Friday, December 09, 2005

Some Friday Follies

This week has been ever so (like the magician on Frosty the Snowman) "bizzzy bizzzy bizzzy". I am using photos to help with my update. We have almost all the decorating done, but only sharing one pic for now, my favourite bright red wreath on our front door.

Tomorrow we are hosting our annual (big-ass) Christmastime Open House with about 60 of our closest friends (HA!). We hit the jackpot on beer prices. Only in Quebec can beer go on sale like this. Thank you Costco, I more than paid for my annual membership in what we saved on the beer - usually $18.99 per case in the 'regular' store and on sale for $11.99 per case this week. Hurrah!! We may very well have enough leftover to carry us through to Easter, who knows? Only now we can't pay the cable and phone bills, but what a BARGAIN on the beer!

And for those who were curious about stained glass marshmallow treats, think coloured marshmallows, some chocolate, a little shredded coconut on the edge and what initially looks like a big long turd, is actually very tasty and looks like this when sliced and served:

And the BESTEST news of all, call off the authorities and the search parties, I am proud to announce that they were FOUND in the trunk of the car which delivered my Beloved home from the airport.

You must all think I am a boozehound. Well, we all have our weaknesses, right? Kidding!! For the record, ONE of these bottles lasts us a year - so there. However, there are days when it may come in handy, like just about every typical day in this house. See?



Anonymous twinmomplusone said...

have a great time at your party Nancy, you deserve it!

could you also have "dos Coronas, por favor, para mi, muchas gracias"

would love some of those marshmellow thingies just about now...

10:58 PM EST  
Blogger Suzanne said...

Let's check my toy inventory against yours:

Yellow dump truck? Check.
Garage? Check.
Work bench? Check.
Mess? Check. Check. Check.

Good luck with your party!

9:42 AM EST  
Anonymous Beanie Baby said...

I love that last photo. That says it all.

2:54 PM EST  

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