Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Cheat? Who me?

I could've easily cheated. Easily. This morning I had my annual physical. My GP here has been fantastic through this entire FET cycle, simply complying with my numerous requests for prescriptions, no questions asked (she does know what they are for, of course). Anyway, I had to ask her for a separate requisition form for the blood test (beta) which is scheduled for Nov 24th. She wrote it. I could've asked for two, but I didn't. The one she gave me is not dated. I could go a-n-y-t-i-m-e!!!

The only other time(s) I have cheated in my life, once on a grade 10 chemistry exam and the other lying to my mother when I was 15 - I was promptly busted. I learned then that lying/cheating ain't my thang. I just don't do it. If you can't do something well, don't do it at all, right?

I could do the b/t and put myself out of this 2ww misery but you know what? I prefer the unknown. The not knowing gives hope. I like hope.

Can you believe what I found when I googled "medicated FET pregnancy symptoms"? THIS! I couldn't believe there is actually a site named "" too funny!!! (they even have little a button I put in my sidebar which indicates the egg has hatched and the waiting has begun).

Anyway, for now I won't be cheating. But after being strongly urged by Miss Dani herself, I have ordered 10 generic HPT's from this great little shop. Should they arrive in the mail any day soon, I may not be so diligent in the department of patience. If they don't arrive in time, I know just who to send them to.

Stay tuned as I relish in the abyss of the unknown...for now.


Blogger SRH said...

I once cheated on a spelling test. That is not the only test I have ever cheated on, but the one I am both most proud of and most ashamed by. I took out my dictionary in trhe middle of the test, plain as day, and looked up one of the words. Teach could not have missed me doing this (ergo the pride) but it was for a spelling quiz (ergo the shame).

That is not nearly similar to your situattion, but I felt like sharing anyway.

4:51 PM EST  
Blogger BeachMama said...

I can admit to cheating on a couple of exams, but I have asked forgiveness. And the teacher knew but didn't care, he said I would never forget the answers that I wrote down. He was right.

Good for you for not cheating on teh bw. I wouldn't be able to do that one early, POS though ,no problem.

Glad Dani passed the site on to you too, I thought I had sent it to you before :)

6:16 PM EST  
Anonymous Anonymous said...


OMG you sound like me a few years back LOL. My twins were IVF/FET too! Anyways, I had my Beta scheduled for 11 days post-transfer. The day before, I had to take a hpt because I couldn't stand it anymore. 2 minutes later and BAM darkest lines you could pee onto a test! Of course it was dark cause my hcg levels were 187 11 days post transfer (LOL).

Here's to hoping you get your strong 2 lines soon! And btw, I would've cheated to get that beta draw too. What woman hosting a party for frozen guests in her uterus wouldn't?????

6:51 PM EST  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

(sorry if this is a duplicate... my first attempt doesn't appear to have posted)

Oh good lord woman, I will drive down there and hand-deliver you a handful of tests myself if I have to!!!

Have been thinking about you all the time... glad to see you are keeping at least your sense of humour, if not your sanity.

I would bug you to POAS more, but I so totally get the "I still have hope if I don't know" thing. I *so* get it!!

Cheating? I'll save that story for another day...

6:34 PM EST  

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