Friday, December 30, 2005

and now a brief word from our sponsors

We are having the greatest of holidays!! Hubby not at work, family, friends, visitors, houseguests, we were away all week being houseguests with the outlaws in Ottawa. Lots of love, joy, food and booze. Oh, and the noise, noise, noise noise !!! (à la Grinch of course) Or shall I rephrase and say the chaos, mess, craziness and zaniness which actually translates into copious amounts of fun. Even a dose of head colds going around the boys isn't near enough to hold us back or ruin even a mere moment. We've been playing inside, outside, upside down (minds OUT of gutters NOW). Here's the proof:


A, the Beloved, moi, B and Gramps (sitting)

And this is just one eensy teensy snapshot of the kind of mess this little family can make by 10:30 am on December 25th:
And amidst it all, we even have a romantic side (as I hear my Beloved clearly snoring from 3 rooms away) to appreciate some of the more prettier shots of the family. Please note that no one changed seats for this one.

So I've taken the easy peasy way out of a post by using a few pics. I am busy, planning a delicious fondue smorgasbord for New Years Eve with some cuzzins. Cheese, meat,, I'm busy. Much too busy to blog. See ya next year! (har dee har har)

A very Happy (and yes, even sincere) New Year to everyone and their loved ones.

P.S. Do I REALLY have to wait even longer to open my Winter Holiday of your choice Blog Extravaganza present??? Not handling the waiting very well....

Wednesday, December 28, 2005

A little note to the spammers...

...who keep sending me little comments. Fuck off. I am on holidays and extremely hungover. Have a nice day.

Saturday, December 24, 2005

Holiday Countdown Fun - December 24

Santa's on his way!!!
As I type this he is currently over Japan...check it out throughout the day to watch him get closer and closer to your house...

TRACK SANTA WITH NORAD (can't get link thingy to work??)

My little elves are too young yet to understand...but I am hooked and every (rare) spare moment I get, I'll be checking.

Friday, December 23, 2005


is an excellent description of my life at the my jammies doing blog, my Beloved downstairs making blueberry crepes and 2 jammie clad preschoolers watching Frosty for the 853rd time this week. See? It's all good.

Andrea at the fish bowl asked for three random shots from 'yesterday'. Well, I didn't read this till this morning, but we did take some pics yesterday so I have selected three for your viewing pleasure(?).

We had some family over last night for dinner and a little bit of a soiré actually ended up being a pretty damn good party. Sheesh those Newfoundlanders can drink!! My cousin-in-law and husband live in Montreal, her parents (my hubby's aunt & uncle) are in town for the holidays. The cuz-in-law's husband is a mean musician and we are so pleased he always brings his guitar with him. Anyway...this pics may or may not reflect such, but here we go...

Not much at all, and most certainly not as naughty as Marla's Santa but we really just had such a great time.

Holiday Countdown Fun - December 23

Homestretch Preparations
Bake cookies for Santa.
Wrap presents.
Last minute errands.
Deliver treats to neighbours.
Feel butterflies growing exponentially in anticipation and exctiement of pending weekend festivities.
Don't forget to spend some time under the mistletoe with loved one. (yes, singular fo rme but whatever fancies you)
2 more sleeps...

Thursday, December 22, 2005

Holiday Countdown Fun - December 22

Star of David
You will need, 2 yellow pipe cleaners or 6 Popsicle stick, glue, glitter, wool or ribbon.

Bend each of the two pipe cleaners into a triangle, twisting the ends together securely. If using sticks, glue into two triangle shapes. Place one triangle upside down on the other. Spread glue at the points where the triangles meet. Let the star dry.

If using Popsicle sticks, paint yellow, then dab glue onto the star and sprinkle with glitter. You may also wanna get more elaborate and double up the popsicle sticks and put yellow/orange tissue paper in beteween for that 'stained glass' appearance, esp. if planning on hanging in the window. Use wool or ribbon to hang the star from the top of a window or doorway.

Speaking of 'hanging'

Wednesday, December 21, 2005

Holiday Countdown Fun - December 21

Merry whatever...
Oops - sorry - it's Wednesday, hump day, so hump - no wait, singing day! So sing-a-long we go! Pick a tune, any tune and try to fit a Christmas Song into it...can you tell Hubby started his holidays today and we are on our way to a friend's 40th b-day party and drank a bottle of wine with dinner and the sitter is due to arrive any moment and, and, and...

