Tuesday, January 31, 2006


It's been a rough week, but not personally. Just rough, at least I think so.

Yesterday in Montreal, a family buried their 17 year old daughter. She died. She was killed. She was murdered. Here is one of the good ones. From what I have heard, she knew about a co-worker who was stealing money. She told her supervisors. They fired him. They did not lay any charges for his theft, they just got rid of him, gave him a chance if you ask me. Out of revenge, he murdered her. Now she has lost her life, and he will spend his in jail. Don't you think simply losing your job at the gas bar, getting off easy was a good deal? What a loser. Meanwhile, I am driving the kids home from preschool, I can barely see the raod through the tears while listening to the news report from her funeral.

Last friday, in a suburb right next to mine, a young 34 year old mother was taking a walk with her 18 month old daughter, pushing her in the stroller. They were slammed by a vehicle, they flew 10 metres into the air, landed in someone's driveway. The next day that young mother of two died from her injuries. The child and driver are fine (physically). Due to someone driving just a little too fast around a corner, now a 5 month old baby girl, an 18 month old toddler, a young husband, her sisters, parents, grandparents have suffred great loss. The family is completely devastated. Every time I think of it I feel either sick to my stomach or cry. I mostly cry. The children will be alright, but I think of her husband, the father to those precious girls. Incomprehensible.

I am sorry to be a downer. I do believe ever since I became pregnant, then a parent, events like these hit me so much harder then ever before. Not that I wasn't compassionate before, but I can literally feel the physical pain of such tragedy and loss. Is this common with other new parents?

This week I have found myself ignoring my menial chores ever more so than usual. For what? To simply look at my kids. In fact I have played with them so much more than usual I have been told to go away. So I watch them. Usually I take such opportunities to run around like a headless chicken trying to at least half accomplish something. Not these days. So yes, there are dust bunnies procreating at exponential speeds and laundry piling high. I'll get to it, really I will, maybe tomorrow, or maybe I'd rather do 3 hours of playdough.

My first Olympics.

Well, not my first real ones, but certianly my first Blog Olympics! I won GOLD once and SILVER 5 times. So did dozens of others, but I like to share so it was easy, and still fun!

A thank you the weight of a dozen gold medals goes to Barbara who ran the whole thing. I wonder how much she gets to keep from the TV rights?

I must congratulate both Uisce and R2K on their GOLD MEDALS!!

You can catch up on the reports at wacky cub reporter Lazy Daisy's place - what a hoot!

I had fun and would do it again, as long as the drug scandals are kept to a minimum.

Friday, January 27, 2006

Word(s) Up

I saw this on Phantom, she calls it a "word cloud". She saw it elsewhere. You can do it too right here. Apparently you can order t-shirts with it? I was also most pleased to see that you are permitted to change words and replace them. I'll confess that "orgy" in the biggest font, right smack dab in the middle didn't look so nice to me so I changed it. Try it and then tell me you did so I can go look at yours. LOL - I'll show you mine if you show me yours...heh heh (shoulda left "orgy" where it belonged I guess)

Thursday, January 26, 2006

Yoo Hoo...Tristan!!

Wanna come over for lunch? Bring your brother, bring your friends, and even your Mommy. This is how we sometimes get to eat strange looking robot guys:

(bologna, carrots and cheese)


a Stegosaurus

(ham, havarti cheese, grape tomatoes halved, raisin eyeball)

or BUTTERFLIES (this is our favourite and most requested)

(all beef salami and havarti on whole wheat with grape/cherry tomatoes halved, baby carrots)

or scary pumpkin face guy

(open faced all beef salami sammich on whole wheat, havarti carved most articulately)

or curly hair happy face

(french toast pieces and cantaloupe)

always a happy face

(you guessed it, tomatoes, cheese and meat - seeing a trend? WHATEVER WORKS DAMMIT!)

We love eating Rudolph!

