Sunday, September 10, 2006

Question Period

There was a series of interesting questions today in our house, of utmost importance. It was very serious. It went like this:

Boys: Who has bigger muscles? Superman or Spiderman?
Moi: They both have great muscles.

Boys: They use their muscles to help people in trouble, right?
Moi: Right.

Boys: Who helps the people in trouble more, Superman or Spiderman?
Moi: They both help everyone the same.

Boys: But Mommy, if Superman can fly, does that make him faster than Spiderman?
Moi: Well, I think just like everyone else, Superman has different special skills like flying, and Spiderman can do some special climbing, that would mean they are both very fast in their own ways.

Boys: Why can't Superman or Spiderman stop the bad weather?
Moi: No one can change the weather. You can't mess with Mother Nature.

Boys: Who is Mother Nature?
Moi: The special oen who has all the power of which we have no control.
Boys: But we control you, Mudder (giggle giggle) and Superman can stop a train and lift it up, so why can't he stop the weather?
Moi: He just can't. No one can.

Boys: Who has the bigger penis?
Moi: (you don't know HOW bad I wanted to answer "Daddy" but knew better than to open that one) I don't know.
Boys: Have you ever seen Superman's penis?
Moi: (control, control, bite tongue, hard, gotta get outta this one) Who wants french toast with maple syrup for supper?

It worked.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Ha! I would have lost it for sure at that last one.
We've had a lot of existential and theological questions, which can be very hard to answer, but I haven't had to discuss comparative penises - yet!
Too funny - I must go tell my husband to be prepared for that one. I will say "Go ask your father!" and then run away to laugh.
- SheilaC

11:44 PM EDT  
Blogger BeachMama said...

Ahhh Nancy, how I would have loved to be in your house for that Q & A. Good answers though ;)

7:47 AM EDT  
Blogger Silver Creek Mom said...


Omg that is too funny. I would say well you know I have no clue becasue it would not be too cool of Superman and Spiderman running around showing off their penis's instead of helping people, now is it?

then French toast comes into it. LMAO!

I LOVE how the mind works in a 4/5 year old mind. We have had many penis questions in this house too.

8:12 AM EDT  
Blogger SRH said...

I am just waiting for this kind of Q&A with Little Man. Just waiting! Q&A is my forte'.

8:12 AM EDT  
Blogger Beth said...

Brilliant! You're obviously raising the boys right.

10:00 AM EDT  
Blogger gnightgirl said...

Verrrry smoooooth. I'll remember your tactics and use them the next time some guy talks to me about his penis. "French toast, anyone?"

I hope it works as well in the grown-up world.

10:50 AM EDT  
Blogger Marni said...

I would have said "Neither - it is the Hulk's and his is GREEN!"

I guess that's why my kids are so weird...

Good job!

12:06 PM EDT  
Blogger Zany Mama said...

That is so funny I may pee myself!

I'm not big on superhero lore, but I'm gonna have to guess that superman would take that contest.

Anyway, thanks for the laugh. I totally needed it.

2:39 PM EDT  
Blogger Silver Creek Mom said...

Lmao @ the HULK remark!

Saving that for a raining day.

So Nancy how many hits did you get with this PENIS story?

8:11 AM EDT  
Anonymous andrea from the fishbowl said...

Superman doesn't have a penis... because he's really a woman.


11:18 PM EDT  

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