Wednesday, October 15, 2008


Here is a little secret.

There is a sitter coming tonight so I can go to a meeting at the church. (DH is outta town on business).

It's 6:50 PM.

I just made the beds.

Don't tell.

Monday, October 06, 2008

another memorable first...

Our first hockey equipment. We've had skates, helmets, gloves and sticks since we were 3 years old, but now the oldest little dude, a.k.a. T, is starting hockey and needed ALL the gear.

He was so excited, brought tears to my eyes. He kept saying, "this is MY gear? all mine?!" to which we continued to reply enthusiastically as each separate item was tried on. Once he was all geared up, he announced with the most excitement of all, "And no matter how hard I hit my wiener, it doesn't hurt at all!!" and continued pounding away. He then asked if he could run next door to share this most important news with Gramps.

I love being a Mom to boys, I really do. (cause you can't very well run next door to show Gramps your new training bra, now can you?)