Wednesday, December 20, 2006

Dear people at Blogger (better? my ass!) beta version or whatever the hell you think you are,

WHY did you insist and corner me into converting to your not-so fancy-ass version of warped blogging hell. Yes, you pressured me, and others too. Very unfair and rude. RUDE!!!

I now sometimes have more difficulties posting. Screw you. Don't you know the entire internet (or at least 35 or so on average each day) are not able to cope without the daily Christmas countdown and shit? When you refuse to let me for hours, that bugs my ass. I am willing to ignore my feverish and vomiting four year old son while he takes a brief nap to appeal to my limited audience and when that window of opportunity presents itself, you decide otherwise.

And the comments, WHY the hell is it now SO bloody difficult to post comments? Whether I am signed in or not, on so many other Blogger blogs, you refuse to let me comment by refusing my sign-in. Fuck you. THAT really burns me. I don't seem to have problems with the 'other' blog hosts (yes, your competitors) so maybe I'll hightail is across the tracks one of these days.

I want to go back to the old version, the one that lets me post from any computer and allows me to share my most important comments with others. But noooooooo, you won't allow that either.

So, please clean up your act, it stinks right now.



P.S. The new spellcheck is a definite improvement.


Blogger Miranda said...

I am having the same problem, Nancy. Furthermore, I can't even switch my account to NotBetaButShouldBe because of a defunct group blog I was once a part of.

I even suggested a friend swich over so I could see how it works. He's not speaking to me. I don't blame him.

3:05 PM EST  
Blogger BeachMama said...

Please know you are not alone in the dislike of the new Beta Blogger. I had looked around a couple of times at doing my blog differently, but figured why rock the boat. I am now seriously considering the move as I really truly am not happy. The comments suck, the format problems suck and the Google account thing sucks. I really am not enjoying it at all. We will see what the new year brings.

4:12 PM EST  
Blogger Silver Creek Mom said...


I agree. Shouls have left well enough alone.

6:26 PM EST  
Blogger Zany Mama said...

Amen, Nancy.

You are totally right on with this one. I, too, am feeling very resentful of the new version blogger. Makes me want to go someplace not free.

10:20 PM EST  
Blogger SRH said...

The commenting really blows. I don't necessarily want to log in prior to perusing my normal blogs. However when I hit publish now, it is immediately published. It is really nice to reduce one progress meter from my life.

9:32 AM EST  
Blogger DaniGirl said...

You tell 'em, girlfriend. (Would've commented before now, but Blogger wouldn't let me. Grrrr!)

10:13 AM EST  

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