Tuesday, September 06, 2005

Have you ever told a fish...

That you went poo in the toilet? Meet Sammy, the latest addition to our menagerie. Long story short, little boy B went number 2 x 5 days in a row and voila!! We have a Sammy. Some boys are more partial to trains (à la Tristan), but this little one was so determined to not be bribed, so it took a little creative thinking. “M&M candies?” Like brother (who has been number 2ing for months) “umm…no thank you”. What about a book about the moon (note: parent playing upon child's not so tiny obsession with the moon) “The real moon?” Yes dear. “Ummm, not yet”. And on this went.

Finally one day (again I’ll spare too many details) but think little boy sitting on toilet with TV table in front doing stickers for 20 minutes until…the very first inaugural poop in toilet. It was so friggin cute – his eyes slowly got bigger and bigger and bigger then he looked at me (half scared) “Mommy, what’s happening?” and I very calmly answered, ‘Well, I think there may be a poo in the toilet’. And there was. After a few minutes of him being in a mild state of shock, the excitement settled in we phoned almost everyone we knew to tell them the big news.

The next step was to keep my newfound fortune (I truly felt like I’d won a lottery). The goal = a fish, just like their cuzzins. Since we were headed there for a weekend visit the very next day, I hoped the excitement of drooling over their cuzzins’ fish tank for 3 days would add to the attraction of using a special little fishy as a reward. When I told him this, he named the thing immediately. “OK Mommy, I think our fish will have a name Sammy”.

As you can see, I was not adverse to anything that would work, including the OMG how could you?? Bribery. Heck, it worked for more than half of the neighbourhood kids and they are all thriving and not seemingly too scarred for life, so who cares. It isn’t as though we bribe him regularly to eat three more bites of a meal so he can have dessert, oh wait, yup, we do that too. I hope
Ann doesn’t scorn me forever, I am doing the best I can. Note to self – go buy that Parenting book this week.

Back to Sammy, almost every time B does his business in the toilet, of which every time I continually remind him just how proud we are of him, he runs to tell Sammy. It is just as cute as it is hilarious as it is ridiculous, again, whatever works.
And every time someone comes over who has yet to meet Sammy, B introduces them to Sammy and tells them he is here cause “I go pee and poo in da toilet”. Why does this not embarrass me? It doesn’t. I love it. I also grew very partial to Sammy from day 1. He sits on our kitchen counter and swims around in his little neon green paradise. I convince myself that this is not keeping animals in captivity, but providing said betta fish with a lovely life saving him from the perils of the stagnant waters of rice paddies, shallow ponds or slow moving rivers (as was quoted in little handout nice pet store man gave us.) I make the toast, do the dishes, he swims around, practically soothes me at times and yes, I talk to him, but I have yet to tell him, well, you know.


Blogger Silver Creek Mom said...

HEY Your figured it out!!! COOOL!

And I love Sammy he's beautiful and I'm sure the boys love him to death.

Good job MOM

2:25 PM EDT  
Blogger BeachMama said...

I love it!! Sammy is one lucky fish and congrats to B for going on the potty!!!

Good Job,
Anna - making notes, can almost write a book like Ann with all the notes ;) I did say almost.

3:38 PM EDT  
Blogger Suzanne said...

My son has just gotten the hang of using the potty for the liquid end of the spectrum but not the solid. So it's been a little messy hereabouts. I'm glad you found something that works with your little guy!

9:09 PM EDT  
Anonymous Snack Mommy said...

Hey, you never know, Sammy could become B's biggest confident. Just give them a little privacy, and you may learn something new about your son!!

Hmmmmm, considering getting a fish in those teenage years....

12:30 AM EDT  
Blogger Running2Ks said...

Hey many congrats! I'm from the "whatever works" mentality too--especially concerning necessary milestones like potty. Great work,B,and give Sammy a big hello!

3:15 AM EDT  
Blogger DaniGirl said...

Bravo, B!!! And congratulations, Mummy, on finding B's trigger - no small trick in itself!

Work firewall now seems to restrict photos so I can't admire Sammy, but your description does a great job of painting the picture!!

8:01 AM EDT  
Anonymous twinmomplusone said...

LLOOOOVE this story Nancy!

We too got a fish, a goldfish named Vermillion, when our oldest decided to finally do her thing on the throne. That fish was an important fixture in our house, we celebrated its birthday even :(). Then the twins arrived and frazzled as I was in those early days, kind of forget about poor Vermillion and we found him swimming upside down one morning :( He is placed in a fully decorated margarine container in our deep freeze, she still refuses to bury him somewhere around the house.

Welcome Sammy and congrats B

2:41 PM EDT  

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