we just cleaned it, and him up very quickly. See? I was thinking of you all in my moment of duress with puke on the wall, the floor and the portion that actually did make it into the toilet. I just couldn't handle the dog eating it. Sorry. No. Pics.

Happy Weekend!!

Good morning? yet again...

I find myself re-considering the publication of this post based on what I just read over at Dani's place, but I have to rest assured that she will continue to love me anyway. (right?)

Zzzzz....enjoying beautiful early morning sleep with lovely breeze coming thru window, a few cheerful birds singing delightful spring related tunes, filling the morning sunshine with warmth and the beauty of nature.


Oh. My. God. Something horrible has happened to my baby, a bug crawled in his ear, he is stuck between the mattress and boxspring, there is a fire in his closet...holy shit! Running...

6:42 + 6 seconds AM : prepared for even a wet bed as the catastrophe : Whassup buddy? Are you ok?

"Mommy! I hear the birdies! It's SUMMERTIME!"

I am hammering plywood over their window and buying a birdy stun gun.

Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Just doing as I'm told (I so lucky) and blowing it (I so really suck)

I have started a little walk/jog program for the most novice of the novice of anything. I don't do the walk only, cause I'd be bored. I have done 6 sessions and enjoying it so far. Every time I have used my hubby's MP3 player, and on days he'd planned on taking it to work, I ask ever so sweetly beg him to leave it, and he does. He left yesterday on a week long business trip, he took his MP3. I tried to ask him, couldn't do it, he knew what I was up to.
zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzt (sound of rewind)
When I first started using his player, was most pleased at how much I liked using it, and how much more enjoyable my 'run' could be, we agreed that if I was still following my walk/jog plan come May, I could GET MY OWN as a Mother's Day gift. Hurrah!!!
whrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr (sound of fast forward)
He gave me a hug and told me to order my own. Already?? Yes, of course, mine very own! So I did. It arrives tomorrow. I will 'have' to do one run without some tra-la-la, but a sacrifice I am willing to make with much love and thanx to my generous, kind, thoughtful, husband.

Can't say the same about myself. Ya know how we often mention how we award ourselves with the worst mommy ever trophy? Today, replace mommy with wife. Today is My Beloved's birthday. Since he is away, it was our plan to celebrate with the kids on Sunday, after his Saturday return. This morning he calls, from a time zone 7 hours ahead, we chit chat about everything from my meeting with the basement contractor guy the day prior, the weather, B's fever & diarrhea, his flight, and his birthday plans. We had our salutations, hung up. I jump in the shower, (you must know where this is going) and realize I completely FORGOT to wish him a Happy Birthday. Holy fuck I am the worst wife ever in the whole wide world. I couldn't even reassure myself with the thought of the sweet little card I snuck into his suitcase cause there WASN'T one. I promptly called him back and apologized, he accepted, but that doesn't make me feel any less of a heel. Therefore I publicly admit my regrettable moment of forgetfulness and share with the entire internet my personal wishes for a great birthday to my husband. I know exactly where he is, exactly what he is eating and drinking, and who is serving him at our favourite little pizza cafe in smalltown Switzerland. I just wish I was right there with him.

Happy Birthday Hubby - love ya crazy!!

Monday, March 27, 2006

Good morning

...I think?

Instead of being woken up by elephant weighted preschooler footsteps coming into my room, or a "GOOD MORNING" bellowed at indescribable decibel levels, or by someone tickling my eyelashes or nostrils, or even that 'stand 2 inches from Mommy's face till she wakes up' stare. This morning was special. It was a sneeze. A rather mucousy, wet, chunky, gooey, spray bottle sneeze. Less than the standard two inches away. Gross.

Good morning?

Friday, March 24, 2006

Dear Uterus

Dear Uterus,

Please don’t take this personally, but you suck. You insist on hurting me physically, mentally and emotionally. In fact, you insult me. What have I ever done to you other than provide you with a place to live, food, water, and chocolate.

I have had cramps on a monthly basis since I was 11. Never missing one. Not one. Some worse than others, either debilitating or barely a twitch, but always something. Do you know how embarrassing it is missing 2 days of school a month in high school, and all the boys know why? Do you? Do you?? Why the unpredictability? Is that truly necessary? Do you realize that consistency is a nice thing sometimes? I should’ve bought stocks as a pre-adolescent in Midol, Tylenol, Ibuprofen, Naproxen, etc. I’d be a self-made millionaire.

