Thursday, November 10, 2005

DeeVeeDees BUG me

Someone please tell me what all the hype is about?? I was so totally happy initially with the most solid, smaller Betamax movies and tapes waaaaay baaaack when. Then we had to try to desperately find a way to tape my 57 hours of Friday Night Videos on to the BIGGER more clunky and much less solid VHS. And NOW we are living in fear since Blockbuster no longer rents VHS and Future Shop hasn't sold one in well over a year.

Now get this, from what I hear, as of Januray 1, 2007 the manufacturing of blank VHS tapes will cease to exist. Some retailers have already started to clear them out and discontinue selling them. Er, Um, hello you MORONS, how the hell am I going to tape all of my favourite shows and watch them when (1) I have time and (2) at 25% less time it takes to watch the actual aired show cause I can fast forward the commercials. This potential travesty already has me in near hysterics. I suppose 'THEY' (who control the universe) want me to spend a shitload of cash on some new & improved machine so I can tape onto a DVD?? Or do we have to spend another small fortune on some digital cable box with a PVR. How the F is a little person in sociely like me supposed to be able to keep up? Holy heck, we just barely managed to get a DVD player in recent months.

The OTHER thing that has me burning, is while watching a DVD, a movie, settling in on couch cuddling with my Beloved sharing a warm bucket of popcorn and my tasty Diet Coke and the fucking thing just ........ keeps ......sto-pp---ing and


and paus----ing---o---ver---and---o----ver and then the sound disappears while the--- movie ...stilll....stopping.

Oh dear, is there a tiny fleck of a dust mite on it? 1/800 th of a finger print?? I am NOT talking about those from the library or rental place that have been viewed hundreds of time, I am simply talking about the ones I borrow from my father that have been viewed once, perhaps twice at the most. WTF?????? I don't ever recall missing key moments in any movie while watching it on tape. N-E-V-E-R. Sure there was always the occasional tracking problem, ten year ago fixed by turning a knob or pushing a button and more recently the machine adjusting itself. That. Is. All. Whoever said technology was so grand??? I could go on about how the hell did we all survive without something as primitive as our cordless phones, NOT even referring to the cell phones, but I'll save that one for another time.

For now, I'll continue to watch my shows on TAPE until I can no longer by a VCR at a garage sale since there won't be any available in the stores. And then when there are no more left on the planet, I'll go back in time and live off the earth itself. I think even 'They' did that way back when.


Anonymous peefer said...

Hmmm ... YOU GUYS were the first on the block with Beta. Leading edge. Life in the fast lane. You were the Jones's we couldn't keep up with.

And now you need digital therapy.

A little ironic, don't you think?

10:21 PM EST  
Blogger BeachMama said...

LOL, Nancy, it would seem that you are not alone. It gets even worse when your two year old knows how to work the DVD better than his Grandmother! It also gets difficult when that teeny tiny dustmite makes watching his favorite video impossible. I miss tapes terribly!

We too had a problem with DVD's stopping and jamming for a bit, it ended up (according to my Father in Law) that our tv wasn't capable of handling the sound from a lot of the movies. So we hooked up the tv to some awesome speakers and the problem went away. (I also must admit that this was at our old house where the tv was in the basement and my Husband used to crank the sound, at the new place the tv is upstairs and if we crank it litte "J" doensn't sleep! Thus, no speakers required)

Happy Movie watching!

6:33 AM EST  
Blogger Silver Creek Mom said...

I hear you SISTER! Try and keep the kids dvd;s away from the kids becasue 1) I'm afraid he may scratch it and it won't work and then there will be hell to pay!
2) If it's not working in the first place taking the stupid thing back and proving it's not working.

And I tape alot of the t.v for my KIDS. That includes my big kid. I guess we better go and stock up on VHS tapes.

ANd I hadn't heard about that....omg.. starting to panic....Breath in... breath out.

8:07 AM EST  
Anonymous twinmomplusone said...

I've heard about the VHS dismissals a long way back which got my dh started on this technological craze. He's eons ahead of me and I'm left in the dust :( First he got a new TV for the family room, then came high definition cable, then this new DVD player with its own hard drive (so you tape directly onto the hard drive, can tape even while watching another show at the same time), he's been transcribing all our old family VHS onto DVDs, let's not forget the surrond sound system,etc., etc..) Took him OVER THREE WEEKS to set everything up, there are so many wires behing the TV it looks like a box of spaguetti spilled out and let's not even count the number of remotes. Basically, I'm left with not knowing how to even turn the TV on now and when the kids ask to see one of their movies, we got in the basement where the old system is set up. Meanwhile dh is all proud of his new "gadgets" but I ain't...way too complicated :(

2:49 PM EST  
Blogger Running2Ks said...

I'd happily trade my DVD's for my DVR (TiVo, whatever). I love not having anything that can get broken, and something my kids can work from the remote.

6:52 PM EST  
Anonymous Beanie Baby said...

I think maybe you are having issues with your dvd player, or the TV as someone else said. I've never had those problems with DVDs, not even rentals or borrowed-and-seen-a-thousand-times.

OF course, that means spending more money....

8:52 AM EST  
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