Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Halloween 9:35 PM Recap




Our house!

Trick or Treat!


And now that everyones' sugar rushes have crashed, the kids are asleep.


The end.

Halloween 8:10 PM

2 Kit Kats
1 box of Smarties

We are almost out of candy.


Boys are home.


1 Peanut Butter Cup
1 Crispy Crunch
1 Tootsie Pop
2 Dubble Bubble
1 Nibs

...and counting...

Halloween 6:40 PM

3 Aero bars
1 Smarties
1 Kit Kat
1 Coronita
...and counting...

Monday, October 30, 2006


T likes to sing made up songs, whereas B prefers to stick to the ones he knows. T was making his usual preparations for singing me a song, which includes a series of "ah-ah-ah-ah-ahems" (very cute btw) which followed by the typical thinking look, with his finger on his forehead. This thinking was going on for a few seconds (likely felt like hours to his brother) which prompted his brother to ask:

"Is that how you download your song?"

A Touch of Manners

After a seriously fun family wrestling match, his father had to ask him to "Please stop touching my pen!s" (and yes, we were all fully clothed for the event).

T asks: Why?

Dad: Because it isn't nice manners to touch other peoples' pen!ses.




T: But it IS nice manners to touch yourself!

Wednesday, October 25, 2006


Finally, finally the day has come. One of my sons finally wants to "merry" me. (sounds way more like merry than marry). For the past few months he has wanted to merry his cousins, our neighbour, his swimming teacher, and now finally, it's me!!

So, I am out of hiding, getting merried and I can only hope he doesn't use his cell phone too much. (
can you believe this?) We've had to deal with enough of that for our liking.

I have, in fact, been rather merried lately, doing all the fun things one gets to do with family such as:

Thanksgiving dinner

Field trip to the fire station
(and yes, that firefighter was hot, hot, hot, and I don't mean just cause he had all his gear on)

Pumpkin patching,

and the boys were thrilled when we found one that looked like a "bum-bum"

Then, to add to my merriment, I managed to savour a fanfuckingtastic weekend with the ladies away...far away with no husbands, no children, no crayons at the table (but lots of red liquid stuff, Mmmm...certainly not made by Crayola). There was eating glorious food, plenty of beverage, hot tubs, chips & chocolate, shopping, shopping and more shopping. There are pics from that weekend, but they are so NOT gonna be posted on the interweb.

I even got to meet Marla, what a treat...she is as delicious in person as you could imagine.

For now, I shall continue to be on my merry way, stay tuned and please pass the estrace.

Wednesday, October 11, 2006

Shhh...I'm Hiding!

We are playing hide'n'seek. I am hiding in the office. The rules are, we are not allowed to hide in this room. I am cheating. They are looking everywhere for me. I wanted to check email. OK, better get back to a permitted hiding place, or I'll surely regret getting caught in here. I am busting a gut, hilarious!! Later...

Saturday, October 07, 2006


I am such a turkey of a blogger lately, but here I am. Over the past week, I have been to Ottawa to surprise my cuzzin for her 40th b-day. I kidnapped her. I literally showed up on her doorstep unannounced, with a bunch of helium balloons plastered with 4-0 all over them. We went out for a lovely seafood dinner, drinks and a sleepover in a hotel. No children. No husbands. No crayons or booster seats. And best of all, NO early wake up of any kind. And no, I am not sharing with you what time we woke up.

Then I returned home on the Saturday to go to a party with my hubby. Friends of ours wanted to have a grown up (no kids) party, just because. Let me tell you, it was so much fun, and I bet you it'd been at least 10++ years since I'd last danced the Time Warp in someone's living room.

Then on Sunday, I found myself truly missing my kids, so we went to the circus!! We saw all the lame acts, and ate popcorn, got our faces painted and met some clowns.

Then I found this little display on the stairs. Findings like this always crack me up, it practically warms my heart, the complete spontaneous presentation that arrives from simple innocent minds.

Then I find this on the fridge, should I be worried in any way? I confess, my youngest son (by 27 minutes) is named Ben. I can't hide it if I wanna show you this. He said this was his robot name. WTF???

The weather has been stunning, with that fall chill in the air surrounded by warm sunshine. We've spent countless hours cramming in as much time riding bikes, playing tag or hanging (literally) out at the park. Gotta get it all in before the snow arrives. My fall mums are such an interesting arrangement this year. They bud as though they will burst open in a blood red or wine burgundy, but then they splash this lovely muted orange all over the place. Check it out:





And speaking of turkeys. The Hubs has once again abandoned us due to a business trip. This one taking him to the land locked Kingdom of Lesotho, in South Africa. So, I invited myself to earlier referenced Cuzzin's house for turkey dinner tomorrow. Road trip! for me and my boys. I've got the CD's loaded up in the van already. I wish you all a Happy (Canadian) Thanksgiving, let's all be thankful for being who we are, and those who surround whom we love.

Oh, one more thing...I have this very nifty contraption which helps us in our very puny powder room. It does this:

For when this happens:

Yet why, oh why, oh WHY do I constantly find this:


Hmmm...who's the turkey?