(sammich, tomato nose, grapes eyes, pretzel antlers)

If we have shepherd's pie, the ketchup will always be displayed in your initial, we hear you like it that way, in fact, it is mandatory in our house so you won't be disappointed. So, whaddya think? Wanna come? We hope to see you soon...

Wednesday, January 25, 2006


It finally happened. He asked. For the very first time. And of course it was in the public washroom at the really BIG mall which was (of course) packed and lined up with more woman and children that the fire regulations likely permit.

The definite and obvious advantage to having boys is they can pee standing up. Therefore in public washrooms, no need to panic and disinfect toilet seat while preschooler dances around hoping he won't pee his pants. We were in line. He had to go. "Really bad Mommy!" so of course the women ahead of us in line rush us to the front (kind dear souls that they are). The next stall that opens is the wheelchair accessible one. I kinda sorta have a personal 'thing' that I don't use those stalls. They are for people who need the space. I can wait for one of the other 7 stalls. A person using assisted transportation (wheelchair, walker) has only one stall from which to choose. I look around (in all likelihood already looking guilty, cause I was feeling it) and not seeing anyone among the proceeding 6 in line with such requirements, plus the grandmotherly type woman behind up who let us in front her her pushing us towards the door, I caved and in we went.

I never realized. Those toilets are really high. Should said little boy whip it out and stand to pee and proceed to do so, it is all over the side of the bowl and the floor. I am suddenly taken back 30+ years. I am in the train station with my mom. She wipes the seats and then covers it with toilet paper. I promptly use handy-dandy pursed sized antibacterial wipe (thank you stocking stuffer), clean the seat and throw him on (we can have a bath when we get home).

The toilet is high.

Increased height to very young man (remember, he is three years old) increases viewing ability of one's own personal jewels. You'd think he'd never known they were there. Come on young man, you've been playing with them at least thrice daily since the day you were born, and enjoying it too. However, for some reason today (t-o-d-a-y) is the day he asks in not so quiet voice,

Loud: "What are those Mommy?"
Soft & muffled and hoping he won't care : "that's your penis" (which I know he already knows that one, all too well)
Loud: "No Mommy, what are THOSE? Why is it doing that?" (touching and grabbing)
Even more muffled: "teshcles"

I promptly lift him off the very high toilet so he can pull his pants up. As he is doing so (PHEW! of all phews ever said before cause he has abviously forgotten and will soon ask for a snack)...

REALLY REALLY loud: (cause older by 27 minutes brother has now flushed the really high toilet): "YOU don't have a penis, right Mommy?"
(Shock & awe for not only hearing this ultimate question for the first time, but at 86 decibels in public bathroom), softly : "No sweetheart, I don't." (please please please don't ask what I do have please please please)
Loud enough: "Mommy..." (in self-preparation to prevent being horrified as best as humanly possible) "...that's a-cause you are a girl, right?"
Proudly : "Why yes!! That's right my love. Now what kind of muffin do you want at Starbucks?"
Loud again : "What's Stawerphucks, Mommy?"

I. Kid. You. Not.

Why couldn't he just ask about this like his brother? That experience has since been paled in comparison.

Monday, January 23, 2006

X marks the spot

We, as Canadians have to vote today. I am obliged to vote. I am legally expected to vote. I must exercise my right as a citizen of my country and 'show my voice' and vote.

I don't want to.

HOW can one honestly walk into the polling booth and mark an X next to the name of someone they aren't totally sure they believe in. I know who I am 'supposed' to vote for. If I don't vote, I am a bad person. If I vote for the Green party I am told I am wasting my vote, but why? How can that be? On the news Elections Canada is adamantly reminding everyone that spoiling your ballot IS A CRIME. Intimidation, I think, cause this election (in my very NON-politically educated opinion) is a fucking waste of everything. Our time, energy, the MONEY spent on the campaign and the actual management of an election...all for what? Another wimpy-assed minority government so we get to do this all over again in a couple of years.

This is ridiculous.

