Friday, September 29, 2006

Change is a Good Thing

Saw this on Mimilou, thought it was cute, so I copied it.

You've Changed 52% in 10 Years

You've done a good job changing with the times, but deep down, you're still the same person.
You're clothes, job, and friends may have changed some - but it hasn't changed you.

And you?

Thursday, September 28, 2006


Don't wake the lazy blogger. That's me. Shh.

I believe I am kinda in a bit of a blogger lull. Shh.

It's not that we aren't having fun and not doing anything, cause we are, and we're having a blast. The boys are genuinely amazing these days and I am soaking it all in, every nano-second of it.

Like Tuesday, when we were having so much fun at the park, we got home way late, so when Gramps dropped in for a visit, when we'd usually be finished supper, dishes done, we were just sitting down to eat, oops? you say? Who cares, I say, remember fun.

Or yesterday, making up an impromptu scavenger pirate treasure hunt with rocks, leaves, sticks and gold! which created such giddiness and excitement, you'd think we were at frickin' Disneyworld. Fun!!

How can your heart not burst when being smothered with tickles and hugs while wrestling, playing "Whale Trapped in the Hole!" even if someone laughs so hard they pee on you. Still fun!

We are knee deep in all of our activities, library storytime starting up again this week after a long 6 week hiatus. They were so bloody excited to see Wendy, the 'teacher' cause "we get to do crafts and sing songs and Wendy always reads the best stories and I missed her cause she went on a really ig vacashun..." and they ran into her arms bringing tears to her eyes.

It seems they are in love with everyone and everything these days, actually crying for the first time when I had to answer "Sorry honey, there is no preschool today."

And me, don't forget me me me!! I got stuff going on too, like the curtains I ordered for the newly renovated family room (a.k.a. the grown-up room) arrive today. Oh, and I am being courted - LOL - to sit on the library advisory board for a three year term, cause (as I am told) they are looking for some younger members since there are too many grey hairs on the board. Do I tell them I have grey hair too? But I pay the nice ladies a small fortune to hide them.

Anyway, you get the drift. I'm even finding myself less time, and even less of an urge (obsession) to read ALL of you every day like I had been. I am reading, just commenting way less, cause I gotta knit squares. Knitting as many 12 inch squares as I can between now and November 15 so the nicer than me people at church who have way more time than me can sew them together to make warm cozy throws for those who don't have them. That's one form of multi-tasking I have yet to master, knitting and typing on keyboard at same time.

So shh. Please.

Thursday, September 21, 2006


So, I've been MIA, AWOL, lazy, whatever you wanna call it. But, I just had nothing. Nothing. Unlike so many of you, I am not pregnant, not hosting beautiful breakfast parties, not sending kids off to kindergarten, and by far most, no where near the intelligence and writing capabilities to even consider about posting what Jen, Marla, and Marla again are talking about. I am not even gonna go there.

But, I am gonna go here: feeling helpless.

You are all aware of the horrible shootings at Dawson College last week. Well, the beautiful girl that was killed was buried this week. There were hundreds are her funeral, may she rest in peace surrounded by beautiful pink roses, which were her favourite. The asshole that killed her was buried the very same day. There was barely two dozen at his funeral, may he rot in hell.

In the past week around Montreal, there have been THREE incidents where students are threatening to copycat such shootings at their high schools. THREE. The first one is a 15 year old boy, his parents wouldn't even show up at court. The judge had to order them to show up. This morning on the news, there were reports of two more such incidents. These are not being taken lightly, schools being closed, police protection, terrified students and families. Not only will each and all of these young people face being charged and having a criminal record, what gets to me is that they will be expelled from school. Why does being expelled, that sounds practically minimal in the realms of punishment bother me so much?

These are KIDS. Teenagers. They are in such a difficult time in their life dealing with all the usual teenage stuff. They are (hopefully) just trying to show off, be a pain in the ass, trying to be "cool" yet, they are jeopardizing their entire future. Forever. And ever.

Do you think you could've rationally decided how to live the rest of your life at 15? Not a chance. It is hard enough to get through to many teens at that age, just HOW important their decisions may very well affect their forever. You know, do good in school, do your sports, stay healthy, pursue your hobbies, your dreams, get your ass off the couch and go for a bike ride...yadda yadda yadda. But hardly anyone does. Isn't that the age when kids start to truly dabble with their independence? Test their boundaries? They may try either drinking, smoking, or sex, or combination of. That's to be expected, we all did it (only I was a geek and never really kissed a boy till I was 16)

How do we get through to these people? I don't want to call them kids here, they are human beings! They have potential! They have just as good a chance to be a leader in life as anyone. When? How? Why? do they get lost from their path? I have a hard time blaming the parents each and every time. I have a hard time blaming the teachers. I even have a hard time blaming the internet. I believe (almost) everyone who has an influence on these kids genuinely tries hard, but also hopes for the best.

I was at a function on Tuesday evening where I was with a number of my former teachers, both elementary and high school. Some of them are still teaching. I admire them so much for changing with the times. My high school memories are nestled all comfy and cozy in the early 80's when I felt as comfortable at school as I could anywhere. Now things are different. In the high school I attended, a buddy system has been implemented for anytime someone needs to go to the bathroom for many reasons. This includes safety, protection, but mainly to prevent bullying, like someone taking a picture of your ass with their cell phone camera while you are taking a leak. You understand, so it doesn't get posted on the World Wide Web. A buddy system, is freaking HIGH SCHOOL. I commend the school for not taking as much control as they can, but I am also very disturbed at the thought of society being where it is.

What the hell is it gonna be like when my now 4 year old boys start high school, in another 8 years? I am already terrified. For them and for us parents. We do our best, we think it is working, yet no matter how involved we are or as open a relationship we feel we have with our kids, can ever really know what is going on? It is that possible feeling of true helplessness that scares me the most.

Monday, September 18, 2006

Tap. Tap. Tap.

This thing still on?

Yup. Still here.

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Reality check

We just got home from an afternoon of shopping, looking for shoes, raincoats, rubber boots, socks, etc...and I had this great big-ass huge rant to share about rude salespeople and expecially, who the hell decides that as of early September, fall jackets, raincoats and rubber boots are considered LAST season. And all I could buy today if I wanted in regards to outerwear is -40 degree snowsuits. Everywhere we asked, "Oh sorry, you're much too late, we had that stuff in July." And now they want me to buy winter clothes that we really don't need for another 2 months, or more, and for all I know won't fit come December 1st.

Then I heard about something horrific that happened. In my city. And that last bunch of words seems completely pointless and unnecessary.

There was a shooting, with real guns, and real people are dead. I don't give a shit about the spineless gunmen who are dead, but the students. Teenagers. With their lives pretty much just starting with adulthood and college education.

Extensive coverage on CNN.

Holy shit. My children may very well go to that college one day. It certainly hits close to home. Of course when we see stories like this in other cities, it makes you sit and think about life and what's important, but when you see buildings and streets that I KNOW and have been in, I start to cry. It's too close. Too damn close.

I could go on and on, as we all can when discussing such tragedies. It just makes you wanna cuddle up and make popcorn for supper and watch movies with your kids, doesn't it. Yup. Exactly. See ya.

Sunday, September 10, 2006

Question Period

There was a series of interesting questions today in our house, of utmost importance. It was very serious. It went like this:

Boys: Who has bigger muscles? Superman or Spiderman?
Moi: They both have great muscles.

Boys: They use their muscles to help people in trouble, right?
Moi: Right.

Boys: Who helps the people in trouble more, Superman or Spiderman?
Moi: They both help everyone the same.

Boys: But Mommy, if Superman can fly, does that make him faster than Spiderman?
Moi: Well, I think just like everyone else, Superman has different special skills like flying, and Spiderman can do some special climbing, that would mean they are both very fast in their own ways.

Boys: Why can't Superman or Spiderman stop the bad weather?
Moi: No one can change the weather. You can't mess with Mother Nature.

Boys: Who is Mother Nature?
Moi: The special oen who has all the power of which we have no control.
Boys: But we control you, Mudder (giggle giggle) and Superman can stop a train and lift it up, so why can't he stop the weather?
Moi: He just can't. No one can.

Boys: Who has the bigger penis?
Moi: (you don't know HOW bad I wanted to answer "Daddy" but knew better than to open that one) I don't know.
Boys: Have you ever seen Superman's penis?
Moi: (control, control, bite tongue, hard, gotta get outta this one) Who wants french toast with maple syrup for supper?

It worked.

Thursday, September 07, 2006

Don't Moon Me

So, I should've known. I know better and I should be prepared. For the night of the full moon (read specifically the folklore paragraph).

It sucks.

We've noticed the trend, it isn't monthly, but more regular than not. On such nights, Sir Four Year Old Insomniac Ben won't sleep. He either (a) takes hours to get to sleep, or (b) falls asleep as per the norm (as 'norm' as his sporadic bedtime routines can be) and then wakes up for a period ranging from 1-4 hours. We are in Operation Mode B tonight. He was all tucked in, snoozing away well before 8:15...then around 9:20 I hear the all too familiar whiny version of "Mommy...Mommy...Mommy..."

It is now 10:28. P.M. Sigh.
  • a drink of water please
  • I can't sleep
  • It's too light
  • It's too dark
  • I'm too excited about the new day
  • when will it be the new day
  • can I change my jammas?
  • where is sydney? seepher?
  • are you asleep yet?
  • can I have more water
  • please bring me a kleenex
  • I have another booger
I have heard of such stories from docs and nurses that the L&D wards in hospitals are nutso on full moon nights. I was a victim to such, in the sense that I was put on the induction list on a Thursday, and didn't get the call until Monday on account of the "weekend craziness from the full moon". At that time, I was so desperate to breathe that I called total bullshit. THAT sure came back to bite me in the moon.

There are likely more than a gazillion theories and researches and articles written about such, but I just gotta this for real??

I am so doomed.

And of course THIS being the ONE night I committed to going to bed before 10, instead of my usual night owl hours of 12-1. Why? I'll tell you (as if you asked, ha ha) I tend not to sleep all too well when DH is away in such places like KUWAIT. I toss and turn and check CNN hourly for terrorist attacks, place crashes etc. He left Monday, due back next Wednesday, that's 9 sleeps in total, 6 to go, or 5 in case we don't get ANY tonight. I will clarify that on Saturday he leaves Kuwait and goes to the Maldives for more meetings. Nice contrast eh? So, finding myself a little more fatigued than usual, I promised myself an early bedtime. Why don't I just go to bed earlier every night? I have no clue, but I know I should.

"Mommy, I need you" - 10:51 PM.

Should I tell the kid to add another Scary letter to the time = P.M.S. and that is SO me right now which isn't helping. Nah, I'll just moon him, for real. That'll either scare him to sleep, or we'll laugh our heads off, and since we aren't sleeping anyway. I choose laughter. Photos NOT to follow.

Wednesday, September 06, 2006

The Musical

Tis the season, starting this week, and throughout the next 3 weeks are such activities such as preschool, swimming, skating and gymnastics. We are all very excited about them all. But, what about music? Tapping into that hidden talent we all think our children have, you know, with visions of Harry Connick Jr. on the stage, only in the form of your child.

We have the solution!!

Sydney the Not-So-Wonderdog : The Muscial

Phooey on hiring some fancy-ass musician to take your protege to the next is the secret. Spend $1 on a harmonica at Dollorama. Bring them home and under very intricate scrutinizing just to get those notes absolutely pitch perfect, practice for hours and hours, until your mommy's head is about to fucking explode, and then let the dog join in.

We are so headed to Broadway.

Here is the intro:

And then make sure to practice, OH. SO. MUCH. MORE. You know, cause the Tylenol jar is empty and you just HAVE TO GET IT RIGHT.

I bring you, The Finale:

Take a bow. Gracefully exit the stage, and shatter all of your Mommy's current dreams of buying pianos and guitars.

The End.

Friday, September 01, 2006

Stats Report

To kinda sorta totally copy Dani, in how she has noticed such a dramatic increase in her blog traffic, so have I. Now I am not even close in comparison to her numbers, but exciting for me.

August 31, 2006 was by far the hittiest day on my blog. All thanx to about 35 Google searches about a penis on a dog in an Ikea catalogue. There were a couple of usual Googles about OHSS, clomiphene, and even one for Bailey's Martini, so at least ALL of my traffic is not penis generated.

Happy long weekend everyone, we are headed to Ottawa for relaticking and playdating. Later skaters.