Friday, December 14, 2007

The First Loss

First the celebratory phone call to Gramps:

Then the examination:
Followed by the show off:

He is so getting this letter tonight. I can't believe how they grow up in front of my very own eyes,. Literally. Brings me to tears for such a myriad of reasons, but most of all, in honour of him and this very important moment in his life.

*Please excuse the $1 Santa hat (that's ONE dollar), the kid just won't take it off.

Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Dear Santa,

I've been an online shopping machine the past couple of evenings...what fun!! One of the cutest things ever, I was at the post office today sending these (all while my heart was melting):

Dear Santa
How is Rudolph?
Do you have Webkinz?
Can you please surprise me with
I was a good boy all through the
year you were watching me
Love Trevor

Dear Santa
Are you excited for Christmas
Does Mrs Claus do all of the cooking
I would like a Princess Aurora dress
my Build-a-Bear Hoppy
May I please have a Webkinz
dalmation if you do not have
one please surprise me.
Love Ben