NO really, don't get me wrong, we had a great day and no matter how many assholes and bitches rammed my shopping cart or gave me hairy eyeballs for picking THEIR green pepper out of the pile of about a gazillion...I was feeling SO festive and fun and happy today. Hubby & I dropped the boyz at preschool and went OUT for breakfast together and had TWO coffees and there were NO crayons to be seen. Then we did a little 'extra bonus' Christmas shopping together, then p/u the troops, took them to the car wash...and all thay by 11:30 - such a great day and it only got get the idea. re mi...

We Wish You a Merry Humpday
Feliz Cabernet...Feliz glass of red...
Merry Frosty We Three Silver Bells...Fa-la-la-la-la and all that jazz...

Be back tomorrow...I hope (but I bet you don't)

Tuesday, December 20, 2005

Looking for Someone I Really Love

Last night twin A woke up sobbing shortly after midnight. My biggest fear as I dash to him I superhero mode is (oh no - puke!) but most relieved to an odourless room, but concerned to see preschooler sitting up in bed, full of shoulder heaving sobs. I instantly (what is faster than instantly, cause it really was faster) give him a big hug and start "ssshhhhh-ing" him. I asked him what's wrong:

"Ein looking for someone"
"Who are you looking for?"
"Ein looking for someone I love"
"Mommy's here and I love you"
"NO! Ein looking for someone I REALLY love."

"I REALLY love you"
"Are you someone?"
"Not only am I someone who really loves you, but so does Daddy, and your brother and your Gramps, dog, cat, cousins, aunties, uncles, fish..."
"Those are someones too?"
"Yes sweetheart, and everyone loves you so very very much"
"I have to go pee pee"

It should end there, but this is just a typical night, dream, nightmare that happens almost at least once/night, and sometimes as many as 3 times. Not that exact dream of course, there are others like looking for the party, or no one to go shopping with him, etc. I am not concerned about reading too much into any of it, they are dreams. The bigger picture is that he shows many of the classic symptoms for sleep apnea. In a child, often caused by the same old, same old adenoids problem. I had it, snored by head off for years till I was 6 and they removed them. My mother used to tell me how I instantly slept better and stopped talking like I had a gallon of snotty lodged in my sinuses. (The classic, "Hi, by dabe id Datsy adn I hab a readdy bad code.") I even remember talking like that.

So the lack of sleep seems to increase in the winter months. I mentioned it to the ped. at our 3 year old check-up last June. He said to watchi t and make sure it is REALLY affecting his sleep. Well, it did for about a week or two and then stopped. He practically had a snore-free summer. As soon as fall/winter started, the snoring came back. So, I am keeping a few notes, esp. since our ped. is not one easily persuaded to refer to specialists for further investigation, so here we are again, playing 'Mommies in Charge'! and putting matters into our own hands. If it continues, I'll be rather persistent. There will be ENT docs, sleep studies, and if things don't improve in the next year or two, very likely the removal of the adenoids. That doesn't scare me at all, nor does the trek to get there (if needed, oh, well, maybe that sleep study concerns me a wee bit). What bothers me most is the next couple of years of interrupted sleep for the poor little guy. Thankfully he ALWAYS goes back to sleep (99.9% of the time) but after a busy night, he is not rested and it is s well noticeable.

I am rambling on waaaaay tooo much about what may very well (and hopefully) be a non-issue. Just putting it out there in hopes of someone else reading this and having some insight?

Until then, I wish you all the ability to find someone you really love, and that they will find you. Can't get that stoopid song outta my head now..."I was looking for love in all the wrong places, Looking for love in too many faces, Searching your eyes, looking for traces, Of what.. I'm dreaming of..."

Holiday Countdown Fun - December 20

Yummy Snowflakes
That don't melt/disappear the instant they touch your tongue, well, almost.

You know those paper snowflakes you fold and cut? Well, how about making some you can eat!

What you need:
Flour tortillas
Powdered Sugar
An adult to help with the cooking

What to do:
Gently fold the tortilla into halves or quarters (don't crease it, or it will tear). Cut pieces out to make cool snowflake designs when you open it up! (You might wanna practice that part with paper first.)
Here's where the adult comes in. Get them to help you fry the tortilla until it's crispy. Then, sprinkle it with powdered sugar. That's it!

Lemme know how they turn out for you...

