Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Reality check

We just got home from an afternoon of shopping, looking for shoes, raincoats, rubber boots, socks, etc...and I had this great big-ass huge rant to share about rude salespeople and expecially, who the hell decides that as of early September, fall jackets, raincoats and rubber boots are considered LAST season. And all I could buy today if I wanted in regards to outerwear is -40 degree snowsuits. Everywhere we asked, "Oh sorry, you're much too late, we had that stuff in July." And now they want me to buy winter clothes that we really don't need for another 2 months, or more, and for all I know won't fit come December 1st.

Then I heard about something horrific that happened. In my city. And that last bunch of words seems completely pointless and unnecessary.

There was a shooting, with real guns, and real people are dead. I don't give a shit about the spineless gunmen who are dead, but the students. Teenagers. With their lives pretty much just starting with adulthood and college education.

Extensive coverage on CNN.

Holy shit. My children may very well go to that college one day. It certainly hits close to home. Of course when we see stories like this in other cities, it makes you sit and think about life and what's important, but when you see buildings and streets that I KNOW and have been in, I start to cry. It's too close. Too damn close.

I could go on and on, as we all can when discussing such tragedies. It just makes you wanna cuddle up and make popcorn for supper and watch movies with your kids, doesn't it. Yup. Exactly. See ya.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

My sympathies. Saw it on tonight's evening news, and I am shocked and distressed.

I feel so sad for the Montreal families affected directly or indirectly by this horrible event. And I feel sad for my own family, for my kids who have to grow up in a world where incomprehensible crimes like this can happen to young people. In far away places, or far too close to home.

Hugs for my kids tonight, and tomorrow I will try to think of a more pro-active response to help prevent such tragedies.


2:28 AM EDT  
Blogger Zany Mama said...

SRH and I went to the U.S. university (Kent State)where four students were shot and killed by national guardsman in 1970. It was a completely different scenario, but the campus was forever changed by the violence.

I should say that there has been a lot of healing on the campus and in the community, and the students' lives are remembered and honored every year.

It's not enough, but I always think it must be important to the families to know that an entire community mourns with them on the loss of their children every year.

2:36 PM EDT  
Anonymous Brenda said...

Hugging them a little tighter is something we all need to do.

This was another act of violence that was ruthlessly affected the lives of many people.

Thanks to satelight, I was able to watch as it unfolded yesturday. I sat scared for the people involved, but especaially for a cousin of mine who teaches in the radiolgy department there. It wasn't until much later that we heard she was safe and had just missed walking through that area by minutes because of needing to go the the washroom at the beginning of her lunch.

I myself have been there and can picture the area and felt completely safe there. I now feel as though that has been taken from me.

I had to be careful while talking to my newly to enter school aged child while watching the news to make sure that I didn't use the word "school" as I didn't want to give him any fear of it happening to him at his school.

It seems people are going to do what they are going to do...unfortunatly, this takes all sense of security away...for what?

2:56 PM EDT  
Blogger BeachMama said...

Such horrible and shocking news that came out of your beautiful city.

So many kids that lives changed yesterday thanks to one individual who was so obviously sick.

Hug them tight, I know I have been hugging all day today.

6:35 PM EDT  
Blogger twinmomplusone said...

horrible and shocking

makes you want to just keep yourself and your kids home away from all that craziness out there

4:54 PM EDT  
Blogger Beth said...

So senseless and heartbreaking.

1:57 PM EDT  

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