Saturday, October 27, 2007

Favourite Blogger Day!

I received an note about this day on Facebook from a group I joined. Not sure how official this day it is but I knew instantly who I would blog about. You all know her. And if you know her well enough, you also know how much she will eat this up, being the Leo that she is. My favourite blogger is...

Why do I love Dani? It is her 'fault' that ever entered Blogdom. In fact I am pretty sure I asked her "what the hell is a 'blog'?" She spent many of her valuable hours providing me with answers to questions I bombarded her with when I was considering doing a blog myself. (I bet if she only knew back then what a half-assed blogger I would be, she may have spent that time doing something much more productive, like making meatloaf and sweet potato fries, or guacamole, or watching the Amazing Race).

Dani's blog is what it is, and it is what she is. Intelligent, smart, witty, funny, emotional, passionate, meaningful, entertaining, insightful, amusing, heartfelt, honest, brutally honest, proud, strong, sincere, and I could go on. That's her. On the internet or IRL, it's all her. Really, she's the same. It is the best.

She blogs about her kids, her family, her ups and downs with infertility, her pregnancies, her deliveries and everything in between (snicker). Anything that truly means something to her, with love, adoration and passion. She makes us laugh, smile, think and cry. She gets us riled up to share our thoughts and opinions.

She shares with us photos of her beautiful children, their family vacations, their day trips, their every days.

She blogs about current events, the news, politics, movies, and even does book reviews. (She's very intellectual!)

She has fun, yay days, comment parties, and bitches about her annoying neighbours.

She is a media whore, and damn good at it. I admire that in her too. Not that she is a whore, rather she is the type of woman who knows what she wants, what she likes, and she does what she can to get it. We could all learn from that. I know I could.

Dani was my first internet friend. You know the kind, the person you have never met, nor even spoken with on the phone, yet you share so much between each other, kinda like falling in love (in a friendship way, just to clarify) so that when you do meet in person, it's like winning the lottery.

Since then, each time I have managed to hang out with Dani IRL, whether it is a dinner party of gaggling, wine drinking females, a family get together, or just some one-on-one time, there is never anything other than the pure enjoyment of just hanging out together. I have never felt that pressure to 'pack it all in' the few precious moments I actually get her to myself. It is simple, going to the mall, the park, or sitting on her living room floor five feet apart while a 12 month old Simon learns to walk, going back & forth oozing with squeals of delight. She knows what is important, all while keeping things best simple. We could learn from that.

I hold respect for Dani like I hold for so few people. There are most things we can discuss via email, but the few things that warrant that personal touch, usually gets a phone call. That's respect. We could learn from that.
She doesn't get mad when I don't comment on her blog, even though I read it every day. I don't always read every word, cause there are some things I just don't get. The one thing I do like to get though, is my daily dose of Dani.

I love her.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Oh my goodness!! You made me cry -- I'm sitting here with tears just running down my cheeks, you sweet, silly girl. Crying and blushing and beaming, all at the same time.

You know I adore you right back. Now, of course, more than ever!!(wink) And the things you've taught me, from the world's best meatloaf to cutting both corners off a bag of milk to the art of being an excellent mother to two gorgeous boys, more than make up for any blog consultations that were offered.

You were my very first internet friend, too, and I remember the crazy lengths we'd go to in those first tentative exchanges of personal information, and how wary both of our "Beloveds" were about meeting for breakfast that first time... a million years ago? And there is nobody in the world I would have rather shared this crazy journey with more than you, nobody!

Here comes the big hook to drag me off stage, so thanks for this. I am truly tickled, and honoured, and of course delighted by this. Really, thank you!

xoxoxoxo (and a million more)

P.S. It's a good thing I know we're friends for life, cuz you're now officially going on record as the person nominated to write my eulogy after this!!

10:23 AM EDT  
Blogger twinmomplusone said...

very. well. said.

all of it.

I'm all goosebumpy feeling the love...

and hey, didn't I take that pic of the two of you at Kimmmy's?

7:26 PM EDT  

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