Sunday, December 03, 2006

Christmas Countdown - December 4

We've done crafts and written our let's break out the tunes today! Yes people, dig out your Christmas CDs and start blasting. Only a good true 3 weeks to 'really' enjoy them, right? Or are you one of those kooks who play Jingle Bells in July?

Start singing, get the kids involved, teach them a fun one (Jingle Bells, Batman smells) but don't forget the classics like Silent Night. That's what we sang as our lullaby tonight.

Not sure why, but lately they want a lullaby, so we sing, and thank you God, it works. I must assume that they just wanna close out my terrible singing voice so they go to sleep quicker to get rid of me. But hey, THEY asked!!

Along with all the classics, one of my most favourite Christmas songs is 'O Holy Night'. It brings me to tears almost every time. Yesterday in church, we sang a couple of Christmas carols, I get all teary eyed no matter, but O Holy Night is two tissue worthy.

One of my most favouritest classic Christmas albums is Vince Guaraldi's "A Charlie Brown Christmas". I can play that this over & over & over. I also like both Harry Connick Jr's Christmas CDs and as of last year, Barenaked for the Holidays, by Barenaked Ladies (did I really have to elaborate on that one?), anyway, you can't get a more fun version of Jingle Bells anywhere else.

What's your favourite Christmas music?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Our big favourite is Raffi's Christmas album, which is very good to listen and sing along with. If you're lucky, your public library may have a copy of a big picture book called Raffi's Christmas Treasury with all the lyrics and fun illustrations by Nadine Bernard Westcott.

For those who love celtic East Coast music, look for the Barra MacNeil's Christmas Album. It's a great mix of beautiful slow songs (including O Holy Night) and fast fun ones like Christmas in Killarney. One year our daughter requested this album every day from November to January, and insisted everyone be quiet so she could hear every word - no singing along allowed! The Barra MacNeils are now touring with a new V2 Christmas Album, haven't heard it yet.

The Irish Descendents have another nice celtic one called "the Gift".

We also listen to lots of traditional choral recordings of Christmas carols. Wonderful!


11:10 AM EST  
Blogger twinmomplusone said...

we pulled out our Xmas scores and started playing some tunes on the piano and singing along, love that!!

The twelve days of Xmas by Bob and Doug Mackenzie always makes me LOL.

And Ave Maria always gives me goosebumps.

...'tis the season to be jolly, fa la la la la, la la, la la...

11:21 AM EST  
Blogger BeachMama said...

I love my Christmas CD's by all the famous artists, I just bought a Canadian Christmas! I love almost all Christmas music and yes, it makes me cry too!

5:19 PM EST  
Blogger Stacie said...

Charlie Brown Christmas, all the way!

6:21 PM EST  
Blogger Zany Mama said...

Although you know Oh Holy Night is tops in my book, I do have a soft spot for Children, Go Where I Send Thee - the Natalie Merchant version.

Ee gads, I love the Christmas music!

10:32 PM EST  
Blogger Silver Creek Mom said...

I think I will Nancy I need a dose of Christmas happiness.
I feel very sad these days. Overtired I guess.

My favorite Christmas movie Is white Christmas. I love that movie. Watched it every year for years!

My favorite Christmas cd is Collin Raye's The Gift. It's beautiful.

My favorite Christmas hymn is Silent night sung at Church Christmas eve with Candles lite and no music. It's beautiful. A close seconf is the First Noel.

8:45 AM EST  

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