Wednesday, January 03, 2007


What better (WORSE!) than to start the new year with yet another yeast infection. Itch. Scratch. Burn. Itch. Sure, I know it is mostly my fault not controlling my intake of sugars, wine, junk food, more wine. Itch. Burn. Itchy! And then I had a really unusually long AF, which likely didn't help. Itch. Scratch. Dammit! I have had to wait till today for my Diflucan dealer to open her office (G.P.) and she has kindly (FINALLY) answered the phone upon which I hit redial constantly for 3++ hours. She has called in a refill for my script and as soon as it is filled, the pharmacist (my other new best friend) will call and I am outta here. 24 hours from now I should be feeling better.

In other news...the outlaws left this morning. Did you hear that huge-ass 8000+ decibel sigh?? Yup - that was me. SO nice to hang out in my jammies till now (currently time check 2:18 PM eastern time) and not have anyone telling me what to do in my own house. The boys have gone out to buy MORE batteries. The house is deathly quite. It. Is. Beautiful.

So...until the phone rings, I shall savour the peace, read my trashy novel and wish you all a yeast free new year.


Blogger twinmomplusone said...

here's hoping you get rid of that yeast in a hurry!

deathly quiet here too: twins at a gymnastics day camp, big sis at a friend's place and I totally indulged and rented The Devil Wears Prada and watched it, by myself, curled up on the couch in my comfy clothes, in the middle of the day ;)

2:42 PM EST  
Blogger BeachMama said...

Although I am sad that my relaticks left today, I am sure happy for you that you are enjoying some peace, quiet and solitude. Sorry about the yeast, nasty sucker that is. Hope it is gone quickly.

3:04 PM EST  
Blogger coffeypot said...

Itchy, huh? Take a drill, put a wad of steel wool on the end, turn it on and enjoy the rest of the day. Hope you feel better soon.

4:22 PM EST  
Anonymous valerie said...

the sugar - oh right, I hadn't thought of that (duh!). I knew I shouldn't have eaten that gingerbread house! Joining you in misery...

(glad you've got your home back, though!)

9:11 PM EST  
Blogger MamaLee said...

Feel better soon, sweetpea!

10:14 PM EST  
Blogger gnightgirl said...

oooch, I squirmed in my seat just reading this! Hilarious title, thanks for putting your hardships to good use and making me laugh. With you, not at you.

10:03 AM EST  
Blogger nancy said...

coffeypot - LMFAO!!!! but sounds like it would really really work....aaaaahhhh.

8:36 PM EST  

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