Sunday, September 18, 2005

Wanna be a butterfly?

I saw a butterfly, and it made me think. I don’t recall ever actually thinking about a butterfly. I was locked out of my house for an hour today and sat on the front step and watched a butterfly. So, here is my deep thought for the moment. (not à la Jack Handy)

I watched this butterfly (just one of those regular yellow garden type, not some fancy ass multi-colourful one) as it flitted and flotted about. It looked pretty as it danced about the garden. But shit, it also looked like hard work. Never in a straight line, kinda all over the place, up & down and all around, but…that little butterfly always landed on a flower. It didn’t care of it was a well cared for potted geranium, a pretty daisy, the sedum or a weed of a dandelion. It just seemed happy to be welcomed by whichever one was closest and I don’t figure it really cared much of it was landing on a ‘five star’ or a ‘weed’ of a place.

So, as I sat there it got me thinking some more. I am damn lucky the neighbours didn’t call 9-1-1 for the fire dept. to extinguish the smoke coming from my ears. Is that little pale yellow butterfly a reflection of something? Maybe life? I smoked thought some more. How we can struggle through our daily lives, arriving at where we need to be even if it is a difficult and challenging route, or not for us to get there. And when we arrive, how we can truly learn from not caring what our final destination may be. Going through the daily trials and tribulations, no matter how menial or difficult, I can only hope that everyone is happy and appreciative about where they land. I tend to think not. I am fairly certain there are members of the population out there that want to land on the best flower with in their private jet after sipping martinis and eating chocolate throughout their journey. Well, goody for them, and also fuck’em. I want to believe that being a little tiny butterfly, in a really big world while taking the hard road will teach us to be more grateful for where we land, what we have and how we choose to rate our success, no matter how big or small that achievement may be.

Am I making any sense? Or are you just really hoping that I never forget my house keys again.


Blogger BeachMama said...

Nancy, you are making sense. Yesterday, you were meant to forget your house keys. If only for a brief bit of time you got to sit and watch one of our beautiful creatures go about it's day and think about what it's day meant in comparaison to our own days.
Thankfully you were only out there an hour, any longer and you might have used that butterfly to shimmy your locks ;)

Anna - who loves watching butterflies and is happy we have had an over abundance this year.

6:08 AM EDT  
Anonymous Snack Mommy said...

No worries Nancy, I think your point was very well made. I too, often think of how the bumps in the road make the smooth times that much more sweet.

One of my favourite analogies is about the knots in the necklace that need to be there to hold the pretty beads in place.

9:21 AM EDT  
Blogger DaniGirl said...

Ooo, deep thoughts first thing on a Monday morning...

I try to be a happy butterfly, but am a little too much of a control junkie to flit happily without a plan. On the other hand (ha ha, the first time I typed that it was "on the mother hand - Freudian typo!) I find I am a much happier person when I take time to wander amidst the daisies. It's like taking a walk with two preschoolers - you can either be anxious about how long it takes and all the other stuff you should be doing, or you can learn to admire the inherent aesthetics of sidewalk cracks.

9:49 AM EDT  
Anonymous carolann said...

It definitely takes practice to learn to not get anxious, and stressed about being late, or about life's "curve balls"....I am definitely not there yet! But I would like to learn to fly free and peacefully , not worrying so much, like your pretty butterfly. I don't really mind which flower I land on, I always appreciate a place to land- but I get so stressed during my flight and landings!!

1:44 PM EDT  
Anonymous montsé said...

Oh Nancy, you really were locked out! Guess, in a way, it was a good thing. It made you spend some time with yourself and ponder, obviously, about the meaning of life. Those moments are very rare and precious in our otherwise hectic lives.

The "knots in the necklace" is what makes us the people who we are, the adversities in our lives build our character and along those hard roads we meet people who mean a lot to us ;)

When was the last time you laid on your back on Mother Earth with your boys and watched the clouds drift by and assign names to them? Pretty cool too!!

Nancy, you make perfect sense.


2:11 PM EDT  
Blogger Running2Ks said...

Nancy, you do make sense. I think it would be peaceful to flit and land and enjoy. I know I strive for the appreciating of the landing spot and the journey.

2:32 PM EDT  
Blogger Pete said...

Nancy, I'm glad you got locked out, that was a terrific post.

( if someone could just help me get out of this cocoon!)

7:49 PM EDT  
Blogger Silver Creek Mom said...

Nancy Well wasn't that the prefect end to our pretty perfect weekend? And what is so funny is that Robin and I were watching a butterfly this afternoon and Her boy was hoping it would land on her hand so he could look at it. It always makes me smile to see a butterfly on my Cone flowers I like to go and watch them. And as Anna said...It's been forever since I layed on my back and watched the clouds fly by.

I'm pretty happy with what I have...All i want id more free time. BUT I uess that is up to me to make and Fuck the stuff I have to do. ( well I don't do it alot of times I have other things I rather do like Kiss my kids) Great post my dear You make me think.

Lovely thoughts my dear...Forget the keys more often

AND Thanks for a Fantaboulous weekend!

8:29 PM EDT  

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