I will give you one gold star for helping me carry my babies for 36 weeks, 5 days (but not really counting). However, you were a contributing factor causing us to practically re-mortgage the house in order to pay for the necessary assistance in order to get pregnant. IVF, ICSI, drugs, etc…yes dear ute, rather pricey. Finally, it worked, then you rebelled against the whole process and had some issues keeping me in the hospital for 18 days with OHSS. Then you scared us with numerous episodes of heavy bleeding from week 7 through week 15. What part of “no bleeding during pregnancy” did you not understand? Then you freaked us out again with a few days of pre-term labour at 28 weeks, another 5 day hospital stay. What was your point then? But, being the really really really nice uterus-host that I am, I will thank you for not contracting beyond the limits for another 9 weeks after that. Heck, I had my ass in bed 24 hours/day for 8 weeks after that, how could you not like that? Anyway, the babies came, all is good. Except for you.

If you aren’t able to at least try to help me get knocked up the ‘old fashioned’ way, why must you continue to torture me? I do not appreciate the 2 weeks of PMS cramping. Please be aware that a couple of days is the norm, but then I guess I know you are not anywhere near normal. I practically begged my doctor to “take this fuckingsonofabitch” outta me if it isn’t going to serve me well. She politely declined. Crap.

This new thing of providing me with that impending feeling of doom, that Aunt Flo will arrive this very minute, no wait, the next, no, wait one more for 2 weeks straight is ridiculous!!!! And for God’s sake, please stop teasing me by then waiting an extra couple of days to show up. I have already spent more than enough angst on wondering if this one time is our turn for a miracle, and also enough $$$ on HPTs.

I am so done with you, and if I had my way, I would get rid of you. I just had to share with you and the internet how much I despise you.

Unaffectionately yours,

Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Fear : Bad or Good?

Is it good to instill fear in our children to protect them? For them to protect themselves? Can we educate even the youngest of preschoolers too much, enough to put them at risk?

As parents, we want to what is right, so what is it? We are to learn them that talking to strangers is bad, wrong, even dangerous. Yet we are to encourage them to know where they live. This is a double-edged sword of sorts. We also want them to be polite, kind, warm, respectful and courteous (to name a few) but only to certain hand-picked pre-approved individuals. Whatever.

I have been learning a lot (a little to much?) lately due to my involvement with the
Missing Children's Network. I have attended a couple of educational seminars. This is what has me thinking.

Example: today we are walking in a small, local mall. An elderly woman walks up beside us, looks down at one of my boys and asks, "What's your name?" No hello, good afternoon, or acknowledgement to ME HIS MOTHER if it was alright to chat it up. It was so quick and rather abrupt, it almost disturbed me. He stops and blurts out his name, she asks the brother, he does the same. She said "Those are nice names" and off she went. Does that sound weird? I am not too concerned since the safe haven part of this mall is that 98% of the patrons are senior citizens. BUT...had she proceeded to ask "Where do you live?" The odds are very high the answer would be: our street address, followed by city and "Air Canada" (which fyi is the country in which we live, at least in our house).

At one of the seminars, a book that was recommended to us as parents, for the children is
The Berenstain Bears Learn About Strangers. Ya right, sounds harmless enough, right? This book is scary. S-C-A-R-Y. I won't read it to them for another year, at least. I shared my comments with the librarian, and even she reiterated my concerns by telling me she has known this book to put some anxiety in a lot of children. I have to believe that I can educate and protect my kids without scaring the crap outta them.

I was discussing this with a friend earlier today and she brought up something else. This has never been a problem in our house, but her almost three year old twin girls got freaked out at Dr. Seuss'
The Cat in the Hat cause the Mommy left. She left her children alone and took a walk down the street. I never thought of that, but apparently this genuinely disturbed both of those sweet little girls (potential marriage material for my boyz) enough that their Mommy is waiting another year before trying that one again.

What is needed is self-esteem, confidence and pride. We need to ensure that our children have as much of each of those characteristics as possible. It is felt that 'bad guys' don't go after the kiddies walking with their heads up high, among friends, or skipping while happily singing a tune. They want the feet dragging, head bent over with scowl on face kids.

I could go on and on, but this is on my mind now. Last night I attended a speaking engagement where
Barbara Coloroso presented for two hours. It was very good. She touched on so many things, the main intention is what we already know. Our kids deserve every extra hug, touch, pat, high five, kiss, cuddle, praise, congratulations, no matter how insignificant whatever it is may be. Out.

Sunday, March 19, 2006

I so proud

Today was my turn to do a reading at church, which is not unusual.