I live in Quebec. The Bloc is here. I have asked this many times, and I am sure one of the answers I have received is accurate, but I still don't understand. HOW can a political party share so much representation in the Federal House of Commons when they are basically a provincially based party. For a Federal election, shouldn't there be some rule that said party should at least have acting parties in every province? How about at least half?

I better stop.

I don't want to vote. I don't believe in any one party being a leader better than the other. In fact, I think they are all rather pathetic. Politics is so crooked. Will my ONE measly missed vote be so horrible? I said this to my father and he was very upset with me. So, between him, my husband and the media insisting that I MUST go mark my X. I will begrudgingly do so. I only with Rick Mercer, or Don Cherry or William Shatner - some OTHER Canadian was in the running, then at least I'd feel that there would be a little tiny iota of change that may very well positively affect the life of me and my family in this beautiful country which I do so love very much. Perhaps I just don't show it so well some days.

18 days till the Winter Olympics start...GO CANADA GO!!!! Now if they could only find an athlete who wants to carry the flag...ay yi yi....don't get me started (again).


Thursday, January 19, 2006

Insert cliché here

The. Morning. After.

Wednesday, January 18, 2006


Get it? Get it? Blog Party / block party - LMFAO!!! I kill myself sometimes.

HERE WE GO!!!!!!!!!!!!

It won’t be me but the FIRST person to arrive is given the honour to announce this comment orgy in session. Yes, this is official. You get to be like a judge, in a court, just like Judge Harry Stone or Wopner. Who will it be?

The rules are – well, there are none. We can talk about whatever the hell you want. You can ask the DJ to play whatever music/muzak you’d like to hear. We can chat about 80’s music, the news, boobs or your favourite positions recipes.

Sure it’s nice to be polite, but I don’t really care. Why? Just because I don’t. If you wanna ask someone to pass the fucking salsa, go right ahead. I am not in censorship mode. Talk dirty for all I care. Sign in an Anonymous if you wanna share your dark, deep and dirty secrets, then sign back in as yourself and pretend it wasn’t you. Make up shit or tell the truth.

Wanna play a game? How about “I Never…” or Truth or Dare. What about charades? Oops, that won’t work.

I won’t ask you to unwillingly solicit anyone to attend, nor will I. I thought about emailing everyone I know but I’d rather just see how much fun we can have without. I may inadvertently mention it to a few people, you know, in passing.

I am putting my faith in you to make this a (good) EXCELLENT party. Those of you at work, I hoe you play along enough not to get fired, but only almost.

Those parents who are at home – spare the dishes, the laundry, the chores, a nap…make yourself a drink and PAH-TAY!!!

I could ramble on and on and on, but I’ll wait for the party to start and use the comments to do that in case no one shows up, I’ll just play with myself have my own little party all by my lonesome.

I am opening my doors to all of you. Remember, the comments are the number of individuals, but the number of comments so YES YES YES (à la Meg Ryan with Billy Crystal) speak up loud and often. I won’t be back tonight, but hope you have fun – make me PROUD. I am sure if I wake up to pee I’ll likely sneak a peak to see if anyone has shown up yet. Tonight is not the key, but the daytime/evening should be the best.

Now let’s all (get stinking drunk and act stupid till we puke), get silly and have fun. jo(e) seems ready to play and Marla is just plain outta control.

In the words of Wayne and Garth “Party on *fill in your name*”

Tuesday, January 17, 2006



The countdown is on for my blog orgy (welcome perverted Googlers). I was at the bulk store today with the kids and we bought yogurt covered raisins (for them) and York Peppermint Patties (for me). I did groceries last night and bought chips and diet coke.
OK, so I had all these other blogs bookmarked to look up and list all the blog orgy rules, but I have chosen to this my way. (cue Cyndi Lauper, "I just wanna have fun") and see where this takes us. Note the plural?? You GOTTA play along!!
I believe the intent is to reach 'X' number of comments withing 'X' number of minutes. My goal is 100 comments within a 24 hour period. Sure I could sit here and comment to myself in an explosive self-absorbed manner, but come on, I do that all day long.
I will start at midnight (tonight) JANUARY 18, 2006 at MIDNIGHT and go till 11:59 PM. Spread the word. PUL-EEZE?? Pul-eeze??
I gotta go make some dips and take yet another trip to the liquor store. I am expecting some of you lushes to get outta control. Then I gotta walk the doggie and watch all the losers make fools of themselves on the AI prelims and then come back and talk about them. snicker snicker.
Poll: Would you rather attend a party? A blog orgy? or a Blorgy?

