Wednesday, October 15, 2008


Here is a little secret.

There is a sitter coming tonight so I can go to a meeting at the church. (DH is outta town on business).

It's 6:50 PM.

I just made the beds.

Don't tell.

Monday, October 06, 2008

another memorable first...

Our first hockey equipment. We've had skates, helmets, gloves and sticks since we were 3 years old, but now the oldest little dude, a.k.a. T, is starting hockey and needed ALL the gear.

He was so excited, brought tears to my eyes. He kept saying, "this is MY gear? all mine?!" to which we continued to reply enthusiastically as each separate item was tried on. Once he was all geared up, he announced with the most excitement of all, "And no matter how hard I hit my wiener, it doesn't hurt at all!!" and continued pounding away. He then asked if he could run next door to share this most important news with Gramps.

I love being a Mom to boys, I really do. (cause you can't very well run next door to show Gramps your new training bra, now can you?)

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Had the most successful of summers...all that Corona, BBQ, ice cream.....yummmmm.....6 pounds worth of summer. Now to get back down in preparation for the Christmas season gain (and one must not forget the Halloween binge).
How successful were you?

Monday, August 25, 2008

Dear Parents,
Dear Parents who enjoy bike riding with their children,
Dear Parents who enjoy bike riding with their children while their kids wear bike helmets,
Dear Parents who enjoy bike riding with their children while their kids wear bike helmets yet you do not,
Just wondering if you think their heads are more delicate than yours? You don't want them to get hurt, damaged or even suffer something more worse? Even fatal? Just wondering how they are gonna take care of you? Or manage without you?
Such an easy thing to do to help prevent a truly horrible situation.
Just asking, why?
nancy, who has serious issues with this, and who always wears her helmet

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Oh shit. Now I have done it. Did I really go ahead and do that? Why? WHY?

Why oh why did I let this happen. Crap. I really did.

I blogged.


Tuesday, August 19, 2008

This summer my 6 year old son swam in his first ever swim meet, he did a few more, amassed a small ribbon collection along the way and qualified for the section finals where he had to compete against other boys as old as 9. He ended up last, got a ribbon that said 16th place, but was so happy cause "I don't have 'this' colour!"
Last night my son hit 3/3 in his baseball game, two hits were so amazing. He caught his first ever infield pop fly (but then dropped it). He was so proud, "that was my best game ever Mommy, and my coach gave me TWO popsicles!"
Today he read these words to me without hesitation : metropolis and ventriloquist. I am personally, very impressed.

This afternoon I was on the phone with our bank representative making some important inquiries and he yells loud enough for her to hear, "MOMEEEE! I JUST HAD A POO! CAN YOU PLEASE CHECK IF MY BUM IS CLEAN?"
The kid can play ball, swim, read and *almost* wipe his own bum.
Good times!

Tuesday, February 26, 2008

How to make a five year old cry.

Tell him you are taking him to Disney World!!

He was so overcome with the emotion of the moment, his big blue eyes got all watery...and since both mine and his Daddy's eyes were already watery from the moment, we asked him if he was crying cause he was so happy. He disagreed, but then asked why he was crying? I guess he just doesn't understand the 'crying for happiness' emotion yet. He kept asking his Dad "For real? Really, for real?" and then he looked at me and asked, "Is it true?" I could hardly contain myself.

The other guy? He physically jumped up & down uninterrupted for 10 minutes. You know the one, the same kid who never sat down at the hockey game. I told him we didn't have to wear winter boots or coats and he asked,

"Is there snow there?"
"Is there green grass there?"
"Yes! And palm trees!"
"Woo hoo! Then I am SO going outdoor swimming!"
then he asked "What's a palm tree?"

So tonight we played outdoor hockey in the snow, Thursday is sledding day with the school and Friday we will be swimming under palm trees. Wow!!!