Monday, March 12, 2007

Solo Flight

Ben is sick. It is my fault. He has that awful, feverish, chest cold with a cough that comes from the depths of the abyss of oneself. I had it last week*. Then I got better! Then this weekend I got sick again, still a little nagging cough, but the sinus pain...ooooh that pain. Anyway, enough whining. (cause we do more than a hell of enough around here on a good day).

So, for the first time ever, Trevor went to preschool alone, flying solo! Ben stayed with Gramps.** We've been going either twice or thrice weekly since September 2005 and this is the first time. Trevor? thought is was fine. No big deal to him. In fact, you wouldn't think anything was outta the ordinary. The teacher? "Oh my! This is going to be so unusual without both of the twins here!" and Ben? Well, he cried. He wanted to go to preschool so much. (we had March break last week). I felt so bad for him, actually felt pretty good that we wanted to go to school so badly.

Gramps came over around 8:30 AM, and off we went. Let me just say this, and perhaps other twin moms, or moms with more than one kid will agree, having ONE kid in the car?? Quiet! Silence! I could've forgotten he was there. Anyway, we managed to sing a song and listen to the weather on the radio, and then he went to school. I had then intended (and informed Gramps) that I needed to stop at the drugstore on the way home. I did. While there, my cell phone rang.

OMG! Near panic, Gramps has never had to call me before....(nervously) "Hello?"

Gramps: Where are you?

Moi: at the drugstore, is everything alright? I'll be home in 5 minutes

Gramps: Can you get me some Halls?

Moi: of course!! (erg) Bye.

So, I guess I am thankful that my near archaic model of a cell phone still works. Hi Ian! If things had been different, I'd be so thankful. Now? I am thankful that Gramps got his Halls, cause then he was able to (again) take care of Ben when Trevor & I went off to gymnastics.

So we had a rather unusual day, but it was fine. Did I mention that Ben asked Trevor at least 15 questions about Chloe? No one else, he did inquire about what craft they did, and what songs they sang, but they all seemed to be followed with, "What did Chloe sing? What did Chloe make?"

*Hey, you know what one's husband can call his wife when she's like that? How about "Man, you're like 4 of the 7 dwarfs this week." Me: "Huh?" Him: Sleepy, Sneezy, Grumpy and Dopey!"

**Aren't retired grandparents who live next door just the bestest? Expecially when they are looking for any and all 'real' reasons to use in order to procrastinate and avoid their paperwork like banking and taxes?


Blogger BeachMama said...

At least you didn't make it to preschool to call you 45min later and have you pick him up. That is what happened here last week, apparently (due to the cleaning solution) J's nose wouldn't stop running, so they called me to pick him up. They also didn't tell them they called me so when I showed up, the poor kid started bawling and thus so did I. I did what any mother would do to cheer him up, took him to Toys R Us! And no his nose didn't run for the rest of the day!

7:58 PM EDT  
Blogger Maria said...

At least you know how to work your cell phone. I have something called a razorback and it claims that I can see movie trailers on it. I can get and make calls. The end. I don't even know how my address book works on the damn thing.

Wow. Twins. I can barely manage the one I have. And she is seven.....

8:49 PM EDT  
Blogger MamaLee said...

When you have more than one child, you do relish the times when you have only one at a time. It seems so easy then.

So nice to have help when it gets crazy at your house, for sure!

9:05 AM EDT  
Blogger Elle said...

I know what you mean. It's strange having one without the other.

Even stranger is if me and dh ever go somewhere with just Karis and the twins are at school. It's so EASY! LOL. It's like, "Wow so this is what it would have been like to have one kid at a time! What are all those singleton moms complaining about?"

Hope everyone gets better soon. Unfortunately we seem to have what you have :(

10:20 AM EDT  
Blogger Silver Creek Mom said...

Yes it is great to have grandparnets that live next door. I don't use them enough and then sometimes I feel I use them too much.

Sorry to hear Ben is so sick. I'm expecting Nathan to come down with it. He's coughing but no fever. Ihad the fever and Miranda had the fever and the snot and the cough (BUT she left it in spain) ;)


1:00 PM EDT  
Blogger DaniGirl said...

Heck, for the number of times the little germ factories infect us, I think one or two incidences of turnabout is fair play!!

Even as a mom of two, but not twins, I found this week that having just one of them in the house is far less than half the work. Go figure!

Hope everyone is well soon!

3:40 PM EDT  

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