Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Uninvited & most unwelcome

A quick background...for the past couple of years we've been hearing the odd little scritch'n'scratch from above. In the ceiling, top floor = attic. We have this huge peak on our roof, so it could very well act as a loft style spa for many types of critters. We have the usual varieties of wildlife as seen in most suburbia settings, rabbits, birds, raccoons, mice, the odd fox and tons of squirrels. Our neighbourhood is full of 75 year old maple trees, oh which the squirrels live a plenty. So, the conclusion was made, must be squirrels in the attic. Then the sounds went away.

This year, they came back, a little louder, more frequency. So I FINALLY remembered to place the call to the Wildlife Control people to inform them and ask them about the squirrels in my attic. A very nice young man came over that day, did the 45 minute search around the house, happy to report that he saw none of the usual indicators of it being squirrels.

So, it's probably mice.
He asked to come inside to check the attic. He isn't even all the way up the ladder, I can still see his feet on the second from top wrung (we have access through the closet ceiling) and he is already reporting, "It's not mice!"
And it's not birds, not even a wasps nest.
Oh, really.....

He came down another 45 minutes later to show me this picture on his camera:

It's bats. Oh. My. Word. In MY attic, sleeping above MY head.

In fact, when he was only half way up the ladder and told me it wasn't mice, he immediately reported, "Bat droppings!"

Long story short, they can be removed in a humane way (which I couldn't really care about), but they won't leave until they wake from their long winter's nap, and it costs a helluva lot more than removing a damn squirrel.

I want my squirrels back.

Thursday, January 24, 2008


OK, so have lost track of a little more than time...and since using blog as a personal journal of sorts so that I don't forget special times by not writing them down, tonight T lost his 2nd tooth.

I have tons of news to share, and since I have recently been getting more than a few inquiries from those of you who remain interested (nosey) in my world about why I am no longer blogging...I don't have an answer cause it isn't a conscious decision.

I will do it soon...maybe even tomorrow...wonders never off to bed after playing Tooth Fairy!