Friday, February 23, 2007

A Call for Normal Bubbles

Why the hell can we no longer buy a simple, clean, normal smelling bottle of bubbles for the bath? I am completely IRKED right now. I have been on the search for a long time now, only to find everything but plain old Mr. Bubble. Remember the ad?

Mister, Mister, Mister BUB-ble!!!
(I tried YouTube, but way too many scary things about people I don't know in the tub appeared)

We have been outta bubble bath for a while. We have been using our (still) baby body wash and swishing them around. Oh, why the baby body wash? Cause it smells CLEAN! All big kid body wash smells like anything but. Dammit.

This is what I found this morning at Zellers looking for bubble bath:

Spiderman, Batman, Strawberry Shortcake, Dora, Barbie, Nemo, SpongeBob, Superman, Curious George and yes, even a Mr. Bubble. BUT....the scents reminded me of being in an ice cream shoppe in the middle of July. Strawberry, Cherry, Passion Fruit, Bubble Gum, Grape, Bubbleberry (Mr. Bubble), Banana, Berry Burst, and Watermelon. They all smell gross. Sounds great for a parfait or a pie, or even muffins....but I want to soak and bathe my kids in it, not eat them. My kids don't even like the smells, we've tried!! I have to agree with them.

I want normal, soap smelling, clean children, I don't wanna tuck in and kiss goodnight a Blueberry Passion Burst smelling boy. Where the hell have all the normal things gone?

I will give credit to there being an empty space on the shelf which indicated the 'regular' Mr. Bubble should have been. It has been empty for WEEKS. I may very well end up spending a small fortune to order the shit online. Dammit!

Justification for bubble smelling bubble bath!!! Dammit!

Oooooh...I'm in a moooooood.


Tuesday, February 20, 2007


Last night I went to see Barenaked Ladies. No, not my husband's fantasy come true, the real Barenaked Ladies. One of our most favourite bands. I bought the tickets last September for my hubby's Christmas gift. He purposely made sure his schedule had none of his crazy travels on that date. Finally, after months of waiting. I went. Alone.

Actually, I took one of my most specialest friends. My husband? Who? Where? Sick in bed with something he picked up in India the week prior. He's been tested for all the suspected ailments such as malaria, among others, but it appears as though he is on the mend and the worst it could be is a parasite? Or most likely just a virus. We'll know more on Friday.

So, the show was fantastic, I loved it. And at the end, they did the usual encore. WTF is up with 'the encore'? You know and they know they are gonna sing more, so why the hell don't they just sing everything and then end the show. ALL bands do this. Do you mean to tell me that had nobody cheered, and the Bell Centre put on the lights (cause the Fire Dept. sure wouldn't allow thousands of people exiting in the dark) that they really would've left without singing their signature song? Ya. Right. Whatever. (not saying too much in case there are some of you intending on going to BNL concert in near future)

Instead, they make us stand and clap and cheer like Pavolv's dog looking for more, already knowing we're gonna get it. Kinda makes me think of giving birth to the twins. Labour, labour, push pushpushpush puuuuuuuush one out. Then what, an encore? Everyone in the delivery room just stays there, knowing what was gonna happen next. As if they would get up and leave. Ya. RIght. Whatever. Oh yesssss, please....let me push my guts out and poop in front of 14 people AGAIN, please....encore!! At least my encore resulted in one of my two miraculous treasures, very tangible I may add.

So, this morning I am talking about the show and the encore.

Kids : "Mommy, what's a encore?"

So, as we are eating our pancakes for breakfast, cause everyone, it's Pancake Tuesday! I explain about the encore. I also mention the french to english translation, cause we are also all about learning the French these days. What do I hear??

"Mommy! Pancakes! Encore! Encore!!"

SO we did. For lunch. Only to change it up we added bananas, and apples and, yummmm.......

What's that I hear?? Encore? Encore?? AGAIN???

Tonight's dinner menu for my special little twin Encores: sausages and potato pancakes. Not because it's all about the pancakes today, but it's all about the encore. MY encore.


Friday, February 16, 2007

Case closed

It's over.

I spoke to Chloe's mom this morning. When Chloe told her she wanted to do Valentine's Day cards, but didn't know all the names, her mom got creative. She remembered saving an email from the teacher, and used the names from the distribution list. When a family has more than one child in the school, the teacher uses one of the parent's names. Hence : Nancy.

I mentioned to her about the "big crush" my little one has on her daughter. I even went on to tell her that Ben tells me he tells Chloe "I love you - that's why I always try to sit beside you" and more. She tells me on her parent day, Ben did sit beside Chloe, even tried sharing his snack with her, and she couldn't care less. The mom even told me that Chloe clearly ignored him, and has never mentioned him at home. I giggled along, as we discussed the cuteness of 4 year old crushes, etc. So, we decided that I could most definitely tell Ben that the card is intended for him. He now has it in his pocket.

Then the kicker. I still get a pit in my stomach thinking about it. Chloe's mom told me that Chloe does have a crush.

On someone else.

Another little boy in their class.

sniff. sniff.

Wednesday, February 14, 2007

The Chloe Caper

So...we get home from preschool and sort through all the cards and such. We read all the cards that are not sealed or in envelopes.

No Chloe.

Then we open all the cards sealed shut with stickers.