The Fours Meme

Clearing throat like an opera singer. Ahem. Me Me Me Me...thanx for the little extra push Dani, I too, have seen this one everywhere and never did it.

Four jobs I've had
1. retail Toy World
2. Lifeguard/swimming instructor
3. Campus Recreation coordinator
4. Programs Director

Four movies I could watch over and over
1. Titanic
2. Bridget Jones
3. The Party (Peter Sellers)
4. Legends of the Fall

Four places I've lived
1. Pointe Claire, QC (suburb of Montreal)
2. Edmonton, AB
3. Fort Macleod, AB
4. Ottawa, ON

Four TV shows I love
1. Grey's Anatomy
2. ER
3. Seinfeld/Sex in the City (combined them since they are in rerun syndication)
4. The Weather Network

Four places I've been on vacation
1. Cape Cod
2. Las Vegas, in a nice fancy hotel!/Grand Canyon, freezing my tits off camping in the bowels of the canyon (same trip)
3. Cape Breton, Nova Scotia
4. Paris

Four blogs I visit daily
There is definitely more than four and you now who you are.

Four favourite foods
1. popcorn
2. fajitas
3. Anything on the BBQ (even pizza!)
4. Szechuan

Cheating just a little to add/include anything that I didn't have to make.

Four places I'd rather be
1. In bed
2. With friends - girls weekend!
3. gotta get back to Paris
4. shopping with unlimited credit card, bill being sent to and paid for elsewhere

Four CDs I listened to most recently
1. Eminem - Curtain Call
2. The Best of Frank Sinatra - My Way
3. The Wiggles - Top of the Tots
4. Best of the 80's - homemade

Last four vehicles I've owned
1. 1991 Plymouth Sundance
2. 1998 Honda Civic
3. 2002 Honda Odyssey
4. 2005 Honda Accord (really DH's but without, I'd have to list my bike)

There. I tag Hanging, Beach and quietfish.

Monday, January 16, 2006

A quickie. Phew. And a party - you're invited!

Anything. Something, whatever it is it's gotta be quick...so this'll hafta do for now.

Here is a quick meme I just saw on jo(e) and she linked back about a trillion people to give credit to the original source.

Hair: Short, dirty, up in a clip to keep from hanging in eyes, 6 days till haircut, which can't come soon enough.

Wearing: jeans, pink/green/white striped turtleneck (Dani will be proud).

Drinking: San Pellegrino sparkling water - recently hooked on the stuff.

Listening to:interspersionss (real word?) of the boys arguing/fighting and the music from their karoake machine

Reading: just prior to this the Crate & Barrel catalogue (droooooool); but on my night table is a Million Little Pieces, James Frey, currently under scrutiny and scandal for possiblefraudulentt writing, but come on, people, it is a book...relax.

One more thing...
I am gonna have a party, a blog orgy. Right here - and you are all invited. You don't have to bring anything other than yourself and your comments. Stay tuned. Was gonna have it next Monday, but not sure Canadian election day is the best date. Weekends suck in blogland, way too quiet and no one at work looking for distractions. So, I'll figure it out and let you know. How's Wednesday? Too soon??

I am stealing this idea from elsewhere, this blog orgy idea. I recently attended one, and it was fun. I have not been tagged, so am tagging myself. The goal is to reach 100 comments, or else your orgy is considered a bust. I'll need you to bring all your friends and then some. Yes, you are allowed to comment more than once (highly encouraged). It can be an opportunity for great discussion, like a message board, I'll throw out topics/subjects to get things stirred up. I am not quite ready yet, but wanted to plug it a bit so you can be prepared. Maybe I'll even wait longer, till after the election. I need to have an evening when I have no plans, so I can play and this week is all full up (except Wednesday). Maybe next week...