The routine is the children hang out with the 'grown-ups' for about 10-15 minutes before they go to the front, do their thang, and then take off to the wonderful world of stories, crafts, songs, toys and digestive cookies.

Today was my turn to do the reading while the children were still at the front (this is unusual). Twin B was very excited. After everyone was done and it was time for the children to leave and the grown-ups to go back to their seats, he declares, in front of everyone, "Oh Mummy!! You can read!!"

I so proud, of myself.

Friday, March 17, 2006

One week

Haven't posted since Sunday, yikes, that's almost a week. I believe that is borderline against successful blog etiquette if one would like to maintain the interest of at least 2.5 readers.

A lot of ideas, that are important to me, ones I am passionate about, are indeed swimming around in my head. I have trouble writing about them, mostly due (yet again) to that damn
time thing. So, instead of going on about negligent daycare workers, my father's friend dying, or the horrifying facts I am learning from my volunteer work with the Missing Children's Network, I think I'll keep it light and simply tell you about my week.

I did 8 loads of laundry. I baked 7 dozen of our new most favouritest cookies ever (with
this recipe, we use Craisins and milk chocolate chips), and after eating more than, well, more than I should, I got the little push I needed to go buy some fancy-ass new shoes at the Running Room. I am going to start and follow a walk/jog program that is being published in our daily paper. It is 3 times/week only 30 minutes each time. Now come on, I can definitely fit that in, no?? I must, because I am making myself accountable with this lovely, inspirational woman and others right here.

We made meatloaf, spaghetti sauce, had supper at a neighbours (which included lots of laughter, good food, company, wine and very happy children playing together), had a BBQ and watched American Idol and Amazing Race.

The Daddy of the house safely returned from his trip. Oh man!! I didn't realize it but Oman is really really really far away! An afternoon field trip to the airport was most fun as part of the picking up process.

I went to see a
chick flick with a friend. Not an Oscar contender, but a nice escape and let's get serious. Nothing is bad when Matthew McConaughey is half nekkid 50% of the time. (I apologize, but I just could not find the ONE photo to use, but if you google image him - hubba hubba! don't say you were never warned).

I hosted a meeting last night. I am one of a small group organizing an event called
In Motion For The Missing. We are raising money for The Missing Children's Network and Child Find. Only 6 weeks till we go! I am so excited, but also a little stressed. I personally took it upon myself to host one specific event. It is taking place on the 26th and ticket sales are a little slow. I hope we can sell more than a few more within the next 7 days. Anyone wanna buy a $12 ticket for a pasta meal you'll never eat?? I dare you. Email me if you wanna help. I went to one school assembly presentation, getting posters printed and trying to sell tickets so the manager at the pub who is hosting for us doesn't think we are lame.

So those are just a few of the things we have done this week, I didn't even mention preschool, swim'n'gym, skating, library, two playdates, grocery shopping, church activities and of course just good old fashioned hanging out and playing games or reading books at home.

My life is full. I love it. I am having one of those 'good' weeks when you feel that constant "GUSH" of love and happiness and fulfillment. You know, the one that brings you to tears out of pure contentment? This week I am able to look past the dust bunnies and dirty sinks (not sure I'll be able to say the same if I leave them till next week, but let's worry about that next week) My family is just being, and being there with me right where I've always wanted to be.

Sunday, March 12, 2006

You didn't decide

People people people, oh how you have let me down.

All I wanted was for YOU to make my life easier and select for me the laminate for my bathroom countertop, that's all. What is so difficult about that?

You see, I was all set on travertine, but all the displays I see show it so beautifully with an ivory coloured sink (not standard white). The ivory coloured one is significantly more expensive, but I was able to get over that and deal with the white sink. Not so much the price, but the turmoil of having mismatched porcelain in the bathroom (tub and turlit both white).

Then one night as I was perusing yet another place, I fell upon concrete stone. It looks almost similar to the travertine, but instead of beige-ish, it is more greyish. Then the white sink would look just fine. But alas, further confusion persists:

pros for travertine:
I like it
neutral enough to match anything
should be able to find yet another beige-ish paint to go with it

cons for travertine:
my whole frickin house is beige-ish, if I can't go out on a limb in a measly bathroom, then where can I?
need expensive ivory sink
mismatched porcelain pieces sure to send me over the edge

pros for concrete stone:
it's something new & different for us
i like it
white sink will go beautifully
not afraid to try it cause small counter is fixable if I hate it (would cost less than $100)

cons for concrete stone:
will take me a year to pick a paint colour to go with it
may also need new towels to match

So NOW stop your googling and your stoopid Jeopardy games....which one is it:


or Concrete Stone

Friday, March 10, 2006

YOU decide...



