Sunday, August 26, 2007


When your husband has to leave the house at 11:45, and at 11:00 he says "Wife, you have plenty of time to go get the groceries before I leave." You take him up on that cause you get to go childless.

It's not a big list. It is more than do-able.

It's done, you are at the cash paying at 11:35, you give your husband a quick call saying all is on schedule, he is most thankful, and not at all worried, even in the unforeseen possibility of a slight delay.

At 11:40 I am in the parking lot, heading towards my vehicle, when in fact, it is not my vehicle. Oops. I proceed to wander the parking lot, pushing the cart with $138 groceries in tow (remember, I said it was a short list - Bwah ha ha!) for what feels like hours.

BAM! I am smacked in the head with the remembery that I in fact did not drive the van, but the husband's black sedan. Now I can't remember where the HELL I parked the damn thing. I physically approached not one, but TWO black sedans of same make and model and they were both in fact NOT mine, I literally laughed out loud. I am sure the guy getting into what was in fact his car, not mine, thought I was drunk.

I found the car. I was 10 minutes late. And yes, that does qualify one to be a bonafide L-O-S-E-R.

Yours truly.


Blogger MamaLee said...

I think I've actually done that as well. I'm just glad that you didn't run into too many black sedan owners who wanted to get all crazy on your butt. Not sure of your neighborhood - lol

I try to take a mental note of where I park as I'm walking into the market, but alas, I'm burning on 4 brain cells now, so my memory is lacking. Hey kids, let's play "find the van!" Poor kids.

We lost the van once at Disney. They have 400000 parking lots, dontchaknow.

Buy anything good?

6:59 AM EDT  
Blogger BeachMama said...

LOL, that is too funny! Be thankful that your key fob didn't work on one of those cars. My MIL recently had that happen! Same make model and colour and oops, the fob opened someone elses car.

Hope Hubby was understanding, laughing but understanding :).

8:32 AM EDT  
Anonymous DaniGirl said...

Grocery shopping at midnight, eh? I'd been asleep for two hours already!!

I once got extremely annoyed trying to get into a grey Focus wagon with two car seats in the back that wasn't mine. I tried the electronic clicker a few times, pushing harder and muttering to myself when it didn't work. Then I tried the key and it didn't fit and I had just whipped out my cell in a bit of a panic when I realized it wasn't mine... and a woman with a very concerned look on her face was rapidly approaching HER car that I was trying to break in to!

9:49 AM EDT  
Anonymous DaniGirl said...

Oh wait - duh, not grocery shopping at midnight. Sigh. Please send brain cells, mine are disintegrating by the minute...

9:53 AM EDT  
Blogger Silver Creek Mom said...

Here;s one that will make you feel better. While out seeing one of the Harry Potter movies with us. They come out to drive back to there place and in the parking lot they can't find there car. They figure it had been stolen. It had snowed and all the cars looked alike. SO they call the police report it and we give them a lift home. TWO days later we get a call from out friend who says the police have found there so called "stolen vehicle." Parked at the same movie theater lot. They forgot where they had parked it and there it stayed for two days. LMAO
And he had canceled all his Credit cards and such.
I have the habit of parking my car in the same spot everytime I go somewhere so I never have to figure out where I parked it.

LOL! Call me parnoid. OK LOSER too.

9:55 AM EDT  

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