Thursday, November 16, 2006

Mr. Noodle or Borat?

Does anyone else see it, or am I the only one?

Mr Noodle Borat


Anonymous Anonymous said...

lmao - I dunno... is Mr. Noodle an Israeli too? Hopefully they aren't the same... have you read about all these people suing Sasha Baron Cohen over making them look stupid in his movie? Just goes to show... if you don't want to be depicted as an ass, don't act like one in front of a camera.

Bigger question: Do you think there is anything going on between Mr. Noodle and Elmo? He sures peeps in Elmo's window a lot ;)

10:33 AM EST  
Blogger nancy said...

I was thinking the resemblance was strictly physical...nothing else.

LOL @ peeping Mr Noodle

10:38 AM EST  
Anonymous Elle said...

LOL oh I know, I meant maybe they are related. You NEVER know. And what about Mr. Noodles' brother Mr. Noodle? There is always the ellusive Ms. Noodle, but I've only seen her once on Sesame Street. She might be the black sheep of the Noodle Clan ;)

11:48 AM EST  
Blogger BeachMama said...

LOL, too funny Nancy, only you would see the resemblance ;)

12:46 PM EST  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Only YOU!

And by the way, the first Mr. Noodle died in 2003. :( OH - and another tidbit. The actor who plays Borat, Sacha Baron Cohen, is ALSO the same guy who does the character named "Ali G", who was in Madonna's "Music" video! The link is:

3:07 PM EST  
Anonymous ELLE said...

Lee-Ann, he does another character too, but I can't remember the name of it for the life of me..... They are all hillarious

(sad about original Mr. Noodle)

4:33 PM EST  

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