Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Christmas Countdown - December 20

ACCCCKKKKK!!!! It is getting WAY too close!!! I haven't even started my cards yet, they may very well wait till the New Year, or next year, meaning next December. I did open the box of 44 beautiful cards on bought at Costco in August, only to realize they are all in French. Gah!

Anyway, we are doing more crafts today, even the sick kid asked to do some, hopefully that's a good sign. We made more reindeer feet, more cotton ball snowmen, and did a cotton ball Santa.

Today I wanted to make egg carton jingle bells, but my all-good-intentions-of a MIL found my stash and thought it was a good idea to put them in the recycling. *poof* gone. But, I will empty the one in the fridge and use it.

You will need:

egg carton
pipe cleaner
decorating accessories, whatever you fancy (foil?)

Cut out each individual egg cup. Let child colour, paint, stickers, all over them. Another idea is to cover in foil, then you have shiny bells! Poke a hole on top, insert pipe cleaner (you could also use string, ribbon, etc) to hang wherever. If you have some of those little jingle bells, or little gold Christmas bells (can get a dozen for a buck at dollar store) tie that underneath using pipe cleaner, then they really jingle!!


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