Saturday, March 10, 2007


OH shit...I'm late. NO! Not THAT kind of late (I wish!), just late. Slow. Procrastinating. Lame.

I did recently learn that I am the worst soccer mom in training. EVAH! I missed soccer registration, for the kids, for the summer, like, in FOUR months from now. I do get some credit since I didn't even know registration had started, and then ended, like on February 14th. WTF?

Anyway, we weren't even really totally planning on doing soccer anyway, but now I get these looks of complete awestruck shock from 'those other moms'. You're NOT??? Oh.

Where does it state that enrolling your 5 year old children in soccer is not only mandatory, but a complete sin if you don't? Here, it is two nights a week. I have a hard time confining our summer evenings to every tuesday and thursday night to one activity. I wanna go swimming, bike riding, dog walking, park playing, too much blender drinking, visiting, BBQing, and anything and everything spontaneous and fun. That's how we wanna summer it this year.

I did however register them on time for kindergarten. At the French Immersion school (Oh. My. GAWD. the discussions from again, 'the other moms' for not putting them in the French school is enough to keep me away from that school in itself.) And we also made the decision to give each boy his own class. His own teacher. His own experience. His own self. We believe that is what will work best for our family. Phew. Done.

I have also since been reminded that hockey registration for next winter, like in EIGHT months from now is soon, so we better decide. Well, we've decided, we're not starting the boys in hockey just yet, so we won't be there in June, like, before the summer starts, to register for hockey. I'll be late for that one too. Bite me.

Edited to add: If you feel different, or disagree, I wanna hear it! No hard feelings, promise, so bring. it. on. Please?


Blogger BeachMama said...

I know how you feel about the pressure from 'other moms' to put your kids in soccer or any sport for that matter.

For us, quite frankly, soccer is too late in the evenings. J's bedtime starts at 7pm and he is usually out like a light by 7:20. We do have special stuff we do on summer evenings that sometimes pushes it back, but I don't want to 'have' to be at soccer. Especially after watching my nephew cry for an entire game last year.

And for hockey, well, I think we should wait too. I don't want to be dragging our new addition to a freezing cold arena every Saturday or Sunday next winter. It's enough to bring A twice a weekend! J is young, he is a good athlete another year won't kill him :).

ymm... blender drinks...

7:52 AM EST  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yeah. We just missed the outdoor soccer registration night, which was held on a Wednesday night at 6:30 p.m. at a local school. Total mayhem with 300 kids registering for soccer in May-June. So I'm trying to pick up the forms from somebody's house this weekend, and have to pay a late fee. So far 2 kids want to play and one says no, but I'm wondering if she will change her mind later on.
Re: hockey, no way do we want to get into that much time and money commitment.
Re: choosing the school and classroom placement, hooray! Way to go! I'm sure it will be great for your kids. Do not listen to "other moms"!
- tripleblessings

3:04 PM EST  
Anonymous Elle said...

We got ours enrolled for soccer this spring. First sport ever for the twins - it'll be fun. Plus dh is the team manager!

Enrolled the twins in kindy too. Sheesh do we live parallel lives except you have boys and I have girls? No comment on the French Immersion... we just said "non" to it and went on our merry way. Although there were a lot of parents of the francois persuasion there to fill the classes they had.

7:15 PM EST  
Anonymous valerie said...

Sorry, Nancy, no arguments from me. I agree with you, all around. We did soccer last summer ('cause everyone was doing it) and regretted it. Sarah wasn't interested and wasn't ready. Flop and aggravation.

I'm also looking forward to a casual, spontaneous, fun summer. :)

I'm sure the troops will do great in school as you chose it; try not to second guess yourself. Don't listen to "the other moms" but just your own heart and gut.

10:03 PM EST  
Blogger Maria said...

I traipsed over her from Elle's blog and good hell, sing it sister.

Soccer registration is already? Didn't we just finish basketball last week?

And I know those cleated shoes are going to be too small as they were getting a little tight last time. Where are her soccer shorts? Did she ever have any?

Now, you should feel better. I win the lame mom prize.

10:05 PM EST  
Blogger Silver Creek Mom said...

We're not BIG on Sports around here...Well in my 40 X 55 house. The only sports that happen here are spontoanous Soccer and watergun fights and a bonfire once and awhile while we look at the stars!!!

Hockey NO WAY that will happen here conflicts with Church and NO way Jack will go for that. I may put Nathan in something like Karate that will teach him to control his anger.

Summer should be mud pies puddle jumping and walking to get an ice cone on the evening.

I'm glad you made a desicison about school. It's never easy and big fat Raspberry to the other MOM that look down there NOSE at you for what you decide is right for your KIDS! BRAVO NANCY!

8:14 AM EDT  
Blogger Lainey-Paney said...

two nights a week?
in the summer?
that's a pretty hefty commitment.
And registering for a sport 8 months in advance? What if they don't even want to play by the time the season rolls around? And then you're out all of that money??
Who's running this sh*t? some over-organized over achiever, I'm sure.

6:57 PM EDT  
Blogger Zany Mama said...

See, this is the problem: there is a mama handbook, but they don't give it to all of us. I have felt so behind this whole year since Zane has gone to preschool - it's like all the other parents know WAY more than I do.

So, I figure the best thing to do is what's best for your kids and forget about everyone else and their opinions.

I'm just sayin'. I feel you.

10:11 PM EDT  
Blogger Marisa said...

Soccer: I think I was more excited than he was to register. I am so ready to be a soccer mom. LOL But if he doesn't like it, I have no problem with that. We will stop, even though it's paid for in advance. Just because I like soccer doesn't mean he has to, right?

School: I am getting the "you aren't sending him to French school?" from a lot of friends/family. Oddly enough, my French-Canadian inlaws are totally saying I did the right thing. They think he'll learn french just fine. I am hoping that their french program is strong, nonetheless.

Hockey: I lump that in with skiing...too expensive, too much of a commitment. I hope he never asks to do either. I am certainly not going to push either one.

8:24 AM EDT  

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