So how's that for a completely discombobulated post? Welcome to my brain.

Saturday, January 14, 2006

The Reveal Part!! (the bestest part)

The funniest part of the 'reveal' for me is that in this whole Secret Santa exchange thingy, I had her and all along she had me. The same. And from what she sent me, you'd almost have to think that in a previous time, we'd 'had' each other. (other that this gift exchange).

OK, so after reading a couple of 'reveal' reports already, I am seeing a trend. Just how on earth can we each seem to know each other well enough when we really don't know each other at all (perhaps a few exceptions like Dani & I).

Anyway....here is it....pens!! Rollerball and gel pens!! Snowman accessories! Lip gloss (the extent of my makeup kit) and a beautiful candle smelling like a lily cause I LOVE lily smelling things!!! So all of these things together can bring me near orgasmic state...

Until you add this...now THIS sent me OVER the edge.

Wait, I must rephrase. Gawdessness MADE me this. She made it. She knit it. For me. (not you - nyah nyah). I know knitting takes time. And effort. And time, a lot of time. Oh. My. Gawd. Thank you. Merci. Gracias. And thank you. It is a hand made scarf. I have never owned one in my life. It is pink. I will look so HOT with my black jacket. Wait, evern hotter with my jean jacket. I love it. It is pink and pretty and I can pretend to be at least a little bit feminine wearing it (something I am not so good at). Oh, and it has no wool, cause wool makes me itch. This beautiful scarf does not make me itch. This is unbelievable that someone who does not know me, did this for me. And I love it. Heck, I love her too. So, I have to show you again...this time with no flash, just to make sure you really understand WHAT is going on here...

Did you see my brand new hand made pink scarf?? HAPPY FESTIVUS everyone!!! And the most thank filled thank you to you, Miss Gawdessness. MWAH!!!

The Putting Together Part...

What fun I had shopping for my secret spoilee for The Winter Holiday of Your Choice Blog Extravaganza. I am not anywhere near as creative, crafty, resourceful or even talented in any way as the rest of the participants so I did what I do best - I shopped. I chose to go to some of my most favouritest places to find the special treats for my secret spoilee.

I went to
The Body Shop in search of things smelling citrus. I was devastated to learn they no longer carry pink grapefruit as it has always been one of my favourites from there, so I did what best I could. I also snuck in a trip to this place and found many things for moi, and one very citrus smelling candle for her.

Of course we just HAD to find something here...(showing the actual store I go to)

OMG what would just about any day shopping during the holiday season be without at least a little peak in there? I found a big-ass mug that I loved, for which I included some tea, just for fun.

I also found some treats while perusing the shops in Pointe Claire Village (sorry no links) which my spoilee will understand if I describe it as a mini-mini-version of Old Stratchona and Whyte Ave where she lives. (I know this cause I lived there for 7 years from 1988-95, and loved it!).

The questionnaire answers from my spoilee indicated she liked all things jewel related and sparkly, as well as a longing for cute running socks. I purposely omitted the running part from the socks and stuck with the cute - they have silver sparkles in them! Of course some items have to come from another of my regular haunts...there is no secret about that, but they did at least kinda sorta looked at least a little jewel-like.

Her need for smut came in the way of a hand-me down OK Magazine straight from the bowels of Heathrow Airport after my hubby's December trip.

I did find it a little hard, but of course still fun, trying to shop for someone I don't know, but at least had some vague hints from the most difficultest of questionnaires I have ever done (thanx Marla!).