Concrete Stone?

yup...that's all...

Thursday, March 09, 2006

This evening...


Now I lay me down to sleep
I pray the Lord my soul to keep
Buzz Lightyear will watch me through the night
Till I wake in morning light

I guess the angels are on March break...

Eiuw Eiuw - day 4

Little White Lies
OK fess up....what either recent little fib have you told, or perhaps one that has been nagging at you for years. Spill it. Why not "anonymousfy" yourself just in case...I just wanna hear it. Think of it as giving me a cheap thrill, like I get to peek at you through a window.

Here is mine. I have only told this to three people to date, but of course not to those is directly affects.

Sammy died. But he came back. In fact, it goes beyond reincarnation, it is like he never left. Get it? So far no one has noticed. Can you?

Sammy circa August 2005

Sammy circa March 2006

It wasn't a decision I made lightly. In fact I was quite upset about the situation. For various reasons, and the timing, and numerous solicited opinions, the decision was made to simply 'replace' him. I haven't even told them an actual 'white lie' but just not telling them the truth is so very hard. I always promised myself that I would be open & honest with my children, and have even answered some inquiries that has caused some concern - all from telling the truth. I guess there are some things a three year old really shouldn't know, yet.

Go for it. It may even be therapeutic, in a sense (?).

Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Ewe Ewe - day 3

Pet Peeves.

Not the usual bad drivers, nails on chalkboard, fingers on squeeky clean dishwasher dishes, spouses leaving their dirty panties on the floor, but rather something a little more unusual (if you can).

- getting into bed after the beloved been on my side and sheets are warm - almost enough to gross me out
- battery operated items that stop working properly but not cause the batteries are dead, but just a little weakened (i.e. good enough for a clock for another 4 months but not good enough for another 4 minutes of Elefun.)
- snowplows (the really loud ones) that insist that 4 AM is the prime time for snow clearing on my street (same for 7 AM lawn mowers)
- excessive and inexplicable long wait times in doctors' offices

You get my drift, now get the hell outta my bed.

Tuesday, March 07, 2006

U-U - day 2

What is/are the sillier/useless thing(s) you just can't seem to part with, for no real reason. We all know there is so much worth keeping with true sentimental value (i.e. teeny tiny personalized hats which babies wore home from hospital) but I'm curious about the 'other' stuff.

- a University of Alberta t-shirt - graduated 15 years ago, still wear it.
- bad jewelry I'll never wear again, but it is real gold, how can I discard?
- too many pictures from too much drinking while in high school/university that I will NEVER show my children
- and their corresponding negatives
- a few knick-knacks, yes some are pure crap, just can't do it
- my cross stitching supplies - haven't done it in years, have no intention of doing it for many years to come
- ditto water colour painting supplies
- ditto knitting - NO WAIT - actually started that up again!!

Your turn.

Just gotta as this one little goodie for my dear friend Dani in reference to her day yesterday:

Monday, March 06, 2006

The You-You - day 1

Call it whatever you want, the Ewe-Ewe, the U-U but this week it is YOUR turn to write my blog.

It is March Break here, and for whatever reason, when the big kids are off school, all preschool activites also get the ax. So, that means I have even less
time than I already don't have. And to top it off hubby leaves on Wednesday for a week to some exotic locale where he complains he has to 'work'. I see nothing to complain about when you get to stay at a hotel that looks out at this:

Back to the YOU-YOU!!!

Each day this week I will ask YOU a question, and you can answer it and then I can get to know YOU a little better. They will be simple ans frivelous and even a little bit stoopid. I will too, of course, answer my own question. Then, feel free to ask me some if you want, but depending on my "time" who knows when I'll be able to answer.

Here it is:

What are the cereals you currently have in your house? (I won't specify kitchen cause I don't care where you store your dry cereals). This is what is in our cupboard:

Rice Krispies
Corn Flakes
Multi-Grain Cheerios
Raisin Bran
Corn Bran

Just like Seinfeld!!

Your turn.

Friday, March 03, 2006

I Did It.

I did it. I did something I said I would never do as a mother. I did something I said I would never do to my children. My mother did it to me. My father did it to me. I hated it. It grossed me out. I vowed I would never ever ever do the same to my children. But I did. And yes, it grossed me out, but didn't seem to bother him.

I was gonna tell you, but just decided to have some fun with this.

Care to guess?