Monday, December 19, 2005


I rec'd my parcel in the mail today for the Holiday Blog Extravaganza yadda yadda and you just do NOT know how hard it is for me to NOT open it. I 'hid' it in the back of my closet under a pile of stuff and will wait until we are given the green light to open it. I am SOOOO excited and this is so fun and due to return address, I know who my 'secret' gifter is (wink wink) waving!!! Thank you so much - in advance - since I know I will love it no matter what.

Patience...patience...patience...and a shitload of self-control.

Holiday Countdown Fun - December 19

A Christmas Story
Create, make up and 'write' a story about Christmas. Then we can make it into a book using paper, stickers, drawing pictures, but let's make up our VERY own story. I figure by now the kiddies have seen the lights, the trees, the decorations, the candles, the stars, sang songs, Rudolf, baby Jesus, etc...let them have fun and be creative and encourage them and help them make their very own book. (We have never done this). I can just see my guys carrying around their 'books' all day. I can also imagine the stories we are gonna get with Rudolf cross breeding with the sheep at the stable and Buzz Lightyear going to visit "Jesus' special star in the sky".

Sunday, December 18, 2005

Holiday Countdown Fun - December 18

Candle Lighting

Today at church, our family lights the 'special' advent candle to recognize the fourth week in advent. SO, what better than to make our very own non-flammable candles?

You will need empty toilet paper holder. Colour the candle in paint, markers, stickers, crayons, paper, etc. Then for the flame, gift wrap tissue works well to stuff it through and pull it up just till enough for a flame appears (yellow, orange, red works well, but we have a young one here partial to purple). You can either simply hold the candle, or stand it up on the table OR make a little stand for it my gluing/taping (tape seems to work better) it to the base of cardboard and even decorating the edge with flashy tree garland or beads or berries or cotton balls, etc.

Just please promise to follow all fire safety rules while preparing your candle.

Saturday, December 17, 2005

Holiday Countdown Fun - December 17

Again It's Family Day!
Taking the assumption that some families have more chance to be 'all together' on the weekend as opposed to during the week. Do someting together. A walk in the evening to look at all the lights, check your community calendar for special events like a parade or festival, go to a farm for a sleigh ride, take a family photo in the snow, heck, just play in the snow! It doesn't matter what it is, just focus on the magic of the holidays and spend a special 'holiday season' activity/moment together.

We are SO playing in the abundance of snow we had yesterday, followed by inhaling too many snickerdoodles.

Friday, December 16, 2005


Here are some more pix. This was looking outside at various neighbours around 10:30 this morning:

Then it slowed down and we had to clear the walk in hopes of the mailman, so we all went outside and had a ball!! The neighbours were out too (all schools are closed) and we played in the snow for well over an hour.

Gotta love being part husky in the winter.

This guy measures two feet:

Here are the little trees in garden - remember from previous shots?

I kinda like this one I got:

Here is an idea of just how big these two beautiful trees are, they are on the property next door. The kids are my two and their 10 year old girlfriend.

Remember the little picnic table on the deck?

So we all came in for lunch (all 5 kids), and now they are asking to go back out again...away we go!! (And yes, it is still snowing.)


Storm Day!!!
Already rec'd the call that our 9:30 AM Co-Op Playgroup Christmas Party is cancelled, am expecting the same call about 1 PM skating lesson party. Jammie day!!!

I am not reporting anything new to those of you on the northeastern regional area within a few hundred miles that we are getting walloped! I went down to let the dog out to pee (she refused to go outside) but when I saw this:

I just had to take a picture. I can't believe it already, and we are hearing that the worst is yet to come. I'll continue to take pics so we can compare.

As I have been dutifully taking holiday decor pics for the Winter Holiday of Your choice Blog Extravaganza (just have to sort and post them) I took this one last night of two new little trees we have in our front garden:

Which now a mere 7 hours later looks like this:

I'll keep taking some shots throughout the day to compare, I'll spare you the ones of me in my jammies (be thankful) and since we are snowbound, I'll try to keep you posted.

I baked 5 dozen shortbreads last night, I wonder what we should bake today? Ideas?

Holiday Countdown Fun - December 16

Holiday Sammiches!!

Like these:

I used cherry tomatoes, grapes and stuck the mini-pretzels in between the slices of bread for accessorizing. I have also used raisins for eyes and created antlers from cheese sticks or carrots or whatever. You should see how we eat around here, but saving that for another day.

Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Holiday Countdown Fun - December 15

Jingle Bells - the egg carton way
Get that empty egg carton out and cut it into pieces, The egg cups specifically and individually. Poke a hole in the top. (this is for pipe cleaner or string or whatever you use to hold it up/hang it up). Decorate with markers, paint, stickers, glitter glue (thanx Shan!) or anything you like. Let. Them. Dry. Attach hanging up thingy and find them placed all over the house. IF you happen to have those little bells, attach those underneath with the string/pipe cleaner for a much added effect to the 'jingle' bell(s).
Jingle Bells
Batman Smells
Robin Laid an Egg
The Batmobile Lost a Wheel
And Joker got away...

Hot Doctor

Good timing for the daily holiday fun thingy to be a 'boring' one since we spent a majority of our day at the clinic with my eldest (by 27 minutes) who had managed a self-inflicted face plant at preschool while singing a song in circle time. (He really is quite the cute little klutz). No worries, lots of blood and a fairly fat lip, two docs decided better not to use stitches, so we eat lots of freezies and drink from a straw. He seems just FINE, never even cried out loud once, but I do believe I did, and not pertaining to the boo-boo...

We go through the usual routine at the clinic, register, wait, see nurse, wait some more. When the doc comes in to check him out, I maybe either gasped out loud or dropped my chin on the floor. He. Was. Hot. So anti-what would be expected at this place. Ay. Yi. Yi. Did I say he was hot? Anyway, he does a quick once over (sadly, on the patient) and says "I'll be back to talk about this" and somehow amidst what was most likely a very stoopid grin on my face said "O.....K" The boys and I then continued our game of "I Spy".

Then the doctor returns, a near retirement female doctor. I am thinking "Wait!? Where is the cute guy? The one with the too tight jeans? The colourful shirt? The pepper grey hair? The one who made my knees weak? You know, the HOT one?" but of course I return to being the responsible parent and pay full attention to the matter at hand. She cleans him up and starts telling me it is a better decision in this case to remain 'stitch-free' unless it doesn't improve by tomorrow. Just then the angels were heard singing...he walked in.

"Oh, you've got this?" he says to lady doc...who proceeds to tell him she had just finished telling us we could go home. He says "That's what I was coming to tell them" so all follow-up discussion, questions and answers I arrogantly directed to him and pretty much blew off the lady doc. My heart all a flutter with enough excitement for one day, the boys had freezies for lunch and I had a cold shower. Kidding, of course.

How do you handle 'hot' professionals?? Apparently I am not so good at it and could use a lesson or two.

Holiday Countdown Fun - December 14

More music...
Seeing the trend that Wednesdays are sing-a-long days? So Hark Your Heralds and Deck Your Halls while We Three Kings Let It Snow all during a very Silent Night.

Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Holiday Countdown Fun - December 13

Baking time...

Today we bake. A cake. For me. We will then ice it, decorate it, blow out some candles and eat it. Heck, have some balloons and presents and a party if you must, woo hoo!

Yes, it was on this day more than a few years ago, I was born. I love birthdays. I love MY birthday. Everyone should love their special day, (yes I know I likely share it with about a kazillion other people on this planet) but for me, today, it is MY birthday. Happy birthday to me. Can you tell I am almost as comparable a birthday attention slut as Danigirl is an media/attention seeker? I am not ashamed. I can only hope that every one of you is also recognized and celebrated on your respected day as well. Happy birthday to you too. Oh, and to me too, again.

Edited to ADD: a most Happiest of Days to a most very special blogger Ann as I just (merely moments ago) learned that I get to share my birthday with her (note the possessiveness) and I am just so thrilled!! HAPPY BIRTHDAY ANN!

Sunday, December 11, 2005

Holiday Countdown Fun - December 12

Garland? Jewelry? You decide.
We get to cut up straws into various sized pieces and string them on to, well, string! You can use any old string, wool, elastic as well as any old straws (coloured ones are the funnest) or beads and buttons. Let the child decide on whether it goes on the tree, or as a necklace/bracelet for themselves or whoever. The most fun will likely be cutting the straws into a kabillion pieces, then watch Mommy make the rest??

Saturday, December 10, 2005

Holiday Countdown Fun - December 11

Stained glass
You will need construction paper, coloured tissue paper (like the gift wrap kind) and some glue. Try to cut shapes that will correspond on two pieces of construction paper, kinda like doing a snowflake, but not really. Cut all of your shapes in one piece of paper, then lay it on the other and trace the shapes, cut again so they match (I really hope I am making sense here). Then glue on different coloures tissue papers, then line up the other piece of cut-out construction paper and glue them together. If held up to a window, it should at least give a semi-appearance to a stained glass thingy. Capiche? Then hang it or stick it on a window, makes the kids very proud!

