Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Monday, May 28, 2007


The party started... (and yes we did, it was perfect, they LOVED it, and we are thrilled to have made their day so special for them)

Princess balloons


The table set

To decorate our "treasure sacs" (loot bags)

And we played good old fashioned party games on a rainy afternoon



There were gifts

There was a Princess cake

A treasure hunt which finished with a creatively held high pinata thanx to Uncle Doug and a hockey stick

After 10 minutes of smacking that thing, they filled their treasure sacs (see? they get to do their own loot bags!)

And everyone left happy

Happy 5th birthday my growing up little boys, you continue to melt my heart every day.

Sunday, May 20, 2007

Sunday, May 13, 2007

I really do, have it all

Nothing else needed, the kisses and hugs came with them.

Happy Mother's Day to all of you the fantabulous Mommies!

Thursday, May 10, 2007

The random 7

I have been tagged twice. More than a few days ago by Pokettiger and more recently by Zany Mama. Zany Mama just getting back at me cause I tagged her and she is meme-a-phobic. I have been mulling this one around in my head since that first tag. Even made notes, you know, as if I'm writing some kind of masterpiece. Ya, right, what-ever.

7 random facts/habits about oneself, I would think that you don't know. So, here I will spill 7 things about me, that a lot of you (but not all - gah!) don't already know.

1. I have had 9 (nine) knee operations. I was born with mal-aligned tendons, which caused my knees to dislocate/subluxate frequently. The first incident I was in grade 1. It was at that very time, the first ortho doc who saw us flagged it and told us I would eventually need corrective surgery. He figured when I was 16 years old, or full grown as they didn't like to do such procedures before growth plates were full. The condition worsened over the years to a point that I required my first surgery when I was 12. I have had 8 more since then, the most recent being in 1996. I don't know if I will need anymore, but do have arthritis from all the 'work' and will more than likely need knee replacement surgery in my later years.

2. I almost made it to the Olympics. As an athlete, not a spectator. I had been spectator at both 1976 Montreal Summer Games, and 1980 Lake Placid Winter Games. It was 1984 when my dream was to come true and compete as a swimmer. I went to the trials. I didn't make it, but I could have, and should have. I don't regret any moment from my swimming career, but do wish that I'd made those Games.

3. I am a bit of a Titanic nut. Way before the movie was ever made, had read books, done school projects, seen other films, documentaries about the famous ill fated ship. I love that movie so much, no matter how Hollywood it is. I have also been to the Museum and Graveyard in Halifax to further satisfy my interest in this historical event. I have enjoyed hours on the web getting lost in this.

4. I am educated. You may wonder about that, but it's true! I have two university degrees. I did apply them and work for 14 years after graduating, but now there are times I wonder. I loved university. Great experience which taught me more than just academics.

5. I was once a smoker, for a short period of time. It was the spring/summer of 1988. I had been one of those party-girl get drunk have a smoke to get a quick buzz on occasion, but then started dating a smoker. So, it was easy to join along, likely cause all we did was party. And you know what? I liked it. I really did. It is so easy to understand how smokers get started, and why it is so hard for them to stop. That fall I moved out west and have not had one since. Do I ever still find myself wanting one? Sure.

6. In a previous meme, I answered that I had once unsuccessfully saved a life. I was a lifeguard (for years, bestest job ever!). There was a noon hour cardiac group swim that was a popular event, with many older swimmers. They loved it so much, many of them popping their nitro pills at the end of each length of swimming. One older lady didn't quite make it. By the time we got her out of the pool, she was dead. The fire station/paramedics are right next door, their ETA to the pool was always less than 3 minutes. My supervisor knew the situation, and as required, we are to perform all safety measures no matter. So, she asked me to perform CPR until the paramedics arrived. It was a form of professional training, so to speak. I broke every rib on the first compression. I will never forget that experience. Nor will I ever forget how grateful her family was towards us, not only for trying to save her, but for giving her one of the highlights of her week by providing these individuals with a chance to swim.

7. I am a lazy ass. I am untidy. I don't organize or keep anything in order. My closets, the office, the storage room. All of them a complete mess. I haven't filed a bill in almost 5 years, they are in a pile next to the box that is overflowing, cause I just throw them in there. I don't put anything away where it belongs. I don't clean up the toys if I don't feel like it. I don't do any cleaning, if I don't feel like it. I would show you pics to prove it, but I am as embarrassed about it as I am too much of a lazy ass to do that too.

Now the deal is that I am supposed to tag 7 other people, and since there is no way in hell that Dani would have 7 things to tell us about her that we don't already know (HA HA!) I am gonna change the system and ask you to leave a comment and tell us at least ONE thing about yourself that is unknown and interesting.

Read. Set. Go.

Monday, May 07, 2007

And it starts....

This was our day today (in brief).

Wake up - beautiful sunshine - eat breakfast.

8:20 : "Mom, can I go outside?" Yes dear.

9 AM : preschool drop-off
11:15 AM : preschool pick up

11:30 AM : "Mom, can I play outside?" Yes dear.

Noon : eat lunch

12:20 PM : "Mom, can I play outside?" Yes dear.

2 PM : depart for gymnastics
3:30 PM : home from gymnastics

3:30 PM and 30 seconds : "Mom, can I play outside?" Yes dear.

5:30 - 6:15 PM : suppertime

6:16 PM : "Mom, can I play outside?" Yes dear.

7:30 PM - shower and other bedtime rituals

8:15 PM - Zzzzzzzzzzzz.

Wednesday, May 02, 2007

Dust Bunnies Unite!!

And this article in the Montreal Gazette this morning clearly indicates why I should have the healthiest children in the galaxy.

I hope the link works for you, if not please let me know a.s.a.p. and I'll post article here in it's entirety.

Way back when I was having my first laparoscopy and D&C to rid of all uterine demons and prepare for IVF, a nurse and I got to chatting. I will never forget her telling me NOT to clean my house. Well, at least not with a shitload of cleaners, antiseptics and to allow my future babies to crawl around in dust and inhale all associated dust mites. I recall feeling SO relieved, since I knew way back them how lame of a house cleaner I already was. And now that I have kids, I am even worse - a feat that warrants my name in the Guinness Book of World Records.

And then this morning...my universe is temporarily and momentarily realigned as I am assured that the filth is in fact good for us. It's in the newspaper!! Shouldn't we believe everything we read?

My soul has been feeling more than dust bunnyish lately, not sure what's going on, but I'm hiding out off & on trying to sort my way through the fog. Until then, I am at least energized by the knowledge that in my house, at least one thing is right, and it's the dirt. Amen.

Tuesday, May 01, 2007


...not here...she went that-a-way....