Thursday, July 26, 2007

Just stopping by... own blog to say goodbye.

We are all set for a week in this exact humble cottage:

That resides right smack in the middle on the south side of:

Which is a 12 minute walk from:

Happy summer everyone...see you when we get back!

Cape Cod or BUST!

Tuesday, July 17, 2007

'Out of Play'

There was a great article in the Montreal Gazette yesterday. In fact, I clipped it out and have re-read it a few times. Even though it isn't anything new, or earth shattering, it is something that is constantly being discussed among parents everywhere.

It's not long. Go ahead, I'll wait...

You can read it here.

And what you just read? I am guilty. I do find that I am a Nervous Nelly when I see them climb (what I think) is too high, or run too fast (in fear of a fall = road rash). I am leaning towards driving them to school and picking them up, for many reasons, but one of those reasons is to protect my 5 year old babies from those nasty, 12 year old bullies, right? They don't need to witness any pre-teen hormonal outbreaks, our sort tempered fist fights, no sir! I am keeping them in a bubble as long as I can.

But is it right?

How else can they learn, figure things out themselves? Same going back to letting them play outside unattended. We aren't in a location that they can do so in the front, there are these things called cars that drive along the street. That is too risky. But they do play alone in the backyard. We are completely fenced in, not cause of the kids, but for the dog. It serves double purpose. They play great outside (usually). I have always been a big supporter of letting them play on their own, since they were just little wee toddlers. Good for them to learn, good for Mommy to have a chance to pee without observers watching way too close.

Last weekend they were climbing on the play structure. Well, rather climbing on top of the structure. My heart stopped at the thought of a tumble and a trip to the ER, x-rays, casts, stitches, so I kindly asked them to get down. They looked at me like I had two heads.

"Daddy lets us."

Mother looks at Father. Eyebrows raised.

Father: It's good for them.

Mother: Broken necks and months in traction is good for them?

Father: No, exploring, climbing, determining their own boundaries, and yes the occasional fall, is good for them.

Mother: (resigning, sighing, walking away) The keys are hanging at the back.

Since then, the Father has skipped town on business, gone for the week. My trusty 16 year old dog walker is also away, working at a camp. So, we buckle down knowing that there isn't someone else to rely on, and we walk the dog. Which in fact, is not a chore, we all seem to like it. Yesterday we went on one of our treks appropriately named, "The Neighbourhood Prowl" which doesn't take us through the park, but rather through the streets in the area, where we meet & greet anyone and everyone who is outside.

It's very hard to stop and visit when your 5 year old partners are running at warp speed along the sidewalk. We used to have the rule that they were only allowed to go as far as the next driveway. Well *Announcement People!* "Daddy let's us go more farther!" So, not only are they at times, like SIX driveways away, I am digging deep into my soul, asking myself to not yell at them to "Slow down! You're gonna fall and get hurt!"' Instead, I take deep breaths, bite my tongue and let them run.




They loved it. We all survived.

But I barely did.

Sunday, July 15, 2007

Snack Wars

It's summertime...aaaahhh....when we are rarely home. It's fun, it's liberating, it's exhausting, but we wouldn't change it for anything.

One place we frequent daily, sometimes two or three times in the day is the community pool where we are members. The kiddies do their lessons in the morning, as well as "Junior Junior Swim Team" (which is just way too frickin' cute for words) and the Mommies do their Aquasize while the kids sit on the side and laugh at us, or go to the park with the pool appointment Leaders in Training. We then often go back for free swim in the afternoon, and sometimes evening.

But in between, it's all about the snacks. The Snacks.

While we are all congregated poolside between activities and dips in the pool, everyone has their snacks. It's war. It's an unwritten, non-verbalized war, but the 'looks' and the competition is there.

WHO brings the healthiest snacks? The heartiest? Some are even equipped with what looks like a full meal with all food groups being represented from rolled up ham, cheese, tomatoes and yogurt. Don't forget the pita and hummus, all homemade of course.


I always try to bring a fruit. Perhaps a muffin, some fishie crackers, bagel...pretty much whatever is ready and can be packaged up quickly in our daily rush-cause-we're-late-again out the door. But, there are days when I'll grab some Spiderman jujubes, raisins, Nutrigrain bar, all processed sugar stacked items. How the hell to 'they' know that my kids didn't eat a bowl of multi-grain oatmeal full of fresh blueberries and bananas for breakfast? Who cares?

I even buy them a freezie sometimes at the canteen. Oh. MY. GAWD!!! Shaddup already, it's coloured water with sugar and it's frozen. It's not poisonous.

Am I just as guilty? Of course - when I see little ones running around eating nothing but honey combs and potato chips at 10:30 AM, I may cringe a little. I confess. However, I don't really care, cause it isn't my kids. How do I know that kid didn't eat a wheat germ laden fruit salad on her way to the pool? I don't. So, I don't judge. Well, I try not to.

Why is it so bloody competitive out there, to out do all the other moms? It's war, it's Snack Wars!!

Bring it on, I have fresh strawberries, and a some chocolate chip Bear Paws. What are you bringing?

Tuesday, July 03, 2007

A blog? Do I actually have on of those?