Friday, December 30, 2005

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We are having the greatest of holidays!! Hubby not at work, family, friends, visitors, houseguests, we were away all week being houseguests with the outlaws in Ottawa. Lots of love, joy, food and booze. Oh, and the noise, noise, noise noise !!! (à la Grinch of course) Or shall I rephrase and say the chaos, mess, craziness and zaniness which actually translates into copious amounts of fun. Even a dose of head colds going around the boys isn't near enough to hold us back or ruin even a mere moment. We've been playing inside, outside, upside down (minds OUT of gutters NOW). Here's the proof:


A, the Beloved, moi, B and Gramps (sitting)

And this is just one eensy teensy snapshot of the kind of mess this little family can make by 10:30 am on December 25th:
And amidst it all, we even have a romantic side (as I hear my Beloved clearly snoring from 3 rooms away) to appreciate some of the more prettier shots of the family. Please note that no one changed seats for this one.

So I've taken the easy peasy way out of a post by using a few pics. I am busy, planning a delicious fondue smorgasbord for New Years Eve with some cuzzins. Cheese, meat,, I'm busy. Much too busy to blog. See ya next year! (har dee har har)

A very Happy (and yes, even sincere) New Year to everyone and their loved ones.

P.S. Do I REALLY have to wait even longer to open my Winter Holiday of your choice Blog Extravaganza present??? Not handling the waiting very well....


Blogger twinmomplusone said...

OMG nancy, I LOVE the family of snowmen!

And isn't that Christmas chaos just the best!

Of course, wishing you and your family a healthy and fun new Year.


1:03 AM EST  
Blogger Gawdessness said...

Love the picture and my present is driving me crazy!
Happy New Year!

5:24 PM EST  
Blogger jo(e) said...

I love the photo of all the chaos on Christmas! And the snow people are way cool.

Happy New Year!

8:59 PM EST  
Anonymous Snack Mommy said...

Happy New Year my friend.

I think Gramps has the best seat in the house!!

10:33 PM EST  
Blogger BeachMama said...

The family photo is the best :) If only we didn't have so much ice, we would build a snowman too!

Glad your holidays have been fantastic, looking forward to seeing you a bit more in 2006.

Happy New Year!

7:08 AM EST  
Blogger nancy said...


9:03 PM EST  
Blogger Gawdessness said...

Thank you for your lovely comment about my daughter's pet bird - it really did help her to hear it!

10:38 AM EST  
Blogger Running2Ks said...

Happy New Year!

3:15 PM EST  
Blogger Suzanne said...

I love the snowfamily! Happy New Year!

5:36 PM EST  
Blogger Silver Creek Mom said...

Look at you all. You look just like your pictures! Great shot Nancy. Gotta love family portraits.


9:21 AM EST  
Blogger Marla said...

Yes, yes, they're cute. They've been cute every day since the thirtieth. Looking at watch, tapping foot and giving a big willya? You're too busy looking at celebrity blogs!!!

8:55 PM EST  

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