Sunday, July 15, 2007

Snack Wars

It's summertime...aaaahhh....when we are rarely home. It's fun, it's liberating, it's exhausting, but we wouldn't change it for anything.

One place we frequent daily, sometimes two or three times in the day is the community pool where we are members. The kiddies do their lessons in the morning, as well as "Junior Junior Swim Team" (which is just way too frickin' cute for words) and the Mommies do their Aquasize while the kids sit on the side and laugh at us, or go to the park with the pool appointment Leaders in Training. We then often go back for free swim in the afternoon, and sometimes evening.

But in between, it's all about the snacks. The Snacks.

While we are all congregated poolside between activities and dips in the pool, everyone has their snacks. It's war. It's an unwritten, non-verbalized war, but the 'looks' and the competition is there.

WHO brings the healthiest snacks? The heartiest? Some are even equipped with what looks like a full meal with all food groups being represented from rolled up ham, cheese, tomatoes and yogurt. Don't forget the pita and hummus, all homemade of course.


I always try to bring a fruit. Perhaps a muffin, some fishie crackers, bagel...pretty much whatever is ready and can be packaged up quickly in our daily rush-cause-we're-late-again out the door. But, there are days when I'll grab some Spiderman jujubes, raisins, Nutrigrain bar, all processed sugar stacked items. How the hell to 'they' know that my kids didn't eat a bowl of multi-grain oatmeal full of fresh blueberries and bananas for breakfast? Who cares?

I even buy them a freezie sometimes at the canteen. Oh. MY. GAWD!!! Shaddup already, it's coloured water with sugar and it's frozen. It's not poisonous.

Am I just as guilty? Of course - when I see little ones running around eating nothing but honey combs and potato chips at 10:30 AM, I may cringe a little. I confess. However, I don't really care, cause it isn't my kids. How do I know that kid didn't eat a wheat germ laden fruit salad on her way to the pool? I don't. So, I don't judge. Well, I try not to.

Why is it so bloody competitive out there, to out do all the other moms? It's war, it's Snack Wars!!

Bring it on, I have fresh strawberries, and a some chocolate chip Bear Paws. What are you bringing?


Anonymous valerie said...

I've never seen Bear Paws before - they're cute. Too bad they add Whey Powder to all of them - guess we won't be trying them (lactose intolerant dh).

My kids mostly snack on Cheerios, graham crackers, and a variety of Gerber baby snacks (some freeze dried fruit and corn) - can't keep Sarah away from Sammy's treats!

Other than the jujubes and freezies, all your snacks sound healthy to me. And what would summer be without freezies?? :)

4:19 PM EDT  
Blogger BeachMama said...

I will admit that at home we don't always have the healthiest snacks, but when I put together something for the waterpark or a museum it usually involves fruit, cheese, ham and crackers. Nothing as fun for going out as we have here at home. You would die of shock if I listed the snack foods that were purchased on our vacation at the grocery store (all by the boys, I might add, mine were all healthy).

8:21 PM EDT  
Blogger Beth said...

Ah, summer at the pool. That's how I remember my childhood summers. We'd take peaches a lot — big, juicy peaches that would soak your chin with their sticky syrup. We'd pack a lunch, too — for me, it was always a sandwich with that pressed pink turkey sandwich meat and a bag of Charles Chips.

I'd love to feel a bit of sunburn on the tip of my nose right now ...

3:54 PM EDT  
Blogger DaniGirl said...

Funny, Beloved has recently introduced the boys to those Bear Paws and they all love them!

This week, the boys are in day camp for the first time, and packing their daily snack I was actually a bit relieved. I found packing a snack for school very stressful, worried I would be judged as "that mother" after seeing the four-course meals you describe that some kids bring. Snack to me means SNACK, that is, a little something to keep you from starving. Hell, lunch on half the days isn't as extravagant as some of the snacks the kids in Tristan's class brought! At least with day camp I didn't care if they think I'm a bad mother for sending Ritz cracker sandwiches and pretzels. Lord help me when I start having to pack an actual lunch next year.

Anyway, my favourite memories of summertime include plain chips and lemonade from the carton at the beach, and my mother has already indoctrinated the boys.

I wish we had a fun pool like yours nearby!

8:34 AM EDT  
Blogger coffeypot said...

Beautiful pool! You have diving boards, too. I haven’t seen a diving board at a public pool in, well, over 20 years. You see the government and the insurance companies know more about raising our kids than we do, so they aren’t allowed. And the snacks!!??! I would bring the kids BLT sandwiches with extra bacon and a half jar of mayonnaise on each sandwich (with a can of Red Bull to drink.) They need the energy to do the great dives and belly flops off the cool diving boards.

10:39 AM EDT  
Blogger Marisa said...

Funny you post this, I am looking into joining a pool next summer (after spending our vacation in Kansas at the pool my nieces and nephews belong to). I hope to find one a little closer to our pad.

As for snacks, I have two kids who couldn't be more different. The boy loves a good, juicy fruit; the girl thinks that chips are part of her everyday diet.

Everything in moderation. I keep reminding myself of that when I hand them some Bear Paws. LOL

12:26 PM EDT  
Blogger Zany Mama said...

Due to Zane's extreme, multiple, and repressive food allergies, I have been unable to participate in Snack Wars. ( I do love hyperbole)

So usually I bring him Cracklin' Oat Bran -which is delicious but looks like dog food.

We get lots of strange looks for that.

10:51 AM EDT  

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