Friday, November 16, 2007

Did you really think?

Do you all really think that's how I look when I go to bed??? Really??? Come on peeps, it's much worse than that, and some of you out there know from experience. Dude, that was my Halloween get up. Really!

The boys were trolling the streets for my favourite peanut butter cups, and I was at home answering the door. Like that. I would open the door ever so slowly, turn the inside light on, squint a lot, and ask the poor little trick or treater(s),

"Hel-l-l-lo?" (in a creaky voice, like someone just crawling out of slumber) "Why did you wake me up? What's going on? So many people keep ringing my bell and waking me up. What? Huh? WHO are YOU?" and so on. The responses I got were varied.

- parents who knew me peeing their pants in laughter AT me, I would shut them up by handing them a Coronita. (This is also a reason why my house is one of the most popular on the street, they now start at our house AND end at our house. Gotta give treats to the grown-ups too!)

- kids who knew me also laughing, but more in disbelief that I would actually do that. Or perhaps in sympathy towards T & B that their mother would actually do that?

- younger kids we don't know who actually slowly started to step away cause (a) they felt bad for waking me up or (b) I scared the shit outta them.

It was just way too much fun!!! Plus, the biggest bonus, I was already in my jammies for the night, hurrah!

Still don't believe me? Well, here are some pics from Halloween that may help you decide:

Believe me now?


Blogger Silver Creek Mom said...

Well hun. You take so long in posting thing it's hard to remember what you were doing 2 week ago. AND honestly you always look good when I see you in the morning. BUT of course you refuse to sleep with me.
I look much much worse.
It still was a great shot.

6:10 PM EST  
Blogger Silver Creek Mom said...

Oh Me drinking beer. Spelling not good.

Bon JOVI tomorrow.
Sharon Much excited.

6:11 PM EST  
Blogger Marni said...

that is awesome! I need to do something like that -- my kids would be mortified.

7:11 AM EST  

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