Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Hot Doctor

Good timing for the daily holiday fun thingy to be a 'boring' one since we spent a majority of our day at the clinic with my eldest (by 27 minutes) who had managed a self-inflicted face plant at preschool while singing a song in circle time. (He really is quite the cute little klutz). No worries, lots of blood and a fairly fat lip, two docs decided better not to use stitches, so we eat lots of freezies and drink from a straw. He seems just FINE, never even cried out loud once, but I do believe I did, and not pertaining to the boo-boo...

We go through the usual routine at the clinic, register, wait, see nurse, wait some more. When the doc comes in to check him out, I maybe either gasped out loud or dropped my chin on the floor. He. Was. Hot. So anti-what would be expected at this place. Ay. Yi. Yi. Did I say he was hot? Anyway, he does a quick once over (sadly, on the patient) and says "I'll be back to talk about this" and somehow amidst what was most likely a very stoopid grin on my face said "O.....K" The boys and I then continued our game of "I Spy".

Then the doctor returns, a near retirement female doctor. I am thinking "Wait!? Where is the cute guy? The one with the too tight jeans? The colourful shirt? The pepper grey hair? The one who made my knees weak? You know, the HOT one?" but of course I return to being the responsible parent and pay full attention to the matter at hand. She cleans him up and starts telling me it is a better decision in this case to remain 'stitch-free' unless it doesn't improve by tomorrow. Just then the angels were heard singing...he walked in.

"Oh, you've got this?" he says to lady doc...who proceeds to tell him she had just finished telling us we could go home. He says "That's what I was coming to tell them" so all follow-up discussion, questions and answers I arrogantly directed to him and pretty much blew off the lady doc. My heart all a flutter with enough excitement for one day, the boys had freezies for lunch and I had a cold shower. Kidding, of course.

How do you handle 'hot' professionals?? Apparently I am not so good at it and could use a lesson or two.


Blogger Silver Creek Mom said...

OH Nancy...I know what you mean...Except my profession is someone I met recently and I end up talking to every once and awhile. Email me and I'll give details. Droole. I have no clue what to do.... Just imagine Harry Conick Jr. I try not to make too much eye contact. Afraid it might give me away.

5:21 PM EST  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Get drunk at our staff Christmas party and ask a very handsome Dr to dance and then proceed to tell him how all the nurses think he's so handsome and how he smells so good all the time!! Yikes!! I swear I'm never drinking again!!! LOL

5:53 PM EST  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Last winter when Josee had Croup...damn he was hot...I tried to come up with some sort of illness.....maybe a rash in my cleavage..LOL
Maybe next time

5:59 PM EST  
Blogger BeachMama said...

Ahh, as I was reading this earlier, I was drooling over the three hot guys installing our eavestroughing. I could barely stay awake, but definately could not fall asleep ;)

Anna - still drooling

7:48 PM EST  
Blogger Silver Creek Mom said...

How is your patient today? Do you need to go back for another consult?

9:07 AM EST  

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