Thursday, January 05, 2006

The Metrosexual Preschooler

Bet you never thought a Buzz Lightyear pencil case would cause such a stir. They were each ONE dollar. Yes, our Dollorama has licensed Disney stuff for ONE dollar. I loaded up pre-Christmas and Santa then unloaded it all into some stockings that were hung my the chimney with care. They each contained a pencil, some Buzz Lightyear crayons, Buzz Lightyear stickers, etc... They were one of the items quickly forgotten among the plethora of other, more interesting, exciting and fun toys that actually DO something like make noise, have lights, movable limbs, and/or play music.
Fast forward...10:15 AM, January 5, 2006. With their father still on holidays, a family shopping excursion is planned. They boys have their money ready to go. "But Mommy, where will I put it all?" (referring to all $2.39 worth). In a pocket? In Mommy's bag? In Daddy's wallet? Nope, not good enough. Then someone yells "I KNOW!!" while running at Roadrunner speed into other room and back, with Buzz Lightyear pencil case in hand "In my purse!!!"
Me: snickering
Father: Your what?
Twin B : In my purse!!!
Father: your wallet!! Great idea!
B: Noooooo Daddy, in my PURSE!! See??????
All zipped up and ready to go.
I am thoroughly enjoying how Beloved will handle this one. To date, we have both never had a problem with either boy playing with a 'baby' or other nurturing related games, nor saying pink was a favourite colour (currently purple) or even saying he wants to grow up to be a Mommy. But his....this I gotta see.
Fast forward...11:15 AM, January 5, 2006, location: Costco. Both boys in the cart, hanging on to their purses. (I am literally LOL-ing after typing that one) and someone drops his. Overheard at many decibels,
"STOP!!!! My PURSE!!!!"
Now I am nearly peeing my pants while watching Beloved's face grow a little pink, and I am cracking up!! (a wee bit of a mistake) cause then of course the other guy wants to play too so 'oops' another purse is dropped, immediately followed by another bellow,
"STOP!!! My PURSE!!!!"
And for some reason after that, we were able to quite easily, avert the Costco Caper, and leave with only one box of Pull-ups in our cart (Buzz Lightyear, of course).
Fast forward...1:00 PM, January 5, 2006, location: Dollarama. Just because their Daddy can rarely say no, we go to buy something "with our money". The items carefully chosen, we are at the cash. Little A asks the cash person as sweetly as ever, "How much money do you want for this?" (said holding up shiny plastic thing that looks something like when you cross breed a robot and a lion with a wolf head) and when he is answered, he says "I'll get my money out of my purse."
OK, not so funny, but so friggin' cute I am close to tears. There were a couple of unsolicited 'aawws' from the people behind us in line, as well as those working the cash. I was melting, literally melting from his oooozing cuteness.
Now this is either a Seinfeld show in the making, or the beginning of a life destined to be a metrosexual. Either way, I don't care. No matter if he carries his purse, has purple for his favourite colour and looks up to be a Mommy or a Kramer, he is mine, all mine and I am not giving him up, not ever.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm PMPROTFLMAO at the "My Purse"

My 14 yr old sitter thinks I've lost it totally....Off to show her the pics on the fridge....the two I'm laughing at!


11:17 PM EST  
Blogger Gawdessness said...

I love it.
BTW my nearly 15 year old son did all that and had a beloved baby doll and still is a straight as straight can be.
It brought back lovely memories.j

11:29 PM EST  
Blogger Running2Ks said...

He's a confident man-in-training. That is really adorable :)

7:40 AM EST  
Blogger BeachMama said...

That is hilarious!!! I am almost ping myself laughing now. Poor J doesn't know what is going on. I'll have to get him a purse and explain ;)


9:14 AM EST  
Blogger Unknown said...

Very, very cute. Josephine calls Steve's briefcase (which, in true Urban Graphic Designer Geek fashion, is a soft leather satchel that hangs from a strap over one's shoulder) a purse. He'll say "No, it's Daddy's attachè." She'll say "Daddy's purse." "Sometimes you can call it a briefcase." Then, she goes to the diaper bag, which is a black nylon version of the same, and says "Mommy's purse, Daddy's purse." He can't argue that, and it really burns him. I'm just waiting for her to catch him in his undies and call them panties to see what he does.

10:05 AM EST  
Blogger Silver Creek Mom said...

Awwww...I would be awing if I was behind you too. ANd MY JAck would do the same thing as you. Turn pink and try to be cool. Although I know it would drive him nuts.

I feel your love for your boys in this one...Tears me right one up Nancy. Keep it up dear.

10:07 AM EST  
Blogger SRH said...

It's a carryall!

10:23 AM EST  
Blogger DaniGirl said...

Laughing because I have a half-composed post about the pink and purple sippy cups I just bought, waiting for me to find the time to finish writing them.

Priceless, truly adorable!

10:39 AM EST  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Oh Nancy, what a fantastic story! Perhaps Tristan should pick one up for the nail polish he wants me to use on his toes on a regular basis:~)

Glad you are having such a great holiday :~)

10:40 AM EST  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

They both will be heart breakers, no matter what!!!!

1:45 PM EST  
Blogger twinmomplusone said...

love these stories! keep them coming!!

12:21 AM EST  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

I hate to say this, but I was looking for discount purse links, but your site came up. Oh well. Worth the read. Gotta run.

7:20 AM EST  

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