Tuesday, March 07, 2006

U-U - day 2

What is/are the sillier/useless thing(s) you just can't seem to part with, for no real reason. We all know there is so much worth keeping with true sentimental value (i.e. teeny tiny personalized hats which babies wore home from hospital) but I'm curious about the 'other' stuff.

- a University of Alberta t-shirt - graduated 15 years ago, still wear it.
- bad jewelry I'll never wear again, but it is real gold, how can I discard?
- too many pictures from too much drinking while in high school/university that I will NEVER show my children
- and their corresponding negatives
- a few knick-knacks, yes some are pure crap, just can't do it
- my cross stitching supplies - haven't done it in years, have no intention of doing it for many years to come
- ditto water colour painting supplies
- ditto knitting - NO WAIT - actually started that up again!!

Your turn.

Just gotta as this one little goodie for my dear friend Dani in reference to her day yesterday:


Blogger Silver Creek Mom said...

Must say Nancy I love this. Although I should be cleaning the playroom carpet. BUT This is way more important.MY house is fill with crap like that.

The Cover for my Sexy nightgown I wore on my wedding night.Don't have the night gown part anymore (wore that puppy out) Doesn't fit won't again but I can't give it up.

3 pairs of jeans that don't fit that I loved.

All the earring I lost one to and hate to give up PLUS Cheapy ones that I figure might come back but won't.

Books. I have tons of Books should get rid of some but can't.

two hurricane lamp bottoms that I am looking for the tops for and haven't found in 25 years.

Now we could go on and on with Jack's Crap but It would be a blog in inself, HUmmmm?

Now I feel like I should purge!

11:14 AM EST  
Blogger DaniGirl said...

LMAO at the graphic!!

Um, there isn't enough space on the interweb for me to catalogue all the useless crap I hold on to, sometimes for sentimental reasons, but often because I think I'll use it again someday, or because I hate to 'waste' it (as if letting it clutter up my life is a higher calling) or just because it has never occured to me to throw it out.

Bits of fabric, some as small as 1 cm wide? Check.

Pictures of my practice wedding? Check.

Boxes upon boxes of craft supplies from long done or - more likely - abandoned projects. Check.

Clothes that don't fit anymore. (Clothes that never fit in the first place.) Check.

Montly bank statements going back to 1994. Check.

Every paper I wrote in university. Check.

Newspaper clippings in a 'hey, this is interesting' file that spanned 1993 through 1998. Check.

300 bottles, bags, jars and envelopes of bath salts and body washes that I will never use nor regift. Check.

Slides from the photography course I took in 2000. Check.

Ugly drinking glasses (that I hate because when you put them in the dishwasher the water pools in the bottom) from McDonalds with illustrations of various Disney resorts on them.

This is only a random sampling. I think I need an intervention.

PS What is bed jewellery and is it as kinky as it sounds?!?

11:37 AM EST  
Blogger nancy said...

Yes Dani - it is.

1:12 PM EST  
Blogger gnightgirl said...

An ugly-ass set of homemade canisters from my first wedding in 1981. My cousin painted in a memory on the bottom of each one, so I feel bad throwing them out.

Wallets and purses: A bag of them that never fit the bill.

My crappy old laptop computer that crashes every 3 minutes.

1:56 PM EST  
Anonymous Kristen said...

I'm not that sentimental - but the huz has a ridiculous amount of stuff that I can barely even think about - it drives me crazy!!!

3:37 PM EST  
Blogger twinmomplusone said...

you guys are hilarious!! lemme see

every postcard, birthday card, thank-you card, letter, Xmas cards I've ever received, yep, got special boxes for those

sexy lingerie given to me at wedding shower, some have never been worn (like the dry clean only silk underwear WTF?)

every paper, project written in high school, college, university...a FOURTEEN year span

my kid's umbilical cord stumps, ewww...

a dead goldfish in the freezer (died when the twins were born and big sis just can't part with it)

my honeymoon going away outfit, totally hideous, would never be caught dead wearing it

my yellowed first communion dress

tons of cheap clunky jewellery from the 70's and 80's

I've just been purging papers in the den and the shredder has been gobbling receipts, statements, income tax returns as far back as 1976!!! Crap that's 30 years ago!!

oil paints and easels and canvases I bought on a whim and have never used but maybe one day, right?

closet full of hubby's military suits

books, magazines galore

box with hundreds of negatives

fun post nancy!!

3:39 PM EST  
Blogger Marla said...

Oh, lots of stuff. But the one that came to mind is a wooden acorn. I found it on the ground one day, and it is the size and form of an actual acorn, but it's just carved from plain wood. It's odd because it's like...like...finding a paper leaf or a metal twig.

4:45 PM EST  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

hee- oh i have tons of junk too-
hmm, maybe my blankie- i cant part with it!
thanks for your kind comment-

6:54 PM EST  
Anonymous Jebber said...

OK, I'll play this one.

- A pair of shorts that I sewed in 11th grade (I actually still wear them as paiting shorts. Their horrible)

- A box filled with a zillion electronics cables and power supplies of all sorts. I have no idea what they power or what they connect.

- A ski suit I used in high school because, heck, it's still warm. (but very ugly)

There is hope for all of us. I'm HAPPY to report that I've become a senseless purger, getting rid of all kinds of stuff . Here is a list of things I've gotten rid of in the last 6-8 months and don't miss

- All my baby teeth (???)

- My hot air popcorn maker that I used all through university

- Many of my university text books

- Clothing clothing clothing clothing clothing clothing ....

- A mold of my teeth

- A zillion beads that I used to make bracelets / anklets with (remember Nance?)

- All the chipped glasses in my cupboard

- a beach towel that I used in the 1970s for our summer days at the local pool.

I'm a happy purger. Ahhhh, the relief. It's awesome.


9:51 PM EST  

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