Sunday, December 18, 2005

Holiday Countdown Fun - December 18

Candle Lighting

Today at church, our family lights the 'special' advent candle to recognize the fourth week in advent. SO, what better than to make our very own non-flammable candles?

You will need empty toilet paper holder. Colour the candle in paint, markers, stickers, crayons, paper, etc. Then for the flame, gift wrap tissue works well to stuff it through and pull it up just till enough for a flame appears (yellow, orange, red works well, but we have a young one here partial to purple). You can either simply hold the candle, or stand it up on the table OR make a little stand for it my gluing/taping (tape seems to work better) it to the base of cardboard and even decorating the edge with flashy tree garland or beads or berries or cotton balls, etc.

Just please promise to follow all fire safety rules while preparing your candle.


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