No Chloe.

Then we read all the ones with goodies attached like Hershey's kisses or pencils.

No Chloe.

I am getting a little nervous.

Then he hands me this one.

It's IT! It's gotta be it! I am all tingly with excitement. I am thinking this could be the one. I want this to be the one.

No Chloe.

Then he hands me another one and says, "Here Mom, someone asked me to give this to you." I asked him who? He shrugs and answers, "I dunno."


I do not know this girl. I have never spoken with her. I have never spoken with her mother. All I know is that my son "really just loves her hair so much, Mommy" with such sincerity and innocence it brings tears to my eyes. There is no child, male or female, at preschool with my name.

The lovestruck preschooler : "I think this might really be for me, right Mommy?"

The panic mode mother : "I am sure it is, or else if it is for someone else, then I feel I should make sure it gets to that person."

So, the plan is for me to ask the mother about it. If it was intended for another, it will be delivered accordingly. If it was in some twilight zone weirdness intended for me, then it will promptly be handed over to swooning preschooler.

I am baffled.

Stay tuned.


Is this intentional?? This is Google's Valentine...are they missing something?

What do we call this - a Google goof? a Goofle? or just Googe?
Added: By 2:25 PM Eastern time and no one has noticed and made the correction? Mamalee is right by singing "Someboody's gonna get fired!"

Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Dear Chloe,

Please don't break my son's heart. Please. He has spoke of not much else for the past two days except "I can't wait to get my Valenstine card from Chloe". Ad nauseum. Me thinks he has a thang for you.

When we were making our Valentine cards and treats, you were the only one who warranted a Tweety Bird sticker on your card. Please recognize these come highly coveted in our house these days. He then made you a necklace with his beads, currently under his pillow to keep safe till he gives them to you. He also says "Chloe wears pretty dresses."

I know you may not understand how very significant this is to us at this time, yet how highly insignificant it will be 20 years from now. However, the time is now, and that is in which we live, because "I can't wait to get my Valenstine card from Chloe".
The children were not asked to provide cards to all of their classmates, and although we did about 20, please know that the most attention was paid to yours.

Please Chloe, dear sweet gorgeous blond haired, twinkly eyed four year old girl, please do not break my son's heart. Please have a card for him. Please.

Ben's Mommy (who is not above plagiarism to make one herself and sign it Chloe if need be)

Wednesday, February 07, 2007

the's hyper

Here. We Go.

Wednesday. February 5th. 10 AM. We register for kindergarten. My sons. My twins. Don't they know they are only babies? Sheesh! I am headed for an early empty nest syndrome come August 28th, 2007.

Okay, ya, so whatever, I am mature 40 year old woman with children starting elemntary school. Big whoop. Me and gazillions of others. So what's the big deal? WHAT'S THE BIG DEAL????? Helllooooo????? Can you hear me??? Is this this ON????????

(sorry, semi-panic attack sorta finished but not really)

It has been well thought out, researched decision on what school we feel is the best fit for our family. Not an easy decision, what with three very good schools from which we are zoned to select, each with their own strengths and weaknesses, nope, not easy at all. We chose the french immersion school, thinking that it is just way too good of an opportunity to deny them, to learn another language. I did it, and have been forever grateful.

But now the really really really BIG decision. It has been eating me inside out every day and night for 2 weeks now, and I have the bags under my eyes that clearly attest to my lack of sleep:

Separate the twins? or not?

I had presumed once we decided on the school, we would approach the principal with the question on what the policy is on twins starting kindergarten, and he would tell us the rules and we would deal. Wrong. He was all so nice and kind and thoughtful and sincere about "Oh no Mrs. X, we don't teach a curriculum here, we guide your children through the early years of their educational careers. These are your treasures are you are trusting us with them. We will spend more waking hours with them that you will. Oh no, we want the parents as involved as possible so we think it is best for you to make that decision." Me? ME? I don't wanna make that one!! It is just way too hard.

Here is where I hope and pray that every single parent of multiples will find this whiny little post and TELL me what to do. I am so completely torn. Completely.

The boys have been together practically every day for over 4.5 years now. They will be approaching 5.5 years when they start school. Won't they be sick of each other by then? I like to think of them, each in their own class, building their independence, making new friends, no one being the bossy-ass dominator (yes we have one of those) and no one being the follower (we have one of those too). Then, they will look forward to seeing each other at recess and lunch, and at home...less fighting and arguing, right?

But if we set them apart at such a young, impressionable age, are we starting the demise of what I have always dreamed for them, and truly unique bond like no other that only twin boys can share?

The school is great, whatever we choose the first year, we can change the next...but not till the next year - could that be too late? Can any damage be irreversible after 10 months being in same/different class? I am fairly certain that won't be the case, but this is how my brain is spinning uncontrollably these days. The start of kindergarten will be hard enough, full days, in 90% french environment, will the comfort of having each other there ease the transition? Or is it just gonna be hard enough and not really matter anyway? For those of you who know me, I am not convinced my '10 day rule' will apply so easily with this one.

I'll shut up now. It's getting late and I gotta get to bed to lay awake till dawn re-hashing this one even mopre. So, perhaps you see where I've been for the past few weeks?

To separate the twins in kindergarten or not? THAT is the question.