Thursday, March 29, 2007

idle idol

If 'they' don't do something about this Sanjaya waste on American Idol soon, the show will be done. It can lose all validation, respect (?), and fans worldwide.

There seems to be a few 'conspiracies' out there to keep voting him in, for the exact reason, to show American Idol's producers that they blew it. Howard Stern (of shock jock radio fame, not Anna Nicole Smith potential daddy to her baby fame) is asking his (millions! of) listeners to vote for Sanjaya; there are websites like this one, asking the same.

Since I started watching the show, I have always felt that the judges should carry some weight to the final decision (like Dancing with the Stars), or at least the power to veto when needed.

The sad things that arise from this include the poor Sanjaya kid either thinking he is shit-hot singer, when he really is just a shit singer; or that he will be completely embarrassed, which he (I would hope, but perhaps he doesn't care) didn't ask for.

I assume the producers at American Idol are hoping that as the weeks continue, those who previously voted for those who are getting voted off will turn their votes towards those who genuinely deserve it, and numbers will ultimately win. If things don't change as the weeks carry on, there will likely be some serious nail biting come the end of April/early May.

Do you not think he would realize it and step down? Wouldn't his family tell him what's going on and perhaps persuade him to do the honourable thing? Nah...being on TV and having the entire nation and beyond talking about you can easily transforms one's ego into making all the decisions.

I realize that quantifiable results is what people like to see, and it is easier to validate and prove final results, but come ON already. If Tyra Banks (along with her posse) can decide who stays and who goes on America's Next Top Model, and the judges on Dancing with the Stars count for 50% of the votes, and both can still be successful enough shows with subjective judging, then why not? Doesn't Survivor also have a rather 'stab you in the back' type of decision/elimination process? (That's about the only reality show I don't watch). Olympic GOLD medals are decided subjectively! Surely we can get by with the same on some pop-craze phenomenon that's making some people a ton of cash.

Nothing I say will change anything, just had to get that off my chest. And get Sanjaya off the show.


Anonymous Anonymous said...


LOL xoxo

12:27 AM EDT  
Blogger Marisa said...

I think he is totally gay. And he truly believes that he has a shot at this thing!

AI is the only reality show (if you can call it that) that I ever watch. What bother me more than the judges not having any real "power" is that anyone and everyone can vote more than once. Imagine if that were allowed in the real world?

8:10 AM EDT  
Blogger Silver Creek Mom said...

I never liked the voting more than once thing and I haven't watche din the last few weeks because the show has lost all crediabity with me. He's young and cute and all the teenage girls are calling in for him. He may be a good singer in a few years with some training. But honestly send him home soon I can watch again.


Ih ope CI does better than that this year.

8:30 AM EDT  
Blogger nancy said...

Marisa! I agree...Idol should charge $.xx a vote and donate it to their charity or something.

Sharon - you disappoint me, you were always my Idol junkie...and I can't do CI, too lame for me.

8:43 AM EDT  
Blogger Gunfighter said...


9:04 AM EDT  
Blogger DaniGirl said...

AI always makes me think of you, Nancy. I tuned in during the finale of season two, and then got hooked by Canadian Idol, which I've always prefered. (I still love Jacob Hogart. Am about to download the Headley album because I love one of the tracks so much.)

All that to say, I can barely watch AI this year. Yawn. At least it gives me more time in front of the computer, as there is nothing better on!

9:16 AM EDT  
Blogger Marla said...

As Peter Noone rightly put it - "It's a voting competition, not a singing competition."

Please tell me you're all over the TWOP boards for AI and ANTM? That's where the fun is, and a good way to pass the wee small lonely hours.

It would serve the powers that be right if Sanjayjay wins - after all, look how badly they're taking Taylor Hicks' win! And where is Adrienne in ANTM's model house, hmmm?

I'd say a bad winner is more fun than a good winner any day.

PS - if you care about Canada's NTM, I have an inside line! (Like, say there happened to be a big fashion show last night, and this is even though Canada's fashion week is over, and at this fashion show a certain Mr. Jay was there... wouldn't you think that might be the final fashion show being filmed?)

11:07 AM EDT  
Blogger BeachMama said...

I only ever watch once in a while, but truly this season, I have to say get that kid off the show. I stop by now and then to see who is still there. If the worst guy wins so be it, but what about the others that really can sing?

Don't watch CI, it just kills me, although this year might be better with them playing their own instruments.

11:17 AM EDT  
Blogger coffeypot said...

I agree that the judges should have a veto vote, even if it is used only once each year to bring the show back to some form of credibility, and that it is a joke if Sanjai goes even to the top four. There should also be on ONE vote per telephone number, and you must be over 18 to vote. And both Howard Sterns need to be put out of OUR misery. And I AM NOT the father of A. N. S.’s baby. I have never been that drunk.

11:26 AM EDT  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

American Idol and other reality shows are doing incredible harm to our country. It saddens me that good writers will not write for television because junk food like American Idol is all people will consume. I have to support Howard Stern's effort on this one. The only thing that will make me watch Idol is if Howard Stern shows up as Fartman and farts in the Idol producers' faces.

5:24 PM EDT  
Blogger Elle said...

LOL all I have to say it:


10:13 AM EDT  

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