Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Ewe Ewe - day 3

Pet Peeves.

Not the usual bad drivers, nails on chalkboard, fingers on squeeky clean dishwasher dishes, spouses leaving their dirty panties on the floor, but rather something a little more unusual (if you can).

- getting into bed after the beloved been on my side and sheets are warm - almost enough to gross me out
- battery operated items that stop working properly but not cause the batteries are dead, but just a little weakened (i.e. good enough for a clock for another 4 months but not good enough for another 4 minutes of Elefun.)
- snowplows (the really loud ones) that insist that 4 AM is the prime time for snow clearing on my street (same for 7 AM lawn mowers)
- excessive and inexplicable long wait times in doctors' offices

You get my drift, now get the hell outta my bed.


Blogger Silver Creek Mom said...

OH I have tons.

Dishes left all over the house when they walk by them to go to the kitchen.

Hubbies neat pile of weekend clothes on the floor by the bed instead of hanging them up or putting them on a chair.

Hubbies Desk that we are supposed to keep our stuff off of but you can't find the desk for his piles of shit that he leaves there for weeks on end. (and hardly uses the desk I might add)

AND MY BIGGEST ONE: Hubby leaveing his tools in the kitchen for weeks (seriously I have left stuff there to see how long it took him to put it away, let me say they would still be there if I hadn't given in and put them away a month later) And that's not all, after I do put the stuff away he gets *upset* with me when he can find it because I have not put in *away* int he right spot to which I just look at him and say...well if you didn't leave it laying in the kitchen to begin with and put it away right away I would not have PUT it in the wrong spot.

Can you tell I have a twitch with this one?

Better stop before my twitch gets worse!

8:32 AM EST  
Blogger twinmomplusone said...

going to buy ONE item at the pharmacy, convenience store, I'm in a rush and invariably will get stuck behind the person who decides to buy lottery tickets and pulls out this often folded faded piece of paper with all their favorite numbers, arghhh

at the cash and ONE item doesn't scan and they have to call someone to go check it out

leaving stuff at the bottom of the stairs, literally in teh middle of the step, so that the next person going up will take it...but no, they just walk right over it

hubby going through the mail...leaves me with a big pile of torn envelopes, useless garbage, so I still have to sort through it to retrieve the important stuff, why can't he just through out the garbage as he's going thorough it?

going to the computer, I have 10 free minutes, and big sis is there playing some game...get off MY computer!

8:42 AM EST  
Anonymous Jebber said...

Dog poop on my front lawn, not put there by my dawg. Rrrrrggggh.

Me taking out the wrong recycling and having to bring it all back in the next day (this happens much too frequently)

An empty gas tank in a vehicle that I didn't drive last.

Empty containers of food in our cupboard (crackers, cookies, milk).

9:09 AM EST  
Anonymous andrea from the fishbowl said...

When a wet shower curtain touches any part of my body before I've had a chance to get in.


9:10 AM EST  
Blogger Marla said...

*Not finding out I haven't rinsed all the shampoo out of my hair until it's too late to do anything about it.

*Finding out that the REALLY LOUD STOMPING UP AND DOWN THE STAIRS gene was something that could be inherited by my daughter.

*Biting into something that looks like it should taste really good only to find out there's somthing really yucky about it.

*Bleached out spots that keep appearing on my new blue towels from either a bathroom cleaning chemical or my acne medicine - I can't figure out which. How come this never happened on the yucky old green ones?

*A whole post someday: The things that are not clean enough for me because they can never be cleaned enough. Certain cracks in the floor. The top of the flippy part of the light switches in the bathroom. Difficult to reach windows outside.

That's enough for now. Now I'm all aggravated. Grrr.

10:08 AM EST  
Anonymous Snack Mommy said...

Mom's who use their spit to wash thier children's faces :~)

10:39 AM EST  
Blogger DaniGirl said...

Beloved keeps moving the sugar bowl. It sits on top of the oven, and when he puts sugar in his coffee, he moves it over beside the coffee pot. And leaves it there, in the middle of the counter.

I don't take sugar in my coffee, but when I make him a cup, I always just lift the little lid, scoop out some sugar and replace the lid - all without ever moving the sugar bowl.

I really wish he could learn my way. Or at least put the sugar bowl back after he moves it.

Also, people who stand and block the escalator. If you must stand, please keep to one side, or you will find yourself bowled over by a high-strung and perpetually late ball of anxiety barrelling for the bus.

P.S. Andrea - wet shower curtain! Yes!!! Me too!

2:51 PM EST  
Blogger BeachMama said...

the bed thing!! I am so the same on that one, I love the fresh coolness of my sheets when I first get in.

the huge pile of laundry beside hubby's side of bed, that sits there and grows then, one day he throws it in the laundry!!! (I know he can keep it clean he did it for four months while we were selling out house!!).

dishes in the sink. I only put up with it when the dishwasher is clean, otherwise it freaks me out! the dishwasher is right beside the sink!!!!! ARGH!

3:27 PM EST  

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