Saturday, December 03, 2005

Holiday Countdown Fun - December 3

Glittering snowflakes
(borrowed from the Usborne BIG Book of Christmas things to make and do)

1. Lay an old CD on a piece of white paper and trace around it with a pencil. Cut out the circle.
2. Fold the paper circle in half, then fold it in half again (so that is resembles the shape of a piece of pie)
3. Make lots of cut outs (we are doing a snowflake here) but try to do a fairly big on in the middle (the pointy part).
4. Open it - voila! More than half way there already.
5. Lay the CD on scrap paper (newspaper, etc) and brush some glue all around the middle.
Don't hate me. Sprinkle it with glitter and let it dry.
6. Shake any extra glitter off the CD. Then, glue the cut out snowflake onto the CD.
7. Let the glue dry, then cut a piece of string and tape it on the back. You can them glue another snowflake on that side. I tend to think just tying a string through the middle at first will work better, at least with my kid or else the taped string will fall off and I'll be cursing the glitter falling everywhere the place.

They look best if you hang them in a place where there is lots of light.

Actually, if you ask me, the glitter isn't absolutely necessary. AND, in reference to the CD, finally a way to put those Anne Murray CD's to good use!! Or come on folks, if you buy the big-ass cheap multi-packs to burn your music or back-up your computer, the CD itself actually costs you a dollar, or less.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I love these. They are very cute. I mean all your christmas activity posts. Fun fun fun!

1:30 PM EST  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

kooool! A suggestion may be to put some dabs of glitter glue on the snow flake and they can then smear it around. We luuuuuuuv glitter glue in this house!

Tristan loves applying it, and I like that it's so much neater.

Great ideas here Nancy. Can't do the whole chain these days, but definitely up for the sporadic craft!

6:01 PM EST  
Blogger Suzanne said...

I am checking in frequently for Christmas craft ideas. We were all set to do the snowmen when I realize we had not cotton balls. How can we be out of cotton balls? Sigh.

8:05 PM EST  
Blogger Running2Ks said...

Very cool. You are so crafty!

9:42 PM EST  

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