Then we wrapped. I used tissue wrapping paper with SPARKLES on it:

And wrapped everything up ever so carefully....
And topped it with very specific and special greetings cause most importantly December 25 is also her birthday, and EVERYONE deserves to be treated special on their birthday. I even added belated greetings knowing she wouldn't be opening it till after the 25th, even though there was a good chance it would arrive prior to that date.
And I ran off to the post office SO excited to be sending a mystery gift to a mystery friend...and then the next day what should arrive but MY parcel with a return address that MATCHED the one I had just mailed mine to. Go figure!! So, needless to say I knew who my Secret Santa was from that day on. Did it bother me? Not at all BUT I think knowing who it was made it even harder to contain myself from peeking. Did I peek? I'll answer nope, but none of you will ever really know...heh heh heh.

So what did I get???

Thursday, January 12, 2006

Mommy? What is that?

And how do/would YOU answer when you realize your 3.5 year old boy is pointing to the tampon dispensing machine in the ladies public washroom?

I was seriously caught off guard. If you know me, I do not get ruffled easily at all. I sorta stumbled, mumbled and answered something very quickly about 'for grown up ladies only' and we left in a flash. His answer:

"So when I get to be a grown-up lady, I can use it?"

"Yes dear."


Next life

I have always said that in my next life I would like to come back as a cat. As a cat you get cuddles, only when you want, on your own terms. You pretty much get to eat as much as you want and no one questions you. Someone else cleans your toilet for you. You still get to have babies and breastfeed and cuddle them, play with and care for them, but only for a few required weeks/months, none of this until they move out when they are 18-30+ years shit. When your kiddies (yes, pun intended) are bad, you simply carry them at the scruff of their neck to the penalty box, or swat them, no one questions your physical use for disciplinary action. You get to sleep wherever and whenever you want. And of course, you get to lick yourself, again no questions.
Then I got this in an email from a friend, too good not to share. I am wondering if I may have to re-think my plan?

What do you wanna be in 'the future'? (dare I insert Twilight Zone muzak here?).

Monday, January 09, 2006

De-Lurk Dammit!

So Danigirl has one-upped both Suzanne and Sheryl and promoted their National De-Lurking Week to INTERNATIONAL De-Lurking week (for the benefit of us Canadians I presume). I know I don't have a true bevy of lurkers, or even readers for that matter, and I like to think I know who you all are and I DO know a number of you, and you never comment...so that's who I am targeting. Those of you who I know are reading and choose not to comment...I know where you live. So, come on, say something, I dare you, double dare you...and when you do, please come back, please?


...at Chez Pourri this evening.

B: Knock knock

Dad: Who's there

B: Eye

Dad: Eye who?

B: I do NOT want to go to bed.

This from one of the two residing preschoolers who decided that 5:30 am was wake up time for the day. (our regular time is 7 am) OH MY GAWD!!! I have SO much sympathy for those of you with early risers.

Friday, January 06, 2006


It's poker night. My hubby used to host such a gathering on occasion BK (before kids). This is the first time since even before I was pregnant. He and 5 pals are like little kids in a candy store (or if you're like mine, in a dollar store with your purses) only subsitute the purses with beer. The poker chips have been meticulously counted, the family room was converted from playroom to sports room including a stuffed gorilla wearing a hockey helmet on my mantle and a hockey jersey hanging on the wall where my World Map usually resides.

The guys really do have it easy, I mean REALLY. Not only do they never have to deal with menses, estrogen, The Change, or dare I say childbirth but even their get togethers are so fucking simple.

Girls Night to hang out with friends: What will we wear? How exciting! We may even don some make up and comb our hair, and wear a blouse?? (WTF is that?). Decisions about who will make and bring what dip, who will bake and bring what squares, who will bring the red, white, rosé wine, who will bring the cosmoplitans, what treats to we bring for the pregnant/bf-ing Moms, what about a hostess gift? Hmmm....then there is the assurance that childcare will be provided, yes, usually in the shape of the father, but even the Dads need a few reminders and helpful hints about who went poo on that given day or not, who ate what, are they allowed a snack, is it bath night, the jammies are in the dryer, etc.