Holiday Countdown Fun - December 10

Family Day!
Taking the assumption that some families have more chance to be 'all together' on the weekend as opposed to during the week. Do someting together. A walk in the evening to look at all the lights, check your community calendar for special events like a parade or festival, go to a farm for a sleigh ride, take a family photo in the snow, heck, just play in the snow! It doesn't matter what it is, just focus on the magic of the holidays and spend a special 'holiday season' activity/moment together.

Friday, December 09, 2005

Some Friday Follies

This week has been ever so (like the magician on Frosty the Snowman) "bizzzy bizzzy bizzzy". I am using photos to help with my update. We have almost all the decorating done, but only sharing one pic for now, my favourite bright red wreath on our front door.

Tomorrow we are hosting our annual (big-ass) Christmastime Open House with about 60 of our closest friends (HA!). We hit the jackpot on beer prices. Only in Quebec can beer go on sale like this. Thank you Costco, I more than paid for my annual membership in what we saved on the beer - usually $18.99 per case in the 'regular' store and on sale for $11.99 per case this week. Hurrah!! We may very well have enough leftover to carry us through to Easter, who knows? Only now we can't pay the cable and phone bills, but what a BARGAIN on the beer!

And for those who were curious about stained glass marshmallow treats, think coloured marshmallows, some chocolate, a little shredded coconut on the edge and what initially looks like a big long turd, is actually very tasty and looks like this when sliced and served:

And the BESTEST news of all, call off the authorities and the search parties, I am proud to announce that they were FOUND in the trunk of the car which delivered my Beloved home from the airport.

You must all think I am a boozehound. Well, we all have our weaknesses, right? Kidding!! For the record, ONE of these bottles lasts us a year - so there. However, there are days when it may come in handy, like just about every typical day in this house. See?


Holiday Countdown Fun - December 9

TP roll Frosty
Today we make (made) snowmen out of those empty toilet paper rolls I mentioned earlier (and keep saving, there are a couple more crafts in need of those). If they aren't white, then you can paint or glue/tape paper around them. We used a ribbon for a scarf, cut out a hat, coloured him everywhere the place and I have some of those foam cut-outs, our snowmen were partial to candy canes this morning. Like this:

Thursday, December 08, 2005

Holiday Countdown Fun - December 8

Christmas Tree or Cookies
Our paper link today said we were to make our own Christmas tree out of paper, cardboard, paint, colour or plaster it green somehow and then decorate it with anything and everything around the house from pasta pieces (which can also be painted) buttons, legos, sparkles, pipe cleaners, any little crafty piece you have ever collected from the past year, etc.


I changed my mind, and when I read aloud the 'surprise' for today, what came out of my mouth was "bake cookies!" So we will make and decorate some shortbreads today, and perhaps a batch of stained glass marshmallow thingies.

Go nuts!

Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Holiday Countdown Fun - December 7

Fa La La La La La La La La
Today we sing! It is time for music and carols and Christmas songs. Practice old ones, repeat favourite ones and learn a new one. Play the CDs ad nauseum - only 3 weeks left of the holiday season.

Note to parental units: save an egg carton or two.

I am a Christmas Tree

I saw this on Beanie Baby...I wanna see you play too!

What a marvelous person! You are the splendid
Christmas tree! You are a spirited person who
almost always in a great mood. Your smiles and
laughter are some things that people usually
look forward to in you. You are someone who is
full of energy and ready for a good time. Most
likely you are a social butterfly. All of these
characteristics make you a beautiful person
inside and out. People just really enjoy to be
around you. Merry Christmas =)

What Christmas Figure Are You?
brought to you by Quizilla


He's home! All is good in the universe, the equilibrium (just the way I like it) has been re-established in our home. Well, almost. When you purchase a two pack of Baileys at Duty Free, do NOT forget it at the airport and PLEASE try to remember to bring it home. Man, I never craved it more in my coffee than I do right now just knowing someone else is delightfully sipping away on MY Baileys. Crap.

Anyway, not important (choke, gasp, sigh) as the most important thing is that he is home safely and we are all together, (sans Baileys) healthy and happy. Right?

