Monday, September 17, 2007

7.5 hours to go...

...until they come home. They've gone.
To school!

Which they LOVE!

If those two little 5 year old boys only knew how much they have helped me through this big change in our lives, well, they'd likely be asking for a big raise in their allowance. Oh, that is if they got one.

This is the start of week 3 of full day kindergarten. We are off to a smashing start full of excitement and new friends, new activities and all that fun. They've done the monarch butterfly cocoon thingy, learned new songs, played dodgeball, made new friends, love the school bus ride, and have to date only expressed one minor concern about the long day. That was last Wednesday. Mid-week of week #2. Other than that, the honeymoon continues.

I am certain there will be a crash'n'burn phase once they realize this is no summer camp deal and we are in for the long haul, but hey, perhaps not. We'll deal with it as it happens. So, as for the kiddies, they are exploding with happiness so far.

How am I doing? I'll try to be quick.

I feel rather euphorically displaced. I am thrilled for my little school boys, yet I am kind of lost. I can't seem to stay in the house to attend to all the cluttered closets, the 10 years of photos to sort, the filing and all other items of importance I committed to attending to once school started. I tend to get out. For breakfast, lunch, shopping, dog walking, volunteering at the school as often as I can, and now I am starting back at the gym today. I will settle down, eventually, I hope. Right?

The month of sleep lost over deciding on whether to keep the boys in the same class or not has been well worth it. They are each in their own class, with their own teachers, and it is working out amazing. The best part is listening to them ask each other about what they did that day. They have never had a conversation like that, pretty much being together every minute of their lives since snuggling in my uterus. It is so exciting for me, and I do believe for them. They each learned a different song last week, and were teaching their respective new song to each other. Made me cry.

Crying? Me? Well, there has been a little, but not out of pity for myself. Again, with what my mom is missing, and mostly just pure pride over how well they are doing. Oh, and well this morning, since we were a tad late catching the bus, I didn't get a goodbye kiss. I know it won't be the last time, but it is the first time. They saw the bus, ran ahead, hopped on and waved at me from the window. No kiss. So yes, I cried.

The best part of my day? No, not going for pedicures or reading the newspaper uninterrupted, but standing at the corner and seeing that bus coming down the road. I literally get butterflies in my tummy. I share this with the other moms at the bus stop, their kids are in grade 3, they say that eventually goes away. I am in no rush, that's a feeling I can live with for as long as I can get it.


Blogger BeachMama said...

Wow, the third week already? I just left J for his first official day of full-time. He still wouldn't leave the fence, but he will be alright. But, will I??

I am sure you will settle in to a routine and come winter you may find the time to sort all those things that need sorting, but for now just enjoy the time for yourself and rejuvinate.

9:10 AM EDT  
Anonymous snackmommy said...

7.5 hrs to go until I get my butterflies too :~)))

Good for you on getting back to the gym. I desperately need inspiration!

9:10 AM EDT  
Blogger Silver Creek Mom said...

I TOLD YOU SO! I knew when they came home and told you how much fun it was and that they love it it would make it easier for you! And they were ready you did a great job ther MOM! And Nathan is in grade one and Miranda is in college I still get butterflies when they come home so I can hear all about their day and what they learned. It has never gone away with me.

I too have trouble staying and getting my shit in order. I'm still working on it. It's getting better but I'm on year two. LOL!

Off to the Gym and work and home to await that smile at the end of the day. OH the goosebumps!

9:16 AM EDT  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I love this post. I understand how that feeling gets into your soul. It's certainly a time to cherish.

And if you get bored, I have a just turned 3 year old who'll talk your ear off while you wait for your boys! She's awesome!


6:36 PM EDT  
Blogger Marisa said...

Feeling much of what you are feeling. Wonderful to see them enjoying school, let's hope it continues for years to come.

And the closet and picture sorting can wait...before you know it there will be snow to shovel and ice storms keeping you at home. ;-)

8:22 AM EDT  

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