Guys night. Jeans, t-shirt (cleanliness not an issue), beer and $20 worth of chips & pretzels and they are SO happy. OK, throw in a deck of cards and a frozen pizza in the oven. Done. No fashion issues, childcare nit-picks, they know everything and everyone will be well taken care of.

Am I complaining? Actually, I'm not! I am rather amused by it all. I already knew this, but for some reason tonight, I am getting quite a kick out of it. I am banned to the upstairs folding laundry, having a bath, reading my book, checking email, paying the bills, self-manicuring and pedicuring, the candles are lit, the cat is purring on the bed and I may even start a little project.

Perhaps it is an age thing, or a life thing, where years ago BK I never thought twice about it. But now that there are a half dozen thirty-something males, all (but one) fathers to children aged 7 and younger in my family room laughing, drinking, eating junk food, farting and making a mess, for some reason I think it is outrageously hilarious.

I think I am the big winner tonight. Ante up.

Thursday, January 05, 2006

The Metrosexual Preschooler

Bet you never thought a Buzz Lightyear pencil case would cause such a stir. They were each ONE dollar. Yes, our Dollorama has licensed Disney stuff for ONE dollar. I loaded up pre-Christmas and Santa then unloaded it all into some stockings that were hung my the chimney with care. They each contained a pencil, some Buzz Lightyear crayons, Buzz Lightyear stickers, etc... They were one of the items quickly forgotten among the plethora of other, more interesting, exciting and fun toys that actually DO something like make noise, have lights, movable limbs, and/or play music.
Fast forward...10:15 AM, January 5, 2006. With their father still on holidays, a family shopping excursion is planned. They boys have their money ready to go. "But Mommy, where will I put it all?" (referring to all $2.39 worth). In a pocket? In Mommy's bag? In Daddy's wallet? Nope, not good enough. Then someone yells "I KNOW!!" while running at Roadrunner speed into other room and back, with Buzz Lightyear pencil case in hand "In my purse!!!"
Me: snickering
Father: Your what?
Twin B : In my purse!!!
Father: Ooooh....in your wallet!! Great idea!
B: Noooooo Daddy, in my PURSE!! See??????
All zipped up and ready to go.
I am thoroughly enjoying how Beloved will handle this one. To date, we have both never had a problem with either boy playing with a 'baby' or other nurturing related games, nor saying pink was a favourite colour (currently purple) or even saying he wants to grow up to be a Mommy. But his....this I gotta see.
Fast forward...11:15 AM, January 5, 2006, location: Costco. Both boys in the cart, hanging on to their purses. (I am literally LOL-ing after typing that one) and someone drops his. Overheard at many decibels,
"STOP!!!! My PURSE!!!!"
Now I am nearly peeing my pants while watching Beloved's face grow a little pink, and I am cracking up!! (a wee bit of a mistake) cause then of course the other guy wants to play too so 'oops' another purse is dropped, immediately followed by another bellow,
"STOP!!! My PURSE!!!!"
And for some reason after that, we were able to quite easily, avert the Costco Caper, and leave with only one box of Pull-ups in our cart (Buzz Lightyear, of course).
Fast forward...1:00 PM, January 5, 2006, location: Dollarama. Just because their Daddy can rarely say no, we go to buy something "with our money". The items carefully chosen, we are at the cash. Little A asks the cash person as sweetly as ever, "How much money do you want for this?" (said holding up shiny plastic thing that looks something like when you cross breed a robot and a lion with a wolf head) and when he is answered, he says "I'll get my money out of my purse."
OK, not so funny, but so friggin' cute I am close to tears. There were a couple of unsolicited 'aawws' from the people behind us in line, as well as those working the cash. I was melting, literally melting from his oooozing cuteness.
Now this is either a Seinfeld show in the making, or the beginning of a life destined to be a metrosexual. Either way, I don't care. No matter if he carries his purse, has purple for his favourite colour and looks up to be a Mommy or a Kramer, he is mine, all mine and I am not giving him up, not ever.