Thursday, December 21, 2006

Christmas Countdown - December 21

We are nearing the homestretch. This is what we have done today...a little last minute shopping, wrap some gifts, wrote a few cards, baked more cookies (I. CAN'T. STOP!) Isn't Christmas baking just oh, so pretty, even on baking pans that are near desperation to be replaced? (hear that Santa?)all while listening to Barenaked for the Holidays. (I had a video to share with you here but YouTube is taking too long to approve it for playing, and I must go drink beer and eat chips so hang in, I will share when ready. That, or when I am sober.)

We also did more crafts...that damn bells with sparkles...BAN the sparkles!!! The boys are now doing 'homework' in their new little holiday fun books which came from a very special friend. (Thank you!!)

So finish up the last minute things, expecially if you need the time to assemble the likes of a Playmobil castle, cause you may very well need every moment should Santa need to have that delivered before 6 AM on Monday morning.

I am also very happy to report that any bug that had recently infested a certain tummy has very kindle disappeared. Oops, well almost. This is the favourite joke of the day, "I have a bug in my tummy!" (lift shirt) "Just kidding!"

We have some cousins of mine joining us for dinner tonight. We are going very traditional for it being December 21st. You know, chips & dip, BBQ burgers, beer, the Habs on TV and of course more cookies for dessert. Most gourmet if you ask moi.

More pretty cookies!

Speaking of December 21st...the kids were all at the park this morning having a blast in the beautiful fall like weather, no snow, playing on the structures, swings and in the sand. Unbelievable.

Yours truly has also caught a bug of sorts. A severe case of Holidayitis. I wish you all catch it too!!


Anonymous Valerie said...

If you have to have a bug in your tummy, a dragonfly is the best kind. Glad to hear he's better and out enjoying this weather. DH has started riding his bike to work again - in late Dec, incredible.

11:03 PM EST  
Anonymous BeachMama said...

We too enjoyed the great weather yesterday and are heading downtown for our annual Christmas on the Market with all my Sisters and the kids! Should anyone see a caravan of stroller on the market this morning, it's us, stop and say hi!

Glad the bug is disappearing, hope your bbq was awesome and the beer was cold :).

7:40 AM EST  

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