Monday, December 05, 2005

Holiday Countdown Fun - December 6

You're such a card!
Today we will make one or more Holiday Greetings card(s) for special people/friends. We will be allowed to use scissors and cut out pretty pictures from magazines and shapes from various different coloured construction paper, and use stickers and markers and foam cutouts and buttons and glue and get good and messy. These cards will be personal. They will be fondly received by swimming teachers, library story tellers, skating teachers, cousins and of course Grandparents. In fact, they will be cherished by those last named people. Then we can write our first initial everywhere the place in the card and deliver them this week. They actually really won't be all that pretty, but they will certainly be the bestest Christmas cards I've ever seen.

Holiday Countdown Fun - December 5

Let's eat! A snowman!
VERY easy and rather tasty (at least the kids seem to like it).
You will need toothpicks (optional), marshmallows, raisins, jam, peanut butter, icing, cream cheese, mini-marshmallows, let's just say ANYTHING GOES.
Either connect your two or three marhsmallows together with a sticky substance as mentioned above, or toothpicks (must be careful when eating). You can then decorate your little edible snowman any way you like. We like raisins as eyes and buttons, we make the mouth with cherries or draw it on with jam (or ketchup - ick), arms with licorice or again - DANGER - toothpicks. You can even make hats with those dried flat fruit bars.
Get creative and have fun!

So...when are you going to have a baby?

This is what 'they' call "One from the Drawer". This is an article I wrote over 2 years ago for a local newsletter about our journey towards parenthood. I was reminded of it when Danigirl made an honourable mention to IVF parents.

You know how it goes…you meet someone, start dating and the questions start “When you are going to get engaged?” promptly followed by the marriage, house, baby questions (not necessarily in that order). Our journey to parenthood had a few hiccups as we were diagnosed with infertility. We pursued treatments which eventually led to the birth of our twin sons. We were living in Ottawa at the time. Here is our story.

DH & I started dating June 1998, were married June 1999. We started trying to conceive May of 1999 (oops!) cause we both knew we wanted a family and figured it would likely take a few months anyway. HA!! Think of the fortune we could've saved on birth control.

When things weren’t working, after a number of cycle on clomaphine (clomid) my GP referred us to the Parkdale clinic and we met with a Reproductive Endocrinologist in the spring of 2000. We had the battery of tests, blood tests, sperm analysis, ultrasounds, and I had a Hysterosalpingogram (HSG), two laproscopies, and two hysteroscopies. My tubes were clear, but the doctor suspected I had a bit of endometriosis, which he confirmed when he found some during the ‘laps’ and took out as much as he could. There were also a high number of polyps in my uterus, which he also removed. This remains in question whether or not they may have been a deterrent to us getting pregnant or not. My FSH was a bit on the 'high' side but nothing that needed to be addressed too aggressively. At this point we were planning to pursue Intrauterine Insemination (IUI) until it was soon discovered that although the sperm count was actually very acceptable but they were just really bad swimmers. It was then discussed and agreed we go directly to the In-vitrofertilization (IVF) route.

We agreed amongst ourselves to commit to 3 fresh cycles, and if no success, we would re-address and likely pursue adoption or fostering. We just so badly wanted to be parents in some way/shape or form. Our first cycle in June 2001, we get 6 eggs, 5 mature, 4 fertilized, we transfer 2 three day old embryos, freeze 2, negative. We ask to start again a.s.a.p. We start cycling Labour Day weekend (my first self-injection was in a not so clean seedy motel room in Lake Placid!). At the risk of being cancelled in the middle of our cycle due to my estrogen levels becoming extremely high, they decide to complete the cycle. We get 21 eggs, 20 mature, 18 fertilized, on October 2, 2001 we transfer 2 five day old embryos, freeze 1, and now we wait. On Thanksgiving Monday (Oct 8) I am hospitalized with Ovarian Hyperstimulation Syndrome (this is OHSS and is a known risk with IVF, but the severity of my case only occurs in less than 10% of those who experience any level of OHSS. This only occurs in IVF women, and not those who become pregnant naturally). I remain in hospital for almost three weeks. Wait, the story get better.

DH had been called to go to Portugal for business. He had left on Thanksgiving Sunday, and being admitted to the hospital on Monday, he is still in a plane somewhere. I called my sister-in-law and ask her to please track him down for me and tell him the news. She does and the conversation was as follows:
SIL – your wife in the hospital with hyperstim
DH – No way
SIL - No really!
DH – No Way
SIL - Um, this is really long distance buddy
DH - having just landed in Portgual - "I'm on my way"

Tuesday morning the doctor comes to see me, among other things he tells me they are going to put a tube in my stomach to drain the fluid (which stayed there for the entire 18 days), and then puts on this great big smile and says “Oh, and congratulations, you're pregnant." I didn't believe him and started to BAWL. Then I ask how he knows? Well, they 'snuck' in a beta (pregnancy blood test) without telling me when they did all my b/w the day prior. DH is again, on a plane, on his way back. He literally went to Portugal for supper and came back. Well, I just couldn't wait, so I called my mom who had been in close contact every minute about everything since I had been admitted...and still crying, again, now BAWLING, I try to tell her. In her very reassuring motherlike voice "It’s OK dear, calm down, tell me what has happened now, what did the doctors say..." and I couldn't get it out!! I kept blubbering and every time I tried to tell her I would cry harder. I was sucking in & out like a little kid - you know - the semi-hyperventilating cry when being forced on to Santa’s lap. Well, I finally managed to spit it out and then we are both crying. I manage to keep it to myself until DH shows up around 7 PM, a little bedraggled (is that a real word?) looking. I start to cry, he hugs me and again I am trying to tell him the good news and again I can't!! He likely thinks I am so scared, sore, in pain, sad, and maybe thinks we had another negative cycle, etc....well I finally get it out and there we go again. You'd think with all the tears I lost that day I would've been cured!! When I get to go home, I am ‘officially’ 5 weeks, 2 days pregnant. Two weeks later, I start to bleed. They bring me in for an ultrasound – all looks fine, they cannot explain the bleeding, but that are able to tell us at that early stage of 7w2d that there are in fact TWO heartbeats in there. The bleeding comes and goes fairly regular until I am 15 weeks. I was a frequent flyer at the ER and the doctor’s ultrasound clinic. Once things settled down, I was permitted to go back to work halftime. (the other half I was instructed to rest, rest, rest). I had a couple of pre-term labour scares, with a serious one at 28 weeks. After a five day stay in the hospital (and yes, all the nurses remembered me) I was on strict bedrest for the remainder of my pregnancy. I did just as I was told, and it was worth it

My 'Troops' arrived May 28, 2002 at 36w5d. I was induced, and had a vaginal delivery. Baby A was born at 6lbs 14 oz and 27 minutes later Baby B arrived at 7 lbs 5 oz. We all came home 2 days later and have been living happily ever after since.

We do often get the remarks from many commenting about our “Double Trouble”. Here is a poem I have which shares our sentiments about being blessed with our boys. (Sorry I don’t know where I got it, and I can’t take the credit since I did not write it)

Double Trouble, Double Toys
Double Mess and Double Noise.
Double Tears and Double Spills,
And Double on the Doctor's Bills.
Sometimes it seems we'll never win
The constant challenge of raising twins.
Yet there is not a day goes by
That I don't look up to the sky,
And Thank the Lord in Heaven Above
For Blessing me with "Double Love"

Sunday, December 04, 2005

Holiday Countdown Fun - December 4

Today at church, it is what we call 'White Gift Sunday'. ( I searched and couldn't find an internet based definition that I liked, sorry)

Each child (and adults can play too) are to bring one gift - a brand new toy of sorts preferred that will be passed along to the less fortunate children. I *think* the term 'white gift' is from way back when they were asked to wrap their gifts in white paper. Nowadays, we are asked to simply use a white bag and not to wrap them, cause the gift distributors will only have to open them, determine the relevence to whom will be the recipient, then re-wrap them.

I like to use opportunities like these as a field trip to try to teach my boys how important it is to help others without helping yourselves. We go to the store, I let them chose whatever they want to give another child (within budgetary limits of course), and we buy them and go home. This trip involves no other tasks or shopping. They need to know it is only for someone else and not them, us, or even another family member. This is for another child who "Does not have any toys when we have plenty."

I encourage you to follow suit today, and if you can't get out to go shopping, ask your child to find within his/her belongings one toy/book/stuffed animal that they are willing to part with so another child can have something. I can't direct you specifically where to deliver them, but always a church, and I am sure many malls, grocery stores have some sort of receptacle/drop box available.

Our budget was $10 per person (the three of us). We came home with 2 FP Rescue Heroes and 1 set of twin dolls with accessories.

Saturday, December 03, 2005

And one for the grown ups...
Happy Weekend!

Holiday Countdown Fun - December 3

Glittering snowflakes
(borrowed from the Usborne BIG Book of Christmas things to make and do)

1. Lay an old CD on a piece of white paper and trace around it with a pencil. Cut out the circle.
2. Fold the paper circle in half, then fold it in half again (so that is resembles the shape of a piece of pie)
3. Make lots of cut outs (we are doing a snowflake here) but try to do a fairly big on in the middle (the pointy part).
4. Open it - voila! More than half way there already.
5. Lay the CD on scrap paper (newspaper, etc) and brush some glue all around the middle.
Don't hate me. Sprinkle it with glitter and let it dry.
6. Shake any extra glitter off the CD. Then, glue the cut out snowflake onto the CD.
7. Let the glue dry, then cut a piece of string and tape it on the back. You can them glue another snowflake on that side. I tend to think just tying a string through the middle at first will work better, at least with my kid or else the taped string will fall off and I'll be cursing the glitter falling everywhere the place.

They look best if you hang them in a place where there is lots of light.

Actually, if you ask me, the glitter isn't absolutely necessary. AND, in reference to the CD, finally a way to put those Anne Murray CD's to good use!! Or come on folks, if you buy the big-ass cheap multi-packs to burn your music or back-up your computer, the CD itself actually costs you a dollar, or less.

Friday, December 02, 2005

Jammie Day

Earlier I was all set to write a big fat whine, vent, pissed off tirade. Working 'titles' included "It's Getting Personal" or "Puke Off" and all the like...this is why.

My day started with a 7 AM phone call from Beloved from Qatar. Oops - we read his itinerary wrong and doesn't return home until Monday night, not Sunday like we'd thought. I know 24 hours may not seem like a lot to you, but that sends my complete frame of mind into one messed up and altered state. Too many silly reasons to list, but it just does.

Then while taking deep breaths to control potential outburst to undeserving hubby, my little A walks up to me and barfs. Hang up. Clean up. You know the drill.

Good Morning Nancy!!

(please read oozing with the mostest sarcasm ever).

So, promptly on the phone again canceling playdate which we were hosting, canceling sitter for tonight as I was going OUT for dinner with a group of Mom's I adore, phone in absence for skating lessons and am informed we're missing picture day. I may even yet be required to withdraw from attending Beloved's work kids Christmas party tomorrow morning. Fuck. I love doing all above mentioned things with my boys. So, after a 2nd round of flying chunks, and 2nd load of laundry and twin B stops crying after being informed of cancelled playdate, he asks "Can we have a jammie morning?" I answer "Of course!" and happiness ensued.

Poor A, puked all morning till there was nothing left then fell asleep on the couch around 11 and slept till 1:15. Managed to get some acidophilus enhanced (added by me) yogurt in him and so far so good. Cross our fingers and toes that it is very short lived bug.

B & I had a lovely morning doing our snowman craft (the posted pics are from last year) among the other usual fire truck, Buzz Lightyear and indoor hockey games. We have now started to watch Toy Story in support of the extreme Buzz obsession in this house. It is 2:30 and I have officially declared Jammie Morning into Jammie Day. Not that bad actually, we have been so extremely busy since hubby left, it is a most welcomed change of pace. Have to wonder if I haven't overdone it with them and he is run down. Nope, not letting the guilt get me now. Carry on!

Oh, and in case you were wondering how many Buzz Lightyear pics one boy can colour in one jammie morning?

Holiday Countdown Fun - December 2

Craft - Fluffy Snowman
All we need is some construction paper, cotton balls, glue. Either draw the snowman on paper or simply outline and fill in the shape/size of your snowman and fill it up with cotton balls.

Then cut out the accessories, or use buttons, googly eyes, pipe cleaners, whatever fits your fancy.

Thursday, December 01, 2005

Holiday Countdown Fun - December 1

Today we write. We write our wish list and put it in a safe place. Then we write our letter to Santa and mail it. If you child mails a letter to Santa Claus at this address (for Canadians) they will receive a letter BACK from Santa. They really do. Just be VERY sure that your return address is not only on the envelope, but on the letter as well.

Santa Claus
North Pole
H0H 0H0

More info here.

Not clear on this one, but from what I read Santa may even write back to children from other countries. Do you think this is what is being said here? What I may suggest in that case is mailing the letter, but NOT telling the child(ren) they will receive a reply and if/when they do, what a joyful surprise that would be. I was not able to locate a similar program for US residents (only by googling) maybe someone out there does?

I intend on taking photos of our Santa letters, only cause we did last year and they were so friggin' cute.

***Note to parents: start saving empty